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6 thoughts on “Preventing Cataracts with Diet

  1. It's not the meat you frkn quack . In the East and Middle East they eat more meat than Americans and still have less cases of cataracts. So the problem is clearly the garbage that you guys produce for meat.

  2. cataracts are caused by a nutrient deficiency including vitamin C. so the more meat you eat the less fruits and vegetables you eat therefore the less vitamin C you get in your diet. there are claims that high dose vitamin c can reverse cataracts but I don't know if anyones put it to the test

  3. Accidentally got fermented rice water in my eyes and both tho one more than the other is red w yellow tinted goop continually collecting in the conrner should i be worried or detox of AGEs in progress?

  4. There is a guy on YouTube who fed his dog lemon water, from his lemon tree, and by coincidence it cured his dog’s cataracts. … title was something like lemon water cured my dog so cataracts. Could put a bit on my dog’s food.

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