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[music playing] My name is Dr. Garner. I’m neurologist and
since almost 25 years. I am managing as
the chief doctor a clinic in Bad Griesbach
named KWA Clinic for Neurologic and Geriatric Rehabilitation. Here, we are treating patients,
mainly with multiple sclerosis, with stroke, with Parkinson’s
disease, but also children with CP, people which
had brain trauma, and all types of
pain syndromes, which have an origin with
the damage of nerves, maybe prolapse in
the spine, et cetera. So I was quite excited
when in the year 2004 I heard from a friend that she
has been in a clinic Ayushakti in Bombay, where she saw
quite a lot of patients with multiple sclerosis from
all over the world, which were coming regularly
there and which were very happy about the
therapeutic results they could get with the
Ayurvedic treatment, especially with the
panchakarma treatment there. Since we are using
a lot of therapies of the alternative type,
I was excited to hear from some new therapies from
the Ayurvedic medicine, which could help patients
with multiple sclerosis. So I met doctors of
the Ayushakti team in Munich to discuss
this problem. And they invited me
to come to Mumbai and have a look personally
to the type of treatment they were doing there. So in winter of the
year 2004, I went there. I did my own panchakarma
treatment there, where I was quite happy,
especially with nice results on my slightly
elevated blood pressure and my general
wealthy well-being. And indeed, I saw quite a number
of multiple sclerosis patients, which were coming from Canada,
from Australia, South Africa, from Austria through
Ayushakti, sometimes even since many years. And all these patients
reported that the cause of their disease
under the treatment, the Ayurvedic
methods, especially with yearly panchakarma
treatments, was very nice. So because of the
fact that patients with multiple sclerosis,
they do not tolerate heat very easy, and also because
of the fact that many of them are handicapped, maybe sometimes
wheelchair bound, so for them, it is difficult to come to
Mumbai, the medical team– the doctors team
of Ayushakti– they agreed that became transfer the
exact panchakarma treatment, with the help of Ayushakti, to
our clinic in Bad Griesbach. It took another two years. And in 2006, we had our first
panchakarma treatment course with patients with neurological
diseases in our hospital, with exact the same treatment
as it was done in Mumbai. So we had doctors
team, which were capable of the science
of pulse reading. We had therapists
from Ayushakti. We had all the oils, the
tablets, and all the medicines from Ayushakti. And the results
with this treatment was so nice so that
we could continue with this treatment every
winter for some months here in Bad Griesbach. What patients did we treat? Primarily, we had
originated this treatment with patients with
multiple sclerosis. So quite a number of our
patients had this disease. But also, we had patients with
many other chronic, mostly neurological diseases– maybe
Parkinson’s, polyneuropatia. We had patients with back
pain, with different types of muscular disorders,
but also patients with internal diseases, like
problems with the thyroid. We had patients with
macular degeneration, very difficult to treat
this disease in Germany. I may report one
special case I remember. One of our first patients
was an 85-year-old lady which had macular degeneration
very badly so that she was not able to read any more. What was very bad for her. After one week of
panchakarma treatment, she reported, said, hey, doctor,
is it true that from my window I can see a church
with the tower? I said, yes, you are right. There is a church. Doctor, my eyes
are getting better. And at the end of
the four weeks, she was able to read
normal newspapers what gave a very good portion
of life quality to her. Then she was coming
every year in winter to our panchakarma treatment. And up to the year 2013, she was
able to read newspapers, books. Only at that time she was good. Over 90 years old, at that
time she said, doctor, I think now my
eyes get bad again. I am not anymore able to read. And in 2013, finally, we could
not get her back reading again. But she had many years
of good life quality, and all this due to this
panchakarma treatment. And not only she was
very happy about it. Also, her eyes doctor, who
was treating her in Munich, she hardly could believe
that that could be happening. We had another two patients
with macular degeneration where also results
were nice, however, not so good as in this lady. Now I may say that we
are very happy that not only that we have the
Ayushakti team every winter in our clinic for doing two
batches of this panchakarma treatment. Also, we appreciate that if we
have any question in concerning Ayurvedic treatments, we can
have close telephone contact– a contact to the team of
the Ayushakti doctors. So the patients not only in
winter but the whole year are very happy with
this type of treatment. Well, today I want to tell you
about some personal experience with the Ayurvedic
medicine, especially with the type of panchakarma
treatments, which is done in the Ayushakti
Clinic in Bombay. As I have already
told, since 2006, we have a close cooperation with
the Ayushakti Clinic in Mumbai so that we are able each year
to perform panchakarma treatment in winter with the
doctors team of Ayushakti and the team of therapists
of Ayushakti in our clinic. I, myself, I have been
often to India in Bombay to organize these
treatment and also to improve my knowledge
about Ayurveda. Once in the year of 2013,
I came to Ayushakti. And nine month
before, I have been fallen on my right shoulder. And I became a so-called
frozen shoulder. This is a very painful syndrome. I only was able to lift my arm
almost to the horizontal lever. After that, it was very painful
to lift the arm furthermore. This had bad consequences, not
only for my daily personal life to use jackets and
all these things. So when I tried to play
tennis, what I loved to play, it was very painful. And finally, I lost any
game because I was not able to hit harder any time
my shoulder was very painful. And even it got worse and
worse in spite of any therapy I was trying. I have been to
orthopedic doctors. I have been to physiotherapy. Everything I was trying. Also, my sleep was disturbed
because I could not lie on my painful shoulder. And when I did it
during sleep, I awoke, and my sleep was disrupted. So life quality has been
reduced quite markedly. Then in 2013, I
visited Ayushakti again for business purposes, to
organize our treatments here. And I had some time. So Dr. Smita Naram and the
doctors team of Ayushakti, they organized a
panchakarma treatment specialized especially
this painful shoulder. And after this, I think it
was three weeks’ or four weeks’ treatment, my
symptoms were much better. Now I could lift my
arm almost up there before it was stopping. And now you can see it
is now about two years. I am now able to be
completely pain free using the Ayurvedic herbs,
using treatments, and using the Ayurvedic diet, what I
got explained by the doctors team of Ayushakti. So I have been very
happy about this result. And I can recommend panchakarma
treatment and Ayurvedic from my own
experience to any pain syndrome which is very bad.

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