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Post-Workout High Carb Smoothie | Tim ‘Livewire’ Shieff

Hey Food Tubers.
I’m Tim Shieff, athlete, World Free Running Champion and also a vegan. After a workout
a lot of people reach for a protein shake, but I realised that what you need to replace
is the carbs. So I came up with an all natural, high carb smootie.
Check it out, it’s Datorade. I’ve only been a vegan for a year, I like
tom keep things as simple as possible. So I chose the fruit with the highest carbs.
Bananas and dates. Start things off, bananas. I want four of
these. That’s when you want to be blending them up when they’re spotty, nice and ripe.
Peel them, from the bottom. Bananas are 93% carbs, 3% fat, 4% protein so you’re getting
some protein in there as well. It really doesn’t matter if they’re bruised, they’re getting
blended up anyway. Natural sugars you’ve for in the banana which
is helping to replace the glycogen you need to replace in your body after a workout.
Another thing I like to do is scrape from the peel. You wouldn’t want to eat that if
you’re eating from the banana, but blending it into a smoothie it really doesn’t matter.
I came up with these smoothie recipes. Just have fun with whole foods and see what you
like. I’ve got four bananas in there, now you want
to double up with the dates. I go 8 dates, two for every banana.
Medjool are my favourite, look how gooey that is. It’s like fudge caramel. You want to make
sure there’s no stone inside. These ones have already been de stoned. Put
it in. These have really dense calories. That’s 2,3,4,5,6,7,8.
I really enjoy cinnamon. I add it to almost everything I have, so one spoon of that. Also
some ginger, gives it that nice little after kick then about one litre of water.
Keeps you hydrated, which you really need to do as you are going throughout the day.
It;s important. If you’re going all out and don’t mind a bit
of fat in there, you can use almond milk to make it a bit creamier. You can put other
things. If you want to put a squeeze of lemon, it’s all up to you.
It’s whatever you like, whatever you enjoy. Whatever you know is good for your body you
can mix it in there as well. You might not even taste it so that’s fine.
Let’s whizz it up. Alright, here it is. One big, fat datorade
smoothie. I don’t like to blend it too fine. Because it’s nice to have a bit of dates to
chew on as your drinking it, i think it’s important.
Banana and dates makes a nice caramel liquid here. Creamy like fudge drink.
That is so sweet, so good post workout. So that’s it, real simple, real delicious
being vegan can be so sweet when you have datorade.
Subscribe to foodtube. Also check out me on my channel youtube.com/livewire to see me
do more free running tricks . Alright, enjoy, you’ll love it.

100 thoughts on “Post-Workout High Carb Smoothie | Tim ‘Livewire’ Shieff

  1. YES, can't get enough of seeing a world class athlete, dishing out all the right facts and educating people, not promoting a (protein, creatine) supplement line! Thank you Tim for being so genuine, you give me hope for the future!

  2. This is the wrong thing to eat after a workout, this will make you tired (because of insulin spike) and fat.

    A banana has enought carbs for a whole meal (as in lunch. diner, breakfast).

    Now what you need from post workout meal is enough carbs, good-fats for your bodys energy needs and enough protein for your muscles to regenerate/grow.

    Now my recepie for a breakfast smoothie (note it's a full meal) is as follows:
    200g of Cottage cheese (150g for a woman)
    1 Banana & 1 small orange (about 90g)
    100 ml of water (so it blends and you can drink it)
    12 almonds (you can crush them and put them into the smoothie or just eat them at the side)

  3. Being vegan doesn't necessarily have ANYTHING to do with the moral and ethical stance of not wanting to kill and enslave animals. I am continuously baffled by the lack of vegans who don't give a fuck about animals, strangely they all seem to care for animals uniformly. They shouldn't have to care about animals to be vegan! The truth is; there are so many different reasons for why you would want to become a vegan – all of which have nothing to do with the animals at all! Let me list just a few:

    1. Health – Eliminate chances of high blood pressure, high cholesterol, strokes, heart disease and lower chances of many types of cancer like colon cancer and breast cancer etc. Saturated fats and cholesterol is ONLY found in animal products. Improve your cardiovascular ability and feel more alive and energized because your stomach won't have to spend so much energy trying to digest all of that acidic meat. And poop better too, don't spend so much time squeezing one out on the toilet. 

    2. Appearance – You will loose excess fat for sure (Unless you just drink soda and eat potato chips since that's technically vegan), your skin will start look to better and more clear, acne will most likely disappear or at least diminish a lot.

    3. The environment – The live stock industry is responsible for more greenhouse gasses being released into the atmosphere than all forms of transportation combined. And forests are being chopped down to make room for the cattle so that we can kill them and eat them later.

    4. You are against unnecessary starvation among humans – All of the grains used to feed livestock is taken from poor places like in Africa where the farmers are forced to sell their grains to western/richer countries so that we can have a juicy steak, meanwhile those farmers and their children starve to death.

