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Praise God!� Praise You, God!� I do not
know if you are like me, but I am so excited this morning!�
No matter how bad your week has been or how tough your day has been already, are you not
glad that you are alive and that you have your fingers, your toes, your health, and
you can breathe?� So praise God!� Praise God that we are alive today, and that is a
lot.� I want to let you know that you are watching �You Can Overcome� through Remnant
Fellowship TV.� Today�s topic is �Recipes for Weight Loss,� and if you are the first
time with Weigh Down Ministries, we are the oldest faith-based original weight loss ministry
that is teaching you how to turn to God instead of turning to food, and filling up with God.�
There have been many copies out there; I see them all the time, but they got it from here,
and from here are the testimonies, and God has given us much fruit here, and I praise
God for that. ����������� So the principles
that are taught here apply to any unwanted addictions � drugs, alcohol, and tobacco
as well as emotional strongholds like anger or rage, envy, depression, pornography.�
Lusts of any kind can be eradicated so that you (guess what?) can float, feel light and
not feel down.� Nothing gets you down.� You can have a whole new life.�
����������� I want to let you know that greed…� I have been
following this forever since Weigh Down started thirty years ago.� Greed for self and selfishness,
self-centeredness, is the biggest deterrent to living a godly life.� It is the biggest
roadblock to walking behind the footsteps of Jesus Christ, and Weigh Down Ministries
is dedicated to helping you and to helping all the people.� I do not care what your
background is.� In fact, I want to say another shout out to the gal in South Africa who was
looking for a book.� We are sending you a book.� I do not care where you are, if
you cannot get the materials, we will get it to you, no matter who you are or what you
have been through, to see that you have a choice through Jesus Christ, that you can
overcome.� And you can have a whole new life, just like all these testimonies you
have been seeing.� ����������� Now, I want
to, though, acknowledge that there is a war for your soul.� You are a prize to be won,
and there are forces that would have you enslaved, lies that hold your mind back.� The Apostle
Paul wrote in Romans chapter 12, and let me get this for you and start this day off right
with a scripture here from the Apostle Paul.� He said in verse 1:�
� Therefore, I urge you, brothers, in view of
God�s mercy, to offer your bodies as living sacrifices, holy and pleasing to God�this
is your spiritual act of worship.� (Now listen to this!)� Do not conform any longer
to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.� (The renewing
of your mind!)� Then you will be able to test and approve what God�s will is�his
good, pleasing and perfect will.� ����������� Today we
are going to spend a little time on physical recipes, but it is recipes for the soul that
we are going to talk about, and you can start over.� We are going to do it today.� We
are going to get in there, and we are going to eat less food, and we are going to get
it right for God and go through the suffering that He has called us to.� So to start with,
right now I want to introduce our co-host, Candace Anger.� Give her a hand for joining
me.� Come on up sweet, dear sister.� I love you so much for your energy and everything!
����������� CANDACE:� This is a blast!� Well, I have today�s
tech tip, so okay, this is very exciting!� Well, first of all, we love all the comments
that are coming back and emails that are coming in about spiritual things.� We also want
to know, will you please email or comment if your video drops out or if you are having
any tech problems.� Just let us know how it is going.� As you are watching this,
let us know how it is going, and then if you are watching today and your video drops out
but they can still hear the audio, the tech guys are saying to just wait for about twenty
seconds, and that video should pop back up.� For some reason if the video does not pop
back up, they are saying just hit the refresh button.� So just hit the refresh button.�
So it should be fine.� Just do not give up!�
����������� GWEN:� Don�t give up!�
����������� CANDACE:� Yeah!�
����������� GWEN:� The tech guys were explaining yesterday that
the computer is trying to connect you.� Instead of you putting high, medium or slow
speed on and choosing for yourself, that the computer is, and sometimes it will just kick
it out, but the audio should keep going.� Hang in there, and in twenty seconds if it
does not come on, just start it over.� You will get it back.� Or after the show, ten
minutes later literally, watch it again, and I recommend that.� It will be on remnantfellowship.tv.�
Thank you very much. ����������� CANDACE:�
I love that you are doing the show today, because now I can go back and watch the show
all week, getting myself ready up till Thursday. ����������� GWEN:�
Watch this before you eat your Thanksgiving meal.� It will help.� So okay, let�s
go over some of the correspondence that is going on.
