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Psoriasis diet vs warm weather. Clear results in 2020

what’s going on guys welcome back to
another vlog about my psoriasis journey and today I’m gonna cover what is really
working is that the diet is it warm weather what is the case and as you can
probably see I am in a hotel in Mexico so the weather is nice and warm
I’m gonna step back inside as the wind there’s a little bit of wind right now
I’m wanna make sure you hear me but some of you actually suggested warm weather before
and obviously I come from a warm country back when I lived at home and comment
below what you think I’m from I’m not gonna give it out easily I wanna see if
you guys can guess based on my accent based on how look based on body color
whatever you want to base it on if you guessed it right awesome if not I will
probably tell you in the comments where I’m from but bottom line is when I
was raised and like where I lived most of my life it was hot it was warm and no
not from Russia if that’s the accent you think so I’ve never had psoriasis there
and the one common denominator when I moved to Canada is that it’s cold, it’s dry
and that’s pretty much where things started to take shape. It really started
hit hard when I start my business so combination of stress there much the dry
weather and so on kind of started to take toll on my body I guess and that’s
where surprise has started to come out now of course not eating right and all
that might have affected things as well but I’ve been a pretty healthy guy for
the most part of my life I’ve always eaten really clean this trip to Mexico
as you can imagine when you have buffets and pretty much all sorts of foods from
fries to burgers to whatever of course a cold alcohol was a big thing in this
trip and what’s crazy to me is that I’ve noticed that if you look at my shoulder
here you look at my other video it was kind of like he was gonna read and this
trip pretty much made a lot better I would say and I’ve been eating like I
don’t want to say the word I’ve been even pretty bad I’m being drinking
almost every day not proud of it but I’m gonna trip and I thought hey this would
be a great test do not only just relax and
de-stress and all that but also a great test to see is this gonna make any
difference this is gonna affect my body any more than before when I put it into
shock with all the bad food with the liquor and all that and to my surprise
nothing seems to be really worse than before
matter of fact probably a little bit better like obviously vitamin D in a
sunnier obviously the humidity is improving I’ll be in a swimming pool
maybe the chlorine some sort of weight helped I used to be a swimmer for eight
years and I’ve never had psoriasis and I know the chlorine in theory dries things
out and make the skin very flaky and dry but I thought me if I go back to what it
used to do it might help right so now I’m in a warm country I’m in the pool
all the time I’m eating whatever and psoriasis seems to get better so what is
my conclusion well weather obviously helps distressing obviously helps right
does that mean that we should not maintain any type of diet
obviously not I’ve been pretty much researching this way they are not
hearing I’m hearing a lot of comments lady about low-carb diet or maybe not if
no carbs at all I’ve tried it before one on the trip and the one problem is I
only started a week before I left of this trip and I managed to do it when
I’m at home that’s not an issue the only issue is when there’s no food at home
and you have to order out you have to go out for restaurant everything has carbs
in it it’s super hard to cut carbs out especially for me because I’m an active
guy and I need carbs for energy but also to maintain my body maintain like a
certain physique sort of weight and I’ve had somebody in the comments asked if I
could make some sort of program some sort of video series about how I
maintain my body rights how I maintain my weight doing all those diets and I’ll
definitely get on that as soon as I’m back I’m coming back in a couple days
here so I’m gonna get started on those videos I’m gonna make a playlist for you
guys to watch through pretty much how I work out how I maintain my diet what I
eat and so on and some of those things might not even be right to treat
psoriasis but at the same time I promise you no matter what
you are with your joining no matter what you’re doing it’s not gonna harm you
everything that I’m eating is clean stuff so if anything is going to help
whatever other issue you might have if you’re overweight it might help you lose
weight if you are just trying to try to diet well this will help you have an
idea of what to do kind of thing right because I didn’t have guidance I’m very
much doing a lot of things from research from videos from what I hear people say
from doctors and making a summary of all those things and I follow my own kind of
journey in that sense a lot of it can be wrong I see comments from you guys I try
to comment to each and single one of you and see where exactly I can take ideas
from you and evolve it to my own stuff and see if it helps and as you can see
at the moment the only thing I’m figuring out is the warm weather and
humidity helps me where the carbs are in something that affects me will figure
out as soon as I’m back I’m going on a strict low-carb diet I want to really
really try to do a 30-day thing I always try to do 30 days because I believe that
within the 30 days let alone that you adjust that lifestyle so to speak it’s
easier to continue but also 30 days is a pretty good indication of where things
are going like if it gets worse by a lot then I know okay is getting worse before
it gets better so we’re on to something if it doesn’t change at all after 30
days like not nothing moved at all then I know that maybe that’s not it maybe I
should keep trying a little bit longer but it’s probably not looking like
that’s a solution so it’s just a matter of trial and error right and don’t
forget whatever you’re doing whether you’re working whether you’re like
stressing about life like kids bills and so on don’t forget to take the time for
yourself too and and go on a vacation I haven’t done this kind of thing in a
long time probably a year and a half maybe two almost and the last few years
like specifically this time right now my psoriasis is probably the worst it’s
ever been and really if you look through all the videos I’ve been pretty much on
it every single day I’ve been like really good at recording stuff pretty
good at maintaining my diet only this trip really I kind of went pretty much
balanced everything out you know like my bad through
drinking and all that but otherwise I never really drank I would say maybe one
drink a month if even that right so that’s just one thing I want to address
for those of you that wondering I’m still using the UVB light and so on of
course I am I don’t have to use it right now because there’s natural vitamin D
falling at me everywhere I go here in Mexico but UVB light is something that I
always tried to use as much as I can when I’m at home I maybe even bring it
to my office if I remember it is something that you have to force
yourself to remember you have to continuously use if you’re gonna use it
once a week you know and there it’s probably not gonna do anything so don’t
waste your money if you’re gonna commit to using it then I recommend it it’s not
it’s a small device it’s not really expensive think it’s anywhere from three
to four hundred bucks somewhere in that range you get at one time and you use it
every day every second day at the very least and try to religiously apply it to
do the areas at least start with one area and see if that improves that
specific area before you go into our body I just want you guys to be aware of
that because a lot of the comments I’m getting and just talking about it like
are you still using an EVP light are you still applying it every day how
long you should do it guys I made a video about that so just scroll back we
have a whole UVB playlist talking about how and what and when and so on so just
go back to there and it will answer all those questions otherwise guys this was
just a quick update while I’m here in Mexico make sure you leave a thumbs up
subscribe if you haven’t already I’m going to be launching those video series
very soon here otherwise guys I’ll see you in the next video

