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Protein shake = muscle build ?

Do you need protein shake after training ? Hello, I am Eric Do you need Whey Protein after intensity training ? Keep watching.. I will try this Protein shake and discuss it later. Delivery to the Door From U.K. Look good! Just arrived and try it now There is a spoon inside the can but need to find XDDDD It is sealed. Hygiene is important lol Please pay attention on the cover, It should be sealed. If no, you need to return it. Looking for the spoon….XDD I get it, the spoon looks small … one spoon is measured 25ml Let’s check the Nutrition Fact ( Label ) It showed 2 spoons as 1 serving 30gram weight 30gram weight of powder contains 24.1gram protein haha It looks very little……?? you all may have same problem when buy protein powder It is simple, we must trust the Nutrition Facts Label I show you how to check the information…..answer is Food Scale Put water into the shaker first set scale to ZERO weight 30gram of powder let’s try 1 spoon to see the weight 1 spoon=11gram weight 2 spoons=23gram of powder I need 30gram of weight=24.1gram Protein 24.1gram protein=around 2.5 spoons When you put water first, the powder will not stick with the bottle Shake it Shake it it is easy to mix with water different band is different quality of powder the powder seems ready to drink I want to make sure all powders mix with the water.. so shaking time I guess its ready Look at the bottom of the bottle, its ready Let’s try now I ordered the chocolate flavour Its smooth try again…..hahah For my personal, the taste is light If you like taste heavy, you need to find double chocolate it depends on you this one for me is acceptable Look at the description it is showed the powder sourced from grass-fed cows It mean the cow was feeded by grass the cow would’t feed by some chemical food it is showed … this is copy from the website of Myoband sourced from grass-fed cows ref. to the nutrition facts label I teach you how to read the label Fat…. 1 serving=2 spoons=30gram weight=24.1gram Protien Fat 1.3gram per serving Carbohydrate 1.8gram per serving “Sugar” will list below of Carbohydrate 0.9gram sugar per serving the sugar is extra added into the powder due to have better taste Choose less EXTRA sugar is the best option 0.8gram extra sugar is acceptable * Fiber 2.1gram Fiber per serving Don’t rely the fiber intake from whey protein lol….. Fiber intake should absorb from Vegetables and Fruit another brand of whey protein here….. 18gram protein per serving Fiber is 0.8gram per serving Myoband’s whey protein contains 2.1gram Fiber good protein should contain fiber and grass-fed cow there is 5gram BCAA per serving BCAAS can help to building muscle Price around HKD400 it was shipped from U.K. I ordered on 20th Dec before Xmas, I received on 6th Jan It delivered to the door, its required extra charge Do you need protein shake after training ? some people will ignore the protein shake ….. After inentsity…our body will happen………… it is Protein Synthesis Muscle Protein Synthesis – MPS The rate of MPS will elevate after intensity training Can you eat solid food instead of ? chicken breast ..beef But..it take times to digest…it may require around 6 hours Don’t spend time on looking for restaurant and or cooking you will miss the “golden intake time” drink whey protein immediately after weight training the MPS will elevate by 50% at 4 hours how many gram Protein should I drink ? Look at the study… there were 2 groups of people one group arranged to have 20gram Protein after training another group arranged to have 40gram protein after training the Muscle mass may affect the result Overall 40gram protein is greater than 20gram protein it will help the MPS for an adult, 40gram protein may benefits Look at the table Muscle fiber synthesis After intensity 40gram VS 20gram 40gram protein is higher than 20gram When MPS happen, you need amino acid(protein shake) It helps muscle recovery and building muscle mass Repeat this procedure…muscle damage ( training )>MPS>whey protein>muscle build So that you need to drink whey protein after intensity training I will drink protein shake immediately after training Don’t miss the golden time lol…. Hope you all enjoy the video…

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