����������� CANDACE:� Definitely!� Oh my goodness!� I would
say last week, well it just changed my life as far as getting off a plateau.� There
were so many people out there who it really, really changed; so can I read a couple of
these? ����������� GWEN:�
Please read them. ����������� CANDACE:�
Okay.� This is very exciting, so okay, well Michelle from Facebook lost four pounds so
far this week.� She says it is truly exciting and that she is just feeling good and staying
focused.� Demetria from Facebook is now down twenty-two pounds since starting Weigh
Down.� She said finally she reached her wedding weight, so now she is going for her
weight when she was in her twenties.� God is awesome, she says.�
����������� Now there are a lot of these from Facebook.� Debbie
from Facebook says, �I am celebrating and praising God for a breakthrough on Friday.�
I really feel like God has taken control of my eating, not having as much of a struggle
waiting and stopping.� I know the testing in the desert isn�t completely passed, but
with my focus completely on Him, He will get me through this.�
����������� GWEN:� Absolutely!� Debbie, just keep going for
it!� ����������� CANDACE:�
One thing I love about Facebook, too, is there are so many people there on Facebook who are
just going after this that if they want to share it with a friend, I mean, you think
that there are three thousand people on Facebook coming to Weigh Down, and if they share it,
imagine six thousand people having the pure, meek…
����������� GWEN:� Well I believe that God blesses you with your
weight loss when you reach out.� I can tell you that probably the number one reason that
I kept going was because I kept reaching out, and I did not want to be a hypocrite.� So
there is something about that God forces you into reaching out and not just trying to do
this on your own but reaching out and helping others, and then at the same time it helps
you. ����������� CANDACE:�
I love it. ����������� GWEN:�
It works! ����������� CANDACE:�
You have always said it gets you off yourself, and this is a beautiful thing.� Joanna from
Facebook said, �I praise the Lord today for twenty pounds lost so far in just one
month.� The Lord has been graciously faithful to me as I am obedient to Him, listening for
that awaited growl and giving Him the glory for the victories won.� I have a �praise
the Lord� party every morning!� ����������� GWEN:�
Oh, that is beautiful!� I am joining you.� I am there too.� It is every morning.�
I guess every morning I get up and it is new every morning, but I still just cannot get
over God�s attentiveness.� I cannot get over this relationship.� I cannot get over
that we are able to any of us talk to Him at all and be alive.� So I have a party
every morning too, Joanna. ����������� CANDACE:�
Sherry, also from Facebook:� �The You Can Overcome� talk show has been such a
blessing.� I have broken through my plateau and am so excited, not only for that, but
now my husband is doing this with me, and that is an answer to prayer.�
����������� GWEN:� That is awesome!� Thank you.� But how
many…� I mean, I know that there are a lot.� Let�s do one or two more.�
����������� CANDACE:� Okay.
����������� GWEN:� I just praise God for all this, because honestly
it was more than we could count.� The show is doing something; it is worth you staying
tuned.� ����������� CANDACE:�
Well, there are a couple of specific testimonies where people are really staying focused during
the travel times or during these holiday times.� So there are two here.� Theresa on Facebook
said, �We had our Thanksgiving dinner this evening, and I do believe it was the first
time ever that I did not stuff myself and only ate very little.� It was amazing to
fly above the pull, and I am so thankful.� ����������� GWEN:�
One success story.� Somebody has already celebrated their Thanksgiving; that�s good!
����������� CANDACE:� Katie traveled.� She said, �Thank You
God and Gwen for this program.� Four days in New York City, and I obeyed hunger and
fullness, and my little plateau broke too.� Now I am fifty-six pounds down.��
����������� GWEN:� Who is that?�
����������� CANDACE:� That is Katie on Facebook.
����������� GWEN:� Oh, goodness, Katie, that is so exciting!�
����������� CANDACE:� Then Lisa from Tennessee:� �Praise God,
I have lost eleven pounds since the show last week.�� Eleven pounds since the plateau
lesson!� �Romans opened my heart and gave me understanding of my stumbling block.
����������� GWEN:� Okay, then we are sisters, because Lisa, Romans
is what did it for me when I kept going, �God, are You sure?�� Everybody keeps saying
you do not have to obey.� Everybody keeps saying that, and the fact is that scripture
is what totally not only showed me that is exactly what God wants, but how to do it.�
So praise God for that!� ����������� CANDACE:�
That is beautiful!� Well, there are many, many more.
����������� GWEN:� Okay, well why don�t we tell them about
staying tuned, because there is a give-away at the end.� We don�t have to tell them
what it is… ����������� CANDACE:�
Okay, you have to stay on to the end, but we do have a very wonderful three-step plan
to get you through the next two months.� You are going to have no worries.� And we
have some special for that too, so if you stay on to the end you can take advantage
of those, today and this week, so we are very excited about that.
����������� GWEN:� I like surprises.
����������� CANDACE:� Me too!