    So even if you honestly don't give a flying fuck about the fact that more than 150 billion animals are slaughtered unnecessarily for human consumption every year and you don't consider animals to have any worth and you don't think twice about paying someone to kill them for you to eat, there are still many reasons for why you would want to become vegan. For your health, for your looks and for the planet.

  4. Beans, lentils, vegetables, nuts, seeds, oatmeal, peanut butter, quinoa.. All these vegan food options have plenty of protein guys. 

    And if you want a protein powder there are plenty of vegan options: Rice protein, hemp protein, pea protein etc. 

    Protein is simply not an issue.

  5. yum,,, been doing this for a while.. using the dehydrated nut powder for protein, and no fat!  thanks for posting <3

  6. Whats the point of working out if you are just going to eat carbs right after? This guy starts off by saying everyone eats protein after workout but he has figured out carbs are better. He doesn't say why? They would only be better if your goal is to get fat and if so why workout? This video is mental.

  7. Glad to see you here Tim. Cool recipe 🙂 I have a similar post workout smoothie. Also during a training session I do a type of datorade with lemon juice + a little salt to help with the electrolytes, no bananas tough. Dates FTW! 😀 🙂

  8. Maybe it's just me or have you gotten smaller in build? I wonder, did you lean out more or are your muscles simply shrinking from the vegan diet?

  9. caloriessss…. i couldn't drink a bit, i would like it all 😛 do you also have any green smothies recipes?

  10. Dude… you can't eat upside-down, you'll have heartburn 😉 I always drink a shake after workout (milk instead of water since I'm not vegan) but I never thought of dates, that's just an amazing idea!

  11. Just made this smoothie after a long run, but with frozen bananas and a bit of rice protein powder. DELICIOUS 😉

  12. High fructose fruits (dates, bananas, grapes, mango etc.) after workout is not the good idea. For more info checkout Charles R. Poliquin aka Strength Sensei channel on youtube.

  13. I probably don't burn half as many calories as this guy in my workouts, so probably too many calories for me and not enough protein… Looks tasty though.

  14. Nice to see a video like this on a channel with lots of reach.
    A bit cocky though for him to say he came up with it while people have been drinking this stuff for years now.

  15. I just showed this to my son who is three. He is so impressed and he asked if Tim was a spider monkey. We watched the video three times. I am happy to see another vegan athlete my little spider monkey can aspire to be like. Thank you!

  16. I've made this before just because I was mixing stuff together that I had around me, and you really cannot go wrong with this one 😛

  17. awesome that tim is on jamie oliver´s channel. more people can be inspired to go vegan, or at least replace protein shakes with fruits smoothies.

  18. I am so sorry but I have to say this: Those bananas weren't ripe, even not overripe. They were partly not eatable. Those brown parts of the bananas are very bad for your health. I can't even watch the hole vid. I am really sorry!

  19. I drink the same thing!! But I add chia and kale and some almond butter/milk to make it a bit more dense..and sometimes some blueberries 😛 yummm ! Raw coconut water with the meat also makes it great too if the almond butter and milk gets a little heavy, and adding mint leaves with some cacao nibs make it a great treat for the summer (maybe an ice creaaammm?? ;P)

  20. This video is perfect because I just happen to have all them ingredients for once 🙂 apart from the cinnamon, and ginger. In fact I do have cinnamon but the powder I got dose not taste sweet for some reason. I will use vanilla and what ever else I can find, I have ready to eat bananas and dates I just been to get 🙂

  21. You are without a doubt one of the most inspiring fellas out there. Your videos helped me make the vegan transition, and the "how to be a vegan breakfast" is just top shelf youtube!. Dude, you straight up rock. 

  22. keep it as is without the nut milks or adding any fats – fats and sugars are bad food combining and it also slows the uptake of the glycogen 

  23. I recommend putting chia seeds in it. They don't really effect the taste, but they add a lot of nutrients to it.
    I make this smoothie almost every day.

  24. That's a great drink i normally have 500ml Pineapple juice,1 egg,1 Banana,Creatine,Glutamine and Vanilla Whey Protein….i never knew just how good dates were thanks for the information they are going into my diet

  25. Omg dude your gorgeous, super hot, vegan, athletic and your accent is beyond heavenly💪 😘👌😂👏🙈

  26. Tim do you have a recipe for a date caramel sauce?  Alot of people say they like it but I haven't tried it yet because I don't know how to make it.

  27. I also add coconut oil, brown rice milk, and walnuts in there. Really gives it that nutty and sweet flavor. Not too sweet though because that gives me a headache.

  28. it seems too sweet but if I took a banana out I would like it. It's perfect because you can add more or fewer bananas according to how sweet you like things. It looks delicious!!! I really enjoy the natural sweetness of both the dates and bananas! He's got a great idea! maybe add some peanut butter….mmmmmmm

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