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Ranking Burger King’s Breakfast Menu From Worst To Best

A few of Burger King’s breakfast items are
legitimately delicious. On the other hand, a few of the items are
somewhere between disgusting and forgettable, and are a waste of your precious morning minutes. Here’s the definitive ranking of their breakfast
menu, from worst to best. “You ate breakfast, yes? Breakfast is most important meal of day.” If you’ve made the courageous leap to go to
Burger King for breakfast, why would you go the boring route and order their Pancake Platter? Not only is it completely unimaginative, but
Burger King’s pancakes are as bland as you expect. Burger King’s pancakes are small, mushy, and
devoid of anything that resembles satisfying flavor. Even considering the fact that you get three
of them with your Pancake Platter order, their combined girth is wholly unsatisfying. You’re going to have to add a lot of syrup
to overcome your regret from not ordering something more enticing from their breakfast
menu. Burger King also offers the Pancakes & Sausage
Platter, but this slight upgrade should also be a hard pass. The tiny sausage patty that accompanies the
puny pancakes will only reinforce the fact that you’ve chosen poorly and should have
gone bigger and bolder. In other words, the pancakes aren’t worth
flipping out over. “Pancakes!” “No pancakes!” No Pancakes Pancakes! If your idea of breakfast is a hot cup of
coffee, don’t make the mistake of going to Burger King to get your caffeine fix. Everything that can be wrong with fast food
coffee is wrong with the Burger King’s coffee. First of all, the coffee isn’t hot enough. If you don’t drink it right away, it will
quickly reach lukewarm status. Secondly, even though they claim to use high-quality
Arabica beans, you can’t taste any of that quality. What you will taste is weak, watery blandness. And, finally, Burger King manages to top off
this liquefied letdown in a cup with a burnt aftertaste that will have you grimacing in
disappointment. You can get decent hash browns at a few fast
food restaurants, but Burger King is not one of them. Their hash browns are mealy and oddly fibrous. You’ll bite into their hash browns expecting
that crunchy, oily goodness you can get from McDonald’s hash browns, but instead you’ll
be left with a mouthful of unevenly cooked potato. What makes the situation even more disturbing
is that no two hash browns from Burger King are the same. Each one offers a slightly different texture
and a slightly different flavor. The overarching theme, though, tells the tale
of hash browns that are too chewy and not tasty enough. Some of the components of the Ham, Egg & Cheese
Maple Waffle Sandwich are actually promising. The two maple waffles that act as the bun
are delicious, as long as your Burger King doesn’t overcook them. Unfortunately, the true disappointment is
the ham. Burger King claims they use black forest ham
in this sandwich but it doesn’t taste like high-quality ham. Instead, it tastes like the generic ham you
can buy at a dollar store. The edges of the ham are dark, but don’t let
that fool you. There’s nothing truly black forest about this
ham. Not only does it taste extremely processed,
it’s sliced so thin that you lose most of the bang for your buck. “Can I eat?” “I dunno. Give it a try.” It’s difficult to go wrong if you pick a croissan’wich
at Burger King. Unless, that is, you go with the Egg & Cheese
Croissan’wich. As tasty as the croissant bun is, the innards
just aren’t rewarding enough to garner a hearty recommendation. The molded egg patty tastes exactly how it
sounds. Butter or any other flavor would have been
helpful but, as it is, the egg is boring and the textures is too coarse. “Boring” The slice of American cheese that rests atop
the egg attempts to impart a kick of flavoring, but unfortunately, the cheese simply isn’t
up for the task. If you order this sandwich, the best thing
to do is to take matters into your own hands and add some spicy hot sauce. Unfortunately, you won’t find suitable flavors
at Burger King, so you’d have to take it home to complete the transformation. If you must consume caffeine at breakfast,
skip Burger King’s hot coffee and go for the BK Café Caramel Frappe. This cold drink is so sweet that it successfully
drowns out the weak coffee flavor and the burnt aftertaste. Burger King also has a mocha-flavored frappe
but it’s not nearly as good. The chocolate taste has an odd bitterness
to it that accentuates the underlying disappointment that is their coffee. If you’re going to risk a sugar overdose by
downing one of Burger King’s frappes, you’ll at least want to go out with a smile on your
face, so go with the caramel version. While the name hints at it, you’ll be surprised
by Burger King’s Breakfast Burrito Jr. and how small they are once they’re out of the
wrapper. “Call me shortie?” “‘Cause you’re small. Small. S-M. All.” Don’t be too disappointed, because these mini
breakfast burritos are actually quite tasty. Other than being smaller than you expect,
there aren’t any other major complaints. The Breakfast Burrito Jr. combines scrambled
eggs, delicately melted American cheese, a small patty of sausage, and some hash browns. While that may sound like an odd mix, it all
comes together thanks to a spicy sauce that is equal parts creamy and tasty, plus a flour
tortilla that is surprisingly authentic. Many fast food restaurants have stiff flour
tortillas, but Burger King’s offering is soft and almost melts in your mouth. Going to Burger King for a Mexican-inspired
breakfast item might seem like lunacy but it’s actually well worth the trip. If you order Burger King’s Sausage, Egg & Cheese
Biscuit, you’ll get exactly what you’re expecting. Nothing more, nothing less. The sausage has enough seasoning and enough
savory goodness to bolster the egg patty and the slice of American cheese. What steals the show, though, is the buttery
and flaky buttermilk biscuit. Finding an adequate biscuit in a fast food
joint can be difficult, as many are too powdery tasting, or so dry that they crumble in your
