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Raw Food Diets : Succeeding at a Raw Food Diet

So, now we have covered quite a bit and this
pretty much an introduction to a” raw live food diet”. Now we want to talk about, is
how we are going to succeed in doing this, how are we going to eliminate all those flavors
that we are addicted to and those textures. So, what I have come to find out in the years
that I have been on a “raw live food diet” is that you can not really do this all at
once, you have to take small steps and to what we call “transition” into a “raw live
food diet”. You eliminate the things that you really could do without and get rid of
them. The foods that is just your favorite food to eat, you should keep eating them,
until you feel you can give it up. If you have gone to a point where you are eating
mostly raw live foods and you have a craving, go back and feed that craving. Eat that cooked
food that you want to taste, that you have a memory of and I believe what you are going
to find is it does not taste like what you thought it would taste like. Or you are going
to not feel like as good as you feel when you eat raw live food and you will see the
difference and then coming from that you will gradually be able to give up more and more
of those flavors that you have possibly became addicted to and get into the “raw live food
diet”. Which takes time, it took me several years before I was completely a raw live foodist.
So, great success in your “raw live food diet”.

12 thoughts on “Raw Food Diets : Succeeding at a Raw Food Diet

  1. I totally agree its yucky after just 30 days most foods taste terrible. I feel off the wagon. I got bored and now trying to restart again.

  2. yeh, it's all subjective.. like me, i'm a scorpio & it's very very hard for me to do anything gradually because that means doing sumthing not all the way & i have to do all or nothing. i'm not good at balance. it's 100% raw & healthy or 100% the other way which is not healthy i realise

  3. to be like that but i'm working on it. but some people definitely do good at transitioning gradually . it just depends on the person. for me, going back & forth is my 'transition' i'm becoming more & more prepared to make the right health decisions for myself. & it's all a discovery process..

  4. I am starting the raw food living tonight. I'm looing forward to see what it is going to do. I'm going to try getting to 95% raw.

  5. This seems like very good advice — feed your cravings when you feel you must, and take small steps. I've been eating gradually more and more living food for 4 years now. Sometimes I will revert back to old habits, but when I look at the "big picture," I see that each year I've increased my raw intake by almost 10%. Thanks for a good video!

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