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20 thoughts on “Rejuvenating the Mitochondria

  1. How dare you offer us info and then cut key words out of it @ 12: 17 approx.
    Hhmmmm 2nd or 3rd time …. i'm getting weary…. may switch the family off chrome.

  2. I strongly support what SENS is doing but am unsure if mitochondrial rejuvenation will work.

    It would be hard to modify enough cells in an adult human to get beneficial effects for them.

    I hear too much of mitochondrial proteins is toxic so a lot of work would have to go into ensuring these extra copies don't create dosage effects or the potential for dosage effects due to aging damage to their genes. Damaged mitochondria themselves could be toxic and this doesn't do anything to remove the bad mitochondria as far as i can see.

    The project relies on the assumption that it's just the remnants of an incomplete nuclear transfer but I heard from an NIH video (/watch?v=xDDFV7Sovvs) that there are reasons these 13 genes are kept in the mitochondria, so that assumption isn't solid.

    I look forward to seeing this worked on in mice so solutions to these problems (if they exist) can be developed.

  3. This is great work!

    Though I am sickened to think that we have dying kids that cannot use this technology to SAVE THEIR LIFE. If I was a parent with a sick kid and I knew that this exists it would take a small army of people to stop me from trying to save my children. Any administrative body that would TRY to deny a treatment when DEATH was inevitable should be sued or charged with manslaughter.

    Of course people are going to say "it needs to be proven safe" and that is true but to save a dying child different rules need to be applicable and the decision to attempt the treatment should be left up to those dying!

    Keep up the great work and publish your work. Hopefully people that can actually apply this pick it up and offer it in a jurisdiction that is not as backward with their 'sick care' system like in the US.

  4. Check out the work of the world's leading expert on mitochondria, Dr. Doug Wallace. I've become a mitochondriac and have slowed down time over the past two years.

  5. "It's been hip to take a step back and look at aging as metabolic"??? Hip, or maybe a realization that Warburg was right, but ignored, ever since he suggested cancer was the manifestation of mitochondrial dsyfunction.

  6. Spending the first 1/3 of the video (15 minutes) to explain what your foundation does.. cool way to grab viewer's attention! (read all in sarcastic voice)

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  8. You are a true scholar in that your um's and uh's were greatly reduced at about 13' 08" when the lecture actually began; like the genius in "Back to the Future". who has trouble talking to a girl and says, "You are my density." But then in the realm of science the young man is quite fluent–as you are!   I am indeed grateful for this information.  I found your introduction painful to listen to but I have a suggestion.   You might possibly have someone else do the introductions who does not stutter?
    Because in the realm of science you are a fish in water. You smoothly skim in your element when talking about science and are a wonderful lecturer!   (So this is a left-handed compliment.)
    I'm downloading to an mp3 converter to listen to this on my iPod.  I'm 68 and looking forward to rejuvenating my mitochondria!  Thank you Matthew!

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  10. ATP energy is used to unfold the proteins through all 4 folds so water can transfer energy and information to the protein. DNA controls the first 2 folds and mitochondria handle the 3td and 4th fold…

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