hands. But Burger King deserves a round of applause
for their perfectly golden biscuits that serve the purpose of bookending this tasty breakfast
item while tantalizing your taste buds. Burger King didn’t exactly reinvent the wheel
with this biscuit sandwich, and you can find similar options at other fast food eateries. But if you’re looking for a reasonably priced
breakfast item that will fill you up and leave you with a smile on your face, you can’t go
wrong by picking the Sausage, Egg & Cheese Biscuit. If you feel like playing a nonlethal and potentially
yummy version of Russian roulette, go inside of a Burger King and hand over some of your
hard-earned money for an order of the French Toast Sticks. If you’re lucky, you’ll pull the trigger and
receive five sticks of French toast that are so hot that they’re difficult to hold with
your fingers. If that’s the case, whip out the sugary syrup
and get to dipping and eating. You’ll be convinced that you’ve located your
new guilty pleasure. However, this is a dangerous game. If you order the French Toast Sticks and get
stuck with lukewarm logs, the disappointment in the air at your local Burger King will
be palpable. You will soon realize that this breakfast
item loses all of its superpowers once it cools off. In fact, buying these through the drive-thru
window is unwise because you need to eat them right away if you’re lucky enough to get a
sizzling batch. If you like the taste of the Sausage, Egg
& Cheese Biscuit at Burger King, you’ll love what you’ll receive when you order the Fully
Loaded Biscuit. What makes it so much better? Thickly-cut Bacon. “Nothing burps better than Bacon” It’s not the world’s greatest bacon, but it
still tastes good. And when it comes to bacon, being average
is still enough to take any food to the next level. Part of the package that makes this biscuit
“fully loaded” is the aforementioned black forest ham. While the ham still isn’t a positive part
of this puzzle, it thankfully doesn’t get in the way of any of the other flavors. If anything, it provides a place for the American
cheese to rest and keeps this bulging breakfast biscuit from falling apart. Think of it as a thin sheet of adhesive that
will keep your shirt clean as you eat the Fully Loaded Biscuit or Croissan’wich on the
go. The best breakfast sandwich at Burger King
that uses their sweet waffles is undoubtedly the Sausage, Egg & Cheese Maple Waffle Sandwich. Generally, the maple waffles won’t disappoint. They’re sweet but what’s really impressive
is the authentic maple flavoring. Even when the waffles cool off, they’re still
tasty, if not even tastier. Between the waffles of the Sausage, Egg & Cheese
Maple Waffle Sandwich you’ll find a slice of American cheese on top of a seasoned sausage
patty, which are both laid upon egg. Nothing groundbreaking, for sure, but the
savoriness blends perfectly well with the sweetness from the maple waffles. As good as Burger King’s maple waffles taste,
the waffles aren’t their best breakfast bun. That title belongs to the croissants that
house their Croissan’wiches. Taste the Bacon, Egg & Cheese Croissan’wich
and you’ll fully agree. The quality of the croissant is truly on par
with what you’d find at some French pastry shops. “Je voudrais un croissant.” “What?” If you’re eating on the run, the Bacon, Egg
& Cheese Croissan’wich is what you should order, as you can easily eat this delectable
sandwich with one hand while your eyes are on the road. What’s the secret? The melted slice of American cheese holds
together the bacon and the egg, so the chance of anything slipping out of place is remote. Burger King advertises this sandwich as being
grab-and-go delicious, and they’re not fibbing. If you’re watching your calorie intake, you’ll
be glad to learn that the Bacon, Egg & Cheese Croissan’wich only has 340 calories. For such a tasty meal that you can eat even
if you’re in a hurry, it’s heartening to hear that it won’t destroy your diet. Burger King takes everything that is right
about the Breakfast Burrito Jr., upgrades it, supersizes it, and calls it the Egg-normous
Burrito. It’s so good that you’ll be shocked that you
didn’t think about this combination first. Like the Breakfast Burrito Jr., it has sausage,
egg, hash browns, and a marvelously spicy cream sauce. But instead of American cheese, the Egg-normous
Burrito has cheddar cheese, which is a huge improvement. Even more important, though, is the fact that
it also has bacon. Yes, thick, smoky bacon! Although the Egg-normous Burrito requires
an enormous tortilla, the quality of the tortilla remains high, while being thick enough to
keep all the flavorful ingredients within it. Burger King also gives you a small side of
picante sauce when you order this behemoth. If you enjoy mild, watery picante sauce, go
ahead and add it to the Egg-normous Burrito, since it’s not bad. But if you really want to take this burrito
to the next level, add some real, hot picante sauce from home or add in your favorite salsa. While Burger King has some surprisingly top-tier
breakfast options, the item that reigns supreme is unquestionably the Double Croissan’wich
with Sausage & Bacon. You’ll need two hands and probably a bib,
but this sandwich will be well worth the extra effort. The Double Croissan’wich with Sausage & Bacon
begins, of course, with the outstanding croissant bun. Within the buttery croissant ends you’ll see
the two best breakfast meats Burger King has to offer: the savory sausage and the thick-cut
bacon. Beneath the meats, they’ll be a bed of eggs. Between the sausage and bacon, there’s one
slice of American cheese. Between the bacon and the top half of the
croissant is another slice of cheese. Next time the boss asks you to pick up breakfast,
skip the donut shop and get this instead. The Double Croissan’wich with Sausage & Bacon
is truly a breakfast delight that will make you a regular at your local Burger King drive-thru
window early each morning. Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more Mashed videos about your favorite
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38 thoughts on “Ranking Burger King’s Breakfast Menu From Worst To Best