16 thoughts on “Psoriasis diet vs warm weather. Clear results in 2020

  1. Stress is the number 1 cause of all disease. A diet based on the principles of Ray Peat is very powerful and most science based. Don’t cut carbs .
    Look up the YouTube channel called Danny roddy.

  2. I agree dont cut out carbs- its funny this video came onto my page- I also have a youtube channel sharing my journey with psoriasis and last year I went to a hot country and my psoriasis got so much better- now i am back home and winter has started here in Canada and my psoriasis is so bad again. Definitely cold and dry weather make psoriasis worse I believe this to be a fact!

  3. I went vegan , didnt help, I went plant based, didnt help. I craved sugar and chocolates one day, I ate a few chocolates my psoriasis actually got better ! how the fuk does that make sense ? the one time I got rid of my psoriasis was when I went to jail ! but when I went to jail (minimum) my routine was completely different, very structured, we ate same time, exercise everyday, I had no stress while I was in jail, and I also got lots of sunshine because i worked at the farm which meant i also ate fresh veggies everyday. yes true story my psoriasis actually went away while I was in jail I couldn't believe it, but when I got out it slowly came back… so environment and routine seems to matter

  4. I saw your video from May, 2018. Fast fwd to now Jan 2020, since you got rid of it last year natuarally, did you have flare ups ever again or have you already healed from the disease?

  5. I find I get less flaky in Mexico but everything gets really red or looks like it's spreading out. Feels better but looks awful. I watched this one video which sounded silly about just splashing my skin with cool water three times a day because of the oils on the skin cause the skin bacterial to feed and multiply so if you keep your skin cool and clean it heals. Honestly started doing that in August, and I'm in Canada, it's winter now and I'm still clear. Not perfect but it's really made my life easier. Just wanted to share.

  6. Hey man, thanks for the videos.
    My psoriasis started after taking creatine, 8 months ago. It could be just a coincidence, but since you workout , I figured I ask just if you take it just to eliminate this possibility from my head.

    Timeline :
    Before May 2019: All is good
    May 2019: summer body plan, took creatine, plaque psoriasis on my foot.
    July -September 2019: went back home for the summer, then came back to Canada
    October 24, 2019: Back to gym, took creatine
    Octobore 25: felt like shit
    Octobore 28: Guttate Psoriais starting taking over and all this shit started.

    Again, could be just a coincidence . Let me know and thanks man.

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