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PRECAUTIONS TO CONTROL ARTHRITIS II  गठिया पर नियंत्रण पाने के लिए ऐहतियात II

Welcome to health care at home Today I am going to talk about Arthritis where I am not sharing any remedy with you. What simple things you have to do in your daily routine to control the condition of arthritis. Its often seen that when people suffer from arthritis specially women. Their arthritis began to worst and the reason behind is They have household works like cooking & serving food They have ample of small household works to do but And unknowingly they give extra pressure on their joints & due to this arthritis become worst. Today I am telling you some methods with which there will be no extra pressure on your joints Do you work like you do it , but follow some small tips. In this episode I am not going to tell you any remedy, instead what type of daily routine you should have. Because we have already done 2 episodes on remedies of arthritis. Along with those remedies how you have to sit & stand through out the day How to serve the food, how to hold the cup while drinking tea. I will tell you all the details. With this there will be no extra pressure on your joints. And if you are following remedies then slowly-slowly your arthritis will be cured. First of all let us talk about , how to get up from a chair? Its often seen, people press arms of the chair and get up with this you pay extra pressure on your wrist. If you are suffering from arthritis then paying extra pressure on your wrist will worsen your arthritis. Whenever you are getting up then use your forearms like this Put some pressure here & on your feet too Paying the whole pressure on your body you have to get up This way there will no extra pressure on your particular joint And you will start getting relief in the problem of arthritis . Now, simply if you are having tea… Never hold the cup with your 1 finger , this way you are paying extra pressure on your finger. Instead use your both hands and hold your cup like this Preferably take cup with big handle & low in weight. With this you can at least you can uplift the cup with at least 3 fingers and light pressure. then the pressure will be divide on knuckles. if you will lift the mug with 1 finger then knuckle of 1 finger will be under pressure. if 1 knuckle will be pressurised then being suffering from arthritis , your joint will become weak. The best way is to have your hand in below put the cup over it and hold it like this to use then pressure will be divide and there will be no problem of arthritis. Often its seen when women tries to open any box or so, this way they hold and try opening with their nails. This way your knuckles are getting pressure, you don’t have to do this. Instead hold the jar from both the hands Hold it and give it a circle to open it with this pressure will be divide. If the jar is greasy, then use cloth Don’t open it this way, instead use cloth and give it a circle Then pressure will be divide and there will be no pressure on your knuckle & wrist. And your arthritis won’t become worst. So this way When you are serving food, specifically females Don’t hold the plate with one hand, this way your thumb and wrist is getting pressure. And to an extent your knuckles too are getting pressure. Instead hold the plate with both hands so, this way pressure will be divide. And when the pressure will be divide then arthritis won’t become worst. So this way When you are holding a tray to serve 5-6 cups of tea. So this way pressure is coming on your wrist, elbow, shoulder and neck. Hence, don’t use tray instead use trolly or hold less cup not more than 1-2 and serve the tea in 2-3 goes.Don’t lift them all and worsen your arthritis. If you will do this remedy then problem of arthritis will be worsen. If you are reading a book or newspaper then hold it lightly instead holding it tightly. Instead i would suggest you to use book rest , if you don’t have book rest then put the newspaper or book on the table put some pressure on your forearm , bend yourself and if you will read this way then there will be no extra pressure on your joints and your arthritis will not be worsen. Now, if you are lifting something heavy If you are suffering from arthritis then you are recommended to not to lift any heavy weight object. but if there is no other option and you have to do it, then don’t bend your self in one go to pick the heavy weight. Instead bend your knees a bit , with this weight of your body will be equally divied on your both feet so, you have to do it in a way to divide your body weight on both the legs Make sure you put the object close to yourself to lift it up Make sure that the pressure of the object may divide equally on all the joints like Shoulder, elbows, knees, & wrist. It should be divided equally instead lifting anything with a sudden twist is a complete no. When the pressure will be equally divide then the problem of arthritis won’t get worsen further. It becomes even easy, because there is no pressure on single joint instead its equally divided into all the joints. So, next time use this method to lift any heavy weight object. Now, if you have to carry a bag, make sure you carry a light weight bag even if you are going to a vegetable market. Secondly, don’t hold the bag like this because with this shoulder gets extra pressure. Instead try to carry the bag this way, if its not very heavy. Carry it on your shoulder with the support of your hands so that the pressure may get divide between shoulder and elbow.. If you have to walk for long period of time then shift it from one to another shoulder after 5 minutes put it on the floor rest and then hold it on another shoulder for 5 minutes and do it this way so that there will be no extra pressure on any joint Just follow these easy tips, there will be no extra pressure on your joints. You are already following remedies & slowly you will get rid of the problem of arthritis. Rest our wish is only that you stay healthy, busy, carefree and be with us. To meet us you have to subscribe this channel. Tell to your friends & relatives To subscribe this channel. Get the health benefits by sitting at home. And do support us in our motive. Our motive is that maximum number of people Should get the health benefits by sitting at home only So, don’t forget to share & like our videos as much as you can. Thank You…

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