����������� GWEN:� I like surprises.� Okay, so Candace is going
to be here today to take your questions.� Please send your questions in about any kind
of cooking for your family or being around food, exposed to food, how to avoid these
temptations and get through this season of days that the world calls holidays.� I call
them �holy days,� because that was the original term.� Holiday puts it into something
where you get to binge, and �holy day� means the day is about God, not about you.�
So we are entering into the celebration of Christ and other things that people celebrate,
but today�s topic is that.� It is weight loss.� It is �recipes for weight loss�
instead of recipes for weight gain.� All of these topics, by the way, are being inspired
by you, so you might as well get on there and put your questions in so that you can
not only get an email but also get maybe a whole episode devoted to your subject.�
����������� Okay, well how do you, then, how do you cook and fix
food and keep it off?� Well, how do you approach this whole season of the year and
not gain weight from all the abundance of rich foods that you are seeing, you think
one time a year, especially when you visit family and everyone is expected to eat.�
Let�s start with answering this with talk about expectations and pressures and all these
people who you think are going to make you eat food or put pressure on you to eat on
this Thursday.� ����������� Well, it
can also be more testing when the whole family gets together.� You know that.� I mean,
a lot of times people do not see each other that often, and you get there, and there is
just a lot going on.� You know that � family dynamics.� No doubt that people love to
feed people.� I know I do.� It is just natural.� I love to cook, and I love to
feed people, and you can actually hurt people�s feelings if you do not ever try their food
or acknowledge their food or praise God for their gifts of cooking or whatever, but there
is something enjoyable inside a person that loves to cook and loves to give.� So there
is a natural thing to have a recipient.� However, the Bible teaches us to love God
first and then man, in that order � God and man.�
����������� So what about God�s feelings?� He commanded us
not to destroy the body, and over eating is the single most-related factor to death.�
It causes cancer, and I have said this for the last thirty years, and it has never been
more true, because we are getting more obese.� Obesity � overweight � is the single most-related
factor to cancer, heart disease and diabetes and much more.� Also, think about all the
joint problems and the inactivity, which leads to many other maladies.� So God�s feelings
are first.� He is the One hurting, because he is the One who has to sit there and watch
you destroy what He has made, whether it be through food, alcohol, tobacco or lust.�
All of them destroy you.� Every single one of those greedy things will be your own demise.�
So, now the Bible says to fear God.� Don�t fear what men think.�
����������� Now, you can both obey God, and not hurt feelings.�
How do you do that?� Well, you go back.� Number one, this is what I did when I was
first learning to eat like this.� I would go to the back of the line.� You know how
we put the food out?� That is usually how it is served.� And you go through…�
Well, you have got this big group of family members.� Go to the back!� Every time
there is a cafeteria line, or a line going through, go to the back, and then everyone
is filling their plate.� Watch what they do.� The average person is going to think,
�This is the last time I am going to see it.�� They are going to fill their plates
high, and then once they even get in the line, I can guarantee you the attention is not on
you; it is on that food.� So their mind is already gone off you and onto the food.�
So do not think that people are thinking about you � they are not!� Then when you come
to the table last with less food, just do not bring attention to yourself.� Ask them
how their food is.� It will not be noticed.� People are focused on their own plate.�
By the time you get there, they are in there eating and looking down and feeding themselves.�
Sadly enough, many will not look up until the third serving.� So they are not going
to be looking at you. ����������� This gives
an opportunity to carry the conversation and make sure that it is uplifting.� So that
is what your mind can be on, like guiding the conversations in there.� I do not mean
controlling it, but you could, like, ask people how they are doing.� You can find out different
things that they have been doing, and then also you can jump up and serve others.�
Just be looking at their glasses, and looking and say, �Oh, you need a napkin?� Let
me get you a napkin.�� �Oh, did you need a fork?�� You know, �Oh, let me
pass you the salt.�� �Who needs some more to drink?�� So keep the glasses full
of ice water, and be the servant.� Be the servant and pray and get your mind ready for
only the bites that God wants you to have.� Plan ahead so that you are good and hungry.�
Serve yourself an average serving, but only eat until you are satisfied, and then stop.�
Just stop.� You do not have to make it super obvious and tell everybody, �Hey, I have
a small amount, and I am not eating anymore.�� You know?� Just move the food around and
stop, but then know that what you are going to be doing with the food so that you do not
panic is that you are wrapping it up.� You are taking it home.�
����������� Then use the other part of your energy to comment on
the food, how good it was, just praising God for somebody to cook it and get the house
clean and serve it.� So you use that time to just praise God and rave about the cooking
or get a recipe or something like that so that you have accomplished both.� You have
obeyed God, but you have encouraged others and you have not hurt their feelings.� So
now, if God allows someone to notice, then here is what you need to do:� you need to
be prepared to testify about how you are a part of a thirty-year-old ministry that teaches
you how to lose weight.� And let the chef know, again, how wonderful everything tastes
and how tempting it is but that you have learned how to eat it in smaller portions, and then
you will eat again later and that when you learn to eat regular foods, because that is
what the diet is about, it then makes it permanent, and you never have to go on a diet again.�
Well, that should prick their attention, but a lot of times it does not, so then everybody
goes back to talk about football or whatever they are going to talk about.�
����������� There are some people who want to know more.� �I
want to know more about what you are talking about.�� Then you teach them about God
and say, �Oh, you can turn to God to fill up all these emotional needs that make you
eat.� Then if you turn to Him, He will fill up the heart, and the heart calms down, and
then you do not feel like you have to binge.� So you are turning to God to calm the heart
so that then you are in control, and get His personality, His Spirit inside of you.�
����������� Now, how much of the environment has to do with your
heart, and how much of it has to do with your overeating?� Well, obviously it does help.�
I am telling you right now, it does help to have the right environment.� But just as
one who is addicted to porn should stay away from bad internet sites or they will only
be putting a log on the fire, it is best when your heart is young in this so that you are
not going to subjugate yourself to too much food.� So in the beginning of Weigh Down
you will notice that we try to get the food out of the house, or the tempting foods, getting
the foods out of the house that, like, started your binges at night.� But at some point
in this, you are going to have to know that you cannot change the environment.� You
are going to have food all around you, and you are going to have to change this and this,
your mind and your heart, not to care unless you are hungry.�
����������� It is not the food that you need to make behave.�
You cannot control your environment for the rest of your life.� You would have to stay
home.� You cannot control it.� I do not want that.� That is not natural.� That
is not what thin eaters do.� That is not what people who are free to obey God do.�
So what did that scripture say in Romans chapter 12?� It says, �Do not conform to the world.��
So you do not have to conform to the world.� They are all overeating this weekend, and
you do not have to do that.� How do you not conform?� What did it say?� What did
the scripture say?� It said, �By the renewing of your mind.�� �Do not conform any
longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.