  1. The donut shop has jalepeno and cheese sausage kolaches, and spicy boudin kolaches. Nothing in this video tops those things.

  2. Burger King its mutch better in Sweden,,, real bread and juicy Burgels.. this pictures must be mac-donalds
    Best Regards From Snowy Cold Old Good Sweden

  3. Small town Burger King are shit! I notice this from traveling across United States . Only big city Burger King are good enough to eat .
    I think cause itโ€™s slow business they just being lazy to cook anything decent or they just donโ€™t care about customers service.

  4. I'm definitely gonna go to a burger king for my lunch. BTW, please make a video for TIM HORTONS as well๐Ÿ‡จ๐Ÿ‡ฆ

  5. I rather eat mcdounald breakfast or local fastfood restaurant instead of BK. I tried their breakfast before, it was okay, but nothing stands out.

  6. Burger King is good and all, but when you say the item is 6$ let it be 6$ I go to the window and it's like 2$+ of fucking taxes

  7. I will go out of my way for Burger King hash browns. They are the best! I will drive to BK just to get a large had brown cooked fresh and nothing else.
    These subjective AF videos are so stupid. It's all opinion and most likely the opinion of your staff writers.
    If enough people didn't actually like those items then they would take them off the menu. That's how fast food restaurants work. You can't go around saying this is good and this is bad when ever single person in the planet has a slightly different opinion on what's good and bad and you can't say that something is definitely good or bad when it comes to an opinion.

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