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We don’t buy food for cuteness. Don’t judge my eating habits OK? (MUSIC) So hi everyone
my name is Kim. I am a Registered Dietitian, welcome back
to my channel. For those of you that are new there’s some
videos below you can take a look at and if there is anything that you like please go
ahead and subscribe. Yesterday I actually went grocery shopping
and I thought ‘well you know what I want to show you guys what I really eat!’ I’m going to show you gets what I bought from
the grocery store. So I think I should just tell you– the 2
grocery stores I that went to were Publix as well as Aldi’s. I think Aldi’s is very popular. Do you guys know about Publix? So I wanted to show you guys first what I
got from Publix and then what I got from Aldi’s. So the first item that I got from Publix is
actually spinach and I actually like to keep spinach in the house. Spinach is actually one of those foods that
are very versatile: you can eat them raw, you can eat then steamed you can eat them cooked. Like for instance, I’ll put them in my smoothies
for breakfast; for lunch I may have it as the base of my salad and for dinner I may steam
it. The other item that I got from Publix is avocado. Now avocado seems to be one of those very
popular foods now-a-days. It’s high in the healthy fats and for me,
being someone that follows a plant-based diet of, course I need my healthy fats. High in monounsaturated fatty acids. Avocado is also high in vitamin E. Now I did
buy the Haas avocado, but typically I would default to the Florida avocado, but the haas
avocados were on sale. You know we got to adhere to a budget right?! Avocados are actually one of those foods that
are in season at this time. So I also like to buy foods that are in season. I mean, I’m not saying I do it 100% of the
time. The next food item I bought from Publix are
actually these organic apples and for me the organic apples taste a little differently from
the conventional apples. You guys…obviously see that there’s some
missing. I have to—I have to eat breakfast right?! I have to eat! So I actually ate some of the apples already,
but apples are one of those foods that are high in fiber and that’s something I am trying
to be a little more conscientious about. So I am trying to actually increase my fiber
intake and I find an apple is a good way to do it. So I think that is everything that I got from
Publix so let me show you what I got from Aldi’s. Ok the first food item that I got is actually
this gluten free granola. It has cashews in it, it has cranberries in
it, sunflower oil. I will have this moreso as a breakfast item
or maybe even like a late dinner. Because at night time if I do eat heavy I do
get heart-burn, but I find that having granola or a cereal-something light will help me to
avoid that heartburn. I also got these almond & walnut 100-calorie
snack pack food. So this is something that I can take to work
and push in my lab coat. I’ll probably even have this for breakfast. Also with the nuts my favorite nut is actually pistachios
and I do not buy these often, but I decided to buy them. I do not buy pistachios often because they
tend to be a little expensive. With the pistachios, with these nuts, I decided
to get some seeds. Now I hadn’t had sunflower seeds in a long
time. I got these sunflower seeds as well as another
healthier food option that I could snack on; easily put in my bag and transport and go. The next item I got is actually some died
fruit and they’re apricots. Apricots are actually my favorite dried fruit. At times when I do crave sweet things I can
eat easily defer to apricots. Apricots are something that I could just um…um
(hand jesters) grab and go. Uh the next food item that I got are actually
these butters. Now butters are a staple in my pantry. I have peanut butter, there is almond butter
now as you see, and there’s also cashew butter. I never had cashew butter…eager to see what
that tastes like. Butters are something that I do put on my oatmeal, I also put it on bread,
my toast, my pancakes. So butters are also another of the foods which
do have the healthier oils in them, but also to be mindful that they are a little high
in fat. Along the line of the butters let’s start
talking about the oils. I got this sunflower oil as well as this olive
oil. Now I cook with olive oil on a daily basis. With this sunflower oil I plan to make salad
dressings from it. I don’t like the store bought salad dressings
often…I don’t know I’m just not a fan of it. I also bought these artisan lettuce heads
and I thought this was so cute. We don’t buy food for cuteness, but however,
just examining the lettuce you know it’s dark, high nutrients; the lettuce itself looks nice
and moist, it looks…it doesn’t look like it’s crispy and crunchy it looks like a soft
lettuce if you guys get the point that I’m headed to. The next food item that I bought were olives
and I do like olives. I plan to put these in my salads. Now with the canned olives I find them to
be a little salty so something I like to do is to drain the can and then fill it back up with
some tap water and let it sit there for a little bit so that the salt can be leached
out of the olives and into the water and then I toss that water. The next thing I bought were these bell peppers,
these colorful bell peppers. And I do like the slice up the bell peppers
and eat it raw because it does have that nice sweet taste to them. So I’m not really too sure what I plan to make
with my bell peppers…maybe wraps because I do do a lot of wraps, but it’s going to
go down. The last and final item that I bought…don’t
judge me for my eating habits OK?…is these chips and salsa. And I decided to get the healthier chips,
the ones with the flax seeds in it and salsa. Something that I like to do especially you
know if I come home [and] don’t have time to cook, I like to make haystacks. Do you guys know what haystacks are? It’s basically a layer of chips, you can have
the option of putting brown rice or not, beans, guacamole, lettuce, cucumber, olives, tomato,
avocado, and salsa. I like to buy chips to make my haystacks with
and this is actually a meal I had about 5 days ago. I bought it…no apologies. So guy these are the food items that I did
buy for my grocery haul. Um let me know what are some staples that
you guys like to buy on a weekly basis? What are some things that you keep in you
fridge at all times? Remember to comment, like as well as subscribe. Do have a good day and thanks for watching. Bye. (MUSIC)


  1. I eat a vegan diet and I love shopping at Aldi's! My mom and I would go there on a weekly basis to get celery, carrots, broccoli, vegetable stock, spices, bananas, bell peppers, and any other produce that are on sale!

  2. Yum love Sunflower Seeds, but I haven't had them in forever either! I might have to pick them up on my next trip now πŸ™‚ Great video!

  3. I usually keep Romaine lettuce, green apples, and frozen spinach on hand at all times. The spinach and apples can be great for smoothies. Like you, I also enjoy hass avocados πŸ™‚

  4. I am a vegan high school student and I usually always buy bananas, apples, CLIF BARS, dates, nut butters, whole wheat bread, tofu, beans, and any other fruit that is in season or on sale weekly πŸ˜‡

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