Then you will be able to test and approve what God�s will is…�� But look at
that.� He is calling you to be a living sacrifice.� That is verse one:� �In
view of God�s mercy…�� We have had mercy.� We have had grace to be saved.�
You know, offer your bodies as a living sacrifice.� So when you are the servant at the meal, then
you are the living sacrifice, and then you have denied yourself essential indulgence,
and everybody is wondering how.� Well, you can go on and tell them that you prayed before
you got in there, and you did not just do this in one day.� It is hour by hour and
day by day.� You are being transformed.� ����������� Let me tell
you one thing else that transforms your mind, that did mine.� You have so many eating
occasions left.� You can eat Thanksgiving food every day for the rest of your life.�
I mean it is not one time a year.� There are turkeys out there.� There are turkeys
out there, and there are great recipes for all kinds of things.� You are not going
on another diet.� It is your own fault that you are going to go back to your little stinkin�
diet of hay and styrofoam or whatever you are eating, and we are not doing that!�
That is not what we are doing here.� When you keep mixing dieting with Weigh Down, it
does not work.� Now I want you to know that you can do exactly what I have done.� Watch
this little home video from yesterday.� I decided at the last minute to drag the camera
crew over, because I was in there cooking away, and I did not have any desire to eat
any of it.� So watch this. ����������� VIDEO CLIP
OF GWEN AT HOME: ����������� GWEN:�
Hello everybody, we are here at my kitchen, and it is one of those weird times, because
I do not get to cook a lot, but I love cooking, and I love serving other people, and we are
here at this Thanksgiving time.� So I will show you what I have got here going.� I
am just cooking some sausage here to put into this cornbread stuffing, which is a southern
dish.� And there is orange cranberry salad.� It is just delicious, and it is just cranberries
that I have washed, and then you take an orange and then just cut it all up, and then some
granulated sugar to taste, and it is delicious.� It is great with a turkey.� I have got a
smoked turkey coming.� Of course I have got all kinds of goodies here.� There are
sweet potatoes which make a beautiful casserole with pecans in it.� This is your old-fashioned
green beans, and I definitely did put some bacon fat in there and butter and salt and
pepper.� ����������� How is it
that I am cooking these things and I am eating these things and I am not gaining weight?�
It is because I am not going to over eat, and I do not want it anymore.� In the beginning
I did want it a little bit more than I do now.� Of course in the very beginning I
was ravenous for food with head hunger all the time.� But when I made that decision
that I am making this food for other people, I am going to make a pecan pie here later
tonight, it is for someone else.� And if I get hungry I get to eat some.� But do
you know what?� I can have this stuff all year long.� I mean, we are not asking you
to diet.� We are asking you to eat regular foods every day.� You can eat this stuff
every day for the next year if you want to, in small amounts.� So I have been over here
sipping on my diet Coke, because I am thirsty and I am hot.� It will kind of cook me off,
but I have no desire to eat this, and I want to stay empty.� I want that energy.� I
want that energy more than a binge, because do you know what would happen if I binged
on this?� I could not walk!� I would be so tired!� Right now, I want to go play
with the kids when I get done with this.� I want to live!� I do not want to die!�
I want to live, and there is something about getting down to your right weight where you
have so much energy you will never want to go back.�
����������� Now, as you are approaching these days…� We are
going to go over this more during the show today, but you need to know that there is
nothing wrong with you, that there is nothing stopping you, that this is all a choice.�
You mothers out there or fathers who are cooking, you are going to have to be around food, but
the fact is that it is not your food, and it is not at all your food, unless your stomach
is growling.� You can get small amounts, sip between bites, eat a small amount and
then wait till hunger again.� Who cares about the food!� All these days are supposed
to be named �holy days.�� And these holy days are for God.� They are not for
a binge, so you cannot do it anymore anyway.� So we are not going to do it.� Stay tuned,
and you are going to learn more about how to get to the point that you can be around
it but not desire it.� So I am going to continue cooking so I can get this done so
I can go play.� See you later! ����������� END OF CLIP
����������� GWEN:� Alright, now you can do this too, and a life
of energy, I can guarantee you, is so much more fun than a life…� Isn�t it Candace?�
����������� CANDACE:� That is a purpose to walk into a house, like
you were saying, to be able to serve.� A purpose where food is not your purpose anymore,
and that is what I learned, and I love it.� ����������� GWEN:�
We have to cook it sometimes, and it is fun, but it is not our love anymore.� Okay, well,
I want you to know that we have some guests here.� I know a woman who has taken Weigh
Down who was able to successfully open up a chocolate truffle business called Nashville
Chocolate Kitchen, and during these years has never gained weight; in fact, has lost
weight during that.� So I would like for you now to welcome right now the dear owner
and sister in Christ � Miley Barcus.� Come on up, girlfriend!� This is so beautiful
and so sweet, and I just…� This is just a sweet crowd.� Miley, how long have you
had the Nashville Kitchen?� ����������� MILEY:�
It has been about three years, a little over three years.
����������� GWEN:� Okay.� Alright, and you now weigh less than
you did when you started the Kitchen? ����������� MILEY:�
That is true!� I sure do.� ����������� GWEN:�
Alright, well let�s sit down and talk about this and find out how you did it.� Let�s
roll some pictures of what it looks like, because this is not just chocolate � this
is major chocolate!� This is major, you know, good-looking stuff.� Look at this!�
Nashville Chocolate Kitchen � that is beautiful!� Very beautiful!� And there is the team of
the people who have all done Weigh Down.� Right?�
����������� MILEY:� They have.� Yes.
����������� GWEN:� They all kept it off?�����
����������� MILEY:� They have.� As a matter of fact, Jill, our
lead artisan baker, we call her…� She was commenting the other day as we are entering
the holiday season that all of us are smaller now.� Where the world maybe keeps getting
bigger, we actually, we truly have lost weight each year, and we are surrounded by chocolate
and sugar and all the best stuff all the time. ����������� GWEN:�
How long ago did you do Weigh Down? ����������� MILEY:�
I did my first Weigh Down class in the late 1990s.� I am not sure exactly what year
it was, but it has been a good twelve or thirteen years ago.
����������� GWEN:� Well, that is a good amount of time.
����������� MILEY:� Yeah.� It changed my life for sure, ten
million times over. ����������� GWEN:�
I can tell you that I happen to be one of those who has purchased a lot of your recipes
� not recipes, but your chocolate, and served them and that type of thing, and it is amazing!�
It is very rich, just like any of my recipes that I have handed out.� It has got the
real deal in it and all that, but you all were around this every day.� In fact, the
smell is so fabulous!� When you walk anywhere near that, it is just absolutely amazing!�
So how did you keep your weight off, being around that environment of that much good
food all day long? ����������� MILEY:�
Well, like you were saying earlier, there was a time in my life where it really called
my name, and I was afraid to have one M&M in the house, let alone be surrounded by hundreds
of pounds of chocolate all the time.� So having gone through Weigh Down and putting
those principles into practice, I definitely enter every cooking occasion first with prayer.�
To this day I think it is more and more humility with each passing day of putting this into
practice, and I do not think that I have arrived.� Always there is a fear of going back.� I
do not want to go back to that misery of being enslaved to food, so I definitely enter each
situation with a lot of prayer.� ����������� GWEN:�
Humility, what a key to entering the Kingdom of God!� I can tell you that every time
you ever begin to just think you do not need to cling onto God every minute, something
is going to happen.� And the older I get, the more all I want to do is just cling every
hour onto God.� So prayer and what else? ����������� MILEY:�
Every day I am in the Word.� I am starting off the day in the Word.� I am starting
off the day on my knees.� I learned that from you through these classes and through
church, crying out to God, crying out for help and wanting God.� I have experienced
God enough now that I want God more than I want the chocolates.� So putting the truth
in.� I do utilize Truthstream daily, practically. ����������� GWEN:�
Candace, tell people who are new, what is Truthstream?� What in the world is Truthstream?
����������� CANDACE:� Truthstream is amazing!� It is a subscriber
program where you actually get access to an entire data base of videos and audios that
you can use from your cell phone or from an Ipad or your computer, wherever you are.�
So I would walk into Miley�s shop to go buy some chocolate, and you would hear…she
would have her computer on, and you could hear Gwen�s voice.� And in there when
you go onto Truthstream, you can type in any topic you want to, because many of us came
into Weigh Down with not just weight loss.� You can type in weight loss, marriage, parenting,
anger, last ten pounds, plateaued, struggling, eating disorder.� Whatever you type in will
pull up these audios and videos.� Then if you are not sure what to watch, you can just
look at the �top watched� or the �recommended.� ����������� Now another
thing on there are three radio �stations� that play continuously, so if you are not
sure what you want to watch, you click on one of the radio stations, and the one just
has praise music.� One is a relationship channel where no matter when you click on
it you are going to just hear things about relationships.� There is one that is just
the basic…you are just going to hear about the basics.� But what Miley was saying,
what I think all of us feel who have been in Weigh Down for a while is that you have
got to have the truth, no matter how long you have been in there listening to it all
the time. ����������� GWEN:�
It is not intellectual information.� I have said that all along.� If you are transforming
the mind or if you are transforming the heart, if you get the mind going, it transforms the
heart.� And the heart cues the mind to want to go there, but the whole thing is spiritual.�
It is not physical.� It is a spiritual thing, and God has made it to where He was always
going to be needed.� ����������� What if
you could just like take one class and you would be over with?� I mean, but it is not
like that.� It is food for the soul, so you were eating that food instead of chocolate
or chocolate cakes or whatever it might be.� And no matter how tempting they were, if you
were not hungry, you did not eat it, right? ����������� MILEY:�
That is right!� Definitely.� I have the privilege of getting to work with like-minded
people.� However, if somebody does not have that, certainly they have come across now
an army of like-minded people that they can connect with.� But that is another key.
����������� GWEN:� It did help, did it not, to have the whole
office all doing Weigh Down all in the same mindset?� Because you all would like, you
would look over there, and even though Jill was cooking all this or Lisa was in there
or whoever was in there, you did not eat.� You did not eat.
����������� MILEY:� No!� No.� It truly was not on my radar.�
There was a time that it very much was. ����������� GWEN:�
Oh please, yes. ����������� MILEY:�
So staying connected to like-minded people was huge, too.� We would stop and pray,
and again, I know that everybody does not have that available right at work, you know,
that you get to work with like-minded people.� But to even throughout the day, maybe a lunch
hour to connect, but that was a big key too.� But in my mind I would be thinking about the
job at hand, who this is going to…� This stuff is very much being prayed over.� Yes,
we definitely see ourselves as servants.� ����������� GWEN:�
Okay, I did not know anybody, and I am in college, and I am learning to stand in the
back of the line.� This is college information, and that was not yesterday, by the way, if
you are just tuning in.� But anyway, I remember I loved cooking all along, because I started
in fifth grade.� Okay, well I am making pecan pies, and I would not take a bite of
it but just to give to other people, you know, by that age, and that was the foundation of
this whole thing, is that it is not there for your indulgence.� It is for someone
else.� Then you are full.� You are so happy, and you see the smiles on their faces
when you pass out that Nashville Chocolate bag or whatever it is they are buying.�
And they are all excited.� It is like giving candy to a baby.� It is exciting to see
their face, and that is more fun than binging and then going back and looking at your face
in the mirror and going, �Oh, no!� What have I done?�� Is it not more fun?
����������� CANDACE:� It is.� The joy!� The joy comes in, and
it is so much fun! ����������� GWEN:�
The consensus here is it is more fun! ����������� CANDACE:�
It is.� Yeah!� I cannot even imagine what it feels like to binge eat.� I mean, I do
imagine what it feels like to binge, because I remember that feeling so well, and I never
want to forget it, but it is just not worth touching the food when God has not said.�
To feel that guilt feeling afterwards, I hate.� ����������� GWEN:�
And you have kept yours off for how long?� ����������� CANDACE:�
Ten years now. ����������� GWEN:�
Okay, ten years. ����������� MILEY:�
Ten years. ����������� GWEN:�
Thirty years.� You know, and we are not special.� We just follow the footsteps of
Jesus Christ.� It is amazing that this is the answer.� All along, Christ was the answer.�
Now, I am not talking about a weight loss program that adds Christ or Bible reading
or something like that into a diet.� Dieting is awful, because it makes you keep focusing
on the food, but God started Weigh Down, and all of these things that are going on with
you and all this whole TV show is God.� It is not us, I can guarantee you.� It is
not us.� So everything that we are doing is God trying to get through to each of us.�
Bless His heart!� I mean, the amount of work that He is investing in all this, I mean,
how much love does He have, to keep giving us a way of escape so that we do not over
eat?� He is going to give everybody a way of escape come Thursday, or before when you
are cooking.� He will give you a way of escape.� I know when I heard the children
playing upstairs, it was like, �Let me hurry up and get out of here,� you know.� I
want to live.� I do not want my life to pass me by, and I do not have enough energy,
because every time I have too much or whatever, I am too tired.
����������� CANDACE:� It feels awful.
����������� GWEN:� It does.� Then you get behind in your housework,
and then you get behind on phone calls you need to make or your work.� Then you get
behind on raising the kids, and then you get overwhelmed, and then you think, �I cannot
do this!� Life is too hard!�� No, start over.� Do not get overwhelmed, and get in
there and just start it over and get up and do not overeat.� Then your day is twice
as long.� Then it is kind of like…� Oh, that is what I wanted to talk about.�
Okay, that cued me, because like you said earlier, you go, it used to be that way, and
it used to be for you, and it used to be for me.� Okay, do you remember back when it
filled up our day?� And the reason why people get sad…� They write in and go, �I don�t
know if I can do this.�� Or the rich young ruler said, �I�m sad.�� You know,
because he had great possessions, and God said to give it all up.� But here is the
thing, is that it is a lie that it is sad.� The food is over rated, and it is a lie that
it is your friend, your comfort, and it is filling up your day.� A lot of people are
simply scared of boredom.� It literally is like what they do to reward themselves
that day, and it fills up a segment of time.� So we need to be about like what� you are
saying, service.� You have got children, but you are working this job to make some
extra income for the family.� Candace, you could stay home, but you are working, serving
the Kingdom, you know, and God, and your time shifts over to something that is higher ground,
right? ����������� CANDACE:�
Yeah!� In one of the classes you said, too, to make a list of all the things you need
to get done.� Then every time you want to go eat, you said go do one of those things
off the list.� So I made a big list.� You know, I was making a big list for Thanksgiving
to keep my hands busy.� You know, I was thinking about that.� Like, �Play a board
game.�� �Go throw the football outside for the kids.�� The kids are always like
looking for the next thing to do, because they are inside.� They do not care about
the food, so they are inside like trapped for the day while everybody…or whatever.�
So I was thinking about that today, because when I did Breakthrough I wrote down like
that one drawer that I cannot open, and all the clothes that have the holes, you know.�
����������� GWEN:� But lists � lists, I have got my Ipad here,
and I have a whole note thing, and I have got private and personal or whatever, but
it is a list, and at the top it says, �Life is going to pass you by if you don�t get
like one, two, three, four, five done.�� One thing that is on my list is, it is private
and personal, but I will share it with you all, is that I have got written on there to
make sure that I am giving to the widow and the orphan in their affliction.� Because
there is something about life, and that may not be first on your mind.� But this week
it is going to be spent…� I have already identified people who I want to take food
to, and in fact it is already in process, and I love reading…�
����������� If you are hurting, I will probably spend some time trying
to reach out to people who are out there hurting.� You do not need to be hurting.� There is
a pile of accountability partners and people who are dying now, because they have got more
time, because they are not eating food and they are not running after food.� We have
got these people, these volunteers and these people who work here and people who go to
church who have so much time on their hands now for giving.� They want it to be giving,
because they have found it is better to give than it is to receive, and that is one of
those tricks out there.� So it is a trick that you think, �What am I going to do with
my time if I am not into pornography every day?� What am I going to do with my time
if I am not into lusting after women or men, or whatever it is?� What am I going to do
with my time if I am not lusting after food all day and then rewarding myself with a big
party at night with food?� ����������� There is
a world out there, but I can tell you that it is more difficult at night, because you
are tired, and you have not got your list made.� Make your list in the morning, but
then get your list and put it out there and read it.� Put your list up on the walls.�
Put them everywhere.� But working with people, praying more, your knees should have callouses
like the men of old.� They said that when they would write in �Foxe�s Book of Martyrs�
or whatever, they always described these holy men as having callouses on their knees.�
How about that?� Praying for everybody else, thinking about other people�s needs.�
Make a list.� Do not make this holy day (not a holiday!) holy day…� In fact, while
I am thinking about it, I want to invite you to tomorrow night, explaining how in the world
Thanksgiving came about.� It was not an ordained thing from the Bible and was done
by Presidents, really, and was sometimes somewhat of a distraction away from the things that
God has ordained.� But my take on how it really should be spent and what we should
be doing in the fall.� That is tomorrow night at 6 p.m. central time.� Be my guest
tomorrow night.� Be here and… ����������� CANDACE:�
You can come right here to RemnantFellowship.tv.� I think they will have a direct link and can
come right at 6 o�clock it will take you right in live.
����������� GWEN:� Right.� I invited people to a wedding.�
If you missed it, it is on You Tube, and it is about love.� You may not recognize me;
my hair is up.� ����������� CANDACE:�
It was a life-changing sermon that Saturday.� I recommend everybody go watch it.
����������� GWEN:� I want to go back and watch it.� It is coming
from God.� It is not me.� It is not about me, and it is not for me.� This whole thing
is about God.� I do like life not being about me, and it is about God and Jesus Christ
and service.� Then look at you all transformed.� It is beautiful!� Just beautiful.
����������� CANDACE:� Praise God!
����������� GWEN:� Did we get any questions?
����������� CANDACE:� Yes, there are a few here.� One of them
is from Tammy in North Carolina, and she said, �When I finally get around family, I lose
Jesus as the focus and hunger and fullness as focus.� Is there a quick trick or something
I can use in the moment to bring me back to focus?�
����������� GWEN:� Oh, okay.� Well, I am going to kill two
birds with one stone on this one.� People have been asking me what is around my neck.�
But okay, I want to tell you that you can use all kinds of things.� You know, some
people wear a ring that is inscripted, or they have something.� But the Jewish people,
when I studied a lot of that, what they would do is they would wrap things in tassels.�
Tassels would stand for, I think if you go back to Numbers 15 where you go back and read
it, and God had them put tassels everywhere, and these tassels…of course, this was out
of horsehair, but it could be out of anything, but these tassels are to remind you of God�s
commands.� ����������� A lot of
times, either it is in my purse, or in this particular case, I carry around with me scriptures
that transformed my life.� One was a lady who just left it for me.� I was on a book
tour, and she actually just walked up and put this little necklace around my neck, and
inside it was a tiny little thing, but in it is Habakkuk 2:2:� �Then the LORD replied:�
�Write down the revelation and make it plain on tablets so that a herald may run with it.
For the revelation awaits an appointed time; it speaks of the end and will not prove false.�
�� In these end times…and this was important to me, because I knew that God was saying
I am to write this stuff down.� And that is what we are doing.� We are archiving
all this stuff.� But in my time on my list, always, every week, is to get in there and
see how the Lord is leading and to write it down.� Now, if I am with a crowd or I am
in a tough situation, I can look down or touch this.� Or it could be a ring, you know,
or I have got rings with crosses on them.� It could be a little bracelet or it could
be for men, something down in your manbag or something that you have got written.�
I love, also, on the phone, to let things pop up.� And you could have it where it
is planned right at that time.� I love that reminder!�
����������� MILEY:� I set my phone hourly.� A lot of times it
will be a one-liner:� �Stay focused!�� �Pray!�� Or a scripture that God gave
me that morning.� And that morning I will line it up for the whole day to go off at
every hour, and then I will just look down, and it definitely…
����������� GWEN:� It steers your day back onto what you need
to be doing, and that is what this is all about, is steering the day back to where God
is number one, and I am telling you that I am slow enough and I am like distracted enough
and all that where I would be staring the wrong way if it were not for listening to
the right music, getting a call or encouragement from the right Saint.� The world is trying
to get you.� Hear me!� Satan is alive and well, and he is desperate to get you on
the wrong path and to keep you sitting at home the rest of your life overweight till
you die and are buried or you get cancer, heart disease or diabetes, which is inevitable,
by the way, because overweight causes it.� It causes that.� It causes mutation of cells.�
It causes all your organs to go down, and it causes high blood pressure and heart disease.�
It is obesity.� You have got to turn around.� You have got to get your life back to God.�
Satan wants to leave you there.� We do not want to leave you there.� We are servants
of the Most High God, and we know that God loves you and has a better plan, and I am
telling you, this is fun.� It is so fun!� All of it is so fun, and I love all of you
so much.� Keep writing.� Bring a friend.� We need more love in this world, and we need
more obedience to God.� It is the most left-out thing in the world, and here is the place
you can count on every week to find it on �You Can Overcome.�
����������� Before we close up, let us bring up your coworkers.�
All do Weigh Down, and all remain thin, and everybody is thinner than they were when Nashville
Chocolate started.� Come up!� ����������� MILEY:�
These are my very best friends.� Ruth Beld, kitchen manager and den mother, Lisa Peters,
kitchen workers, and I call her �chocolate evangelist.�� She gets out in the community
and sells for us.� Jill, lead baker extraordinaire, and major weight loss � eighty pounds?
����������� JILL SMITH:� Almost ninety.
����������� MILEY:� Almost ninety!� Ruth lost sixty and Lisa
twenty.� ����������� GWEN:�
Can you hold up the mic and say, �Lisa Peters� etc.
����������� LISA PETERS:� I am Lisa Peters, and my weight has been off
for twelve years.� Forever changed and very grateful.
����������� GWEN:� I love you!����������������������������������������������������������������������������������������
����������� RUTH BELD:� Ruth Beld.� Sixty pounds off for nine years,
and I am incredibly excited and so in love with God.� Thank you.
����������� JILL SMITH:� My name is Jill Smith, and I have lost now
almost ninety pounds going on ten-and-a-half years and praising God every minute for this
truth. ����������� GWEN:�
Jill is in the middle of huge, unbelievable wedding cakes and cakes all the time.� It
is unreal what she is constantly cooking, and it is unbelievable � unbelievable stuff.�
So this is letting you know that you can do this.� So yes, Candace, any other announcements
before we go? ����������� CANDACE:�
Yes, just a few, so can I unveil our quick three-step plan?
����������� GWEN:� Yes, here we go!
����������� CANDACE:� So here is your three-step plan for the next
two months.� This is going to get you through the next two months, and then in January you
can be this light for God.� You are going to do a class plus Truthstream, plus you are
going to get a weight loss partner.� If you are brand new to any of the classes this
week, you can get those classes for ninety-nine dollars.� So you are going to do a class
for nine-nine dollars, then Truthstream for the next two months to get you through this
holiday season, is going to be half off of that month.� So it is normally $24.99, so
you get it for somewhere around ten dollars.� Then we will get you a weight loss partner
who will take you and email you � an accountability partner.� You can send them every day what
you are eating, your food log, your weight, what you would have done different, what does
Gwen say about this?� What did Gwen show you about this?�
����������� GWEN:� I praise God that you joined us today, and
until next week I want to let you know that through Jesus Christ �You Can Overcome!��
Praise God! Yay!� ����������� ��� 13

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