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74 thoughts on “Resveratrol Impairs Exercise Benefits

  1. I believe prisoners on death row should have the option to trade their life for medical experimentation. It's a way to give prisoners resolve for their actions.

  2. My dealings with resveratrol: I bought some pills, and noticed the resveratrol came not from grapes but from Japanese knotweed. After taking a pill, I got hives. And again the next day. When I discontinued taking the pills, the hives stopped.
    I am glad to see this video.

  3. Not only has resveratrol been proven to negatively affect exercise benefits, but progressive strength training had already been proven to out-strip even the best benefits originally claimed for resveratrol. (Dr Doug McGuff, "Body By Science")

  4. One might ask what is good for you? Organic? Not unless you enjoy a mouthful of feces born salmonella, cryptosporidium, E. coli. Fruits and vegetables? Enjoy your pesticides! Gimme a break…

  5. I supplement resveratrol occasionally and I exercise whenever I can and I can see no negative effect. Of course that's not representative.

  6. Look. I have the answer. Vodka. At least a liter per day….that way, you won't care when you get sick and die. DONE AND DONE! (dusts off hands with a sense of tremendous satisfaction)

  7. Hey doc, please consider doing a whole series on supplements. Like you've said, its a multi-billion dollar industry, and I'll bet most of us here have taken some at one time or another. I am aware that other than B12, you're against all supps, but we'd still enjoy the info. Thumbs up gang if you agree.

  8. So again, whole foods for the win! This is interesting because I often see resveratrol in sports supplements clients are taking like it is going to counteract the effects of oxidative stress from exercising…. if it IS even in the supps. Another great video!

  9. Sometimes I get excited when I read articles on new nutritional studies, only to be disappointed when I find out it was done on mice. At that point, I usually don't even bother reading it.

  10. So where does that leave the apple a day story, supposedly resveratrol is in the skin of red apples and is why they are good for you. Is that now no longer the case??

  11. Don't believe anyone decide by yourself. Look at PubMed site which list the Medical Publications There are several research shows that resveratrol is beneficial for some conditions. But the truth is eat anything itself. Don't take resveratrol pills instead eat grape. Because grape don't have resveratrol in it it has also vitamins, minrals etc in it. And all of this elements works together in a synergy. For example look at chinese supplements with consist of several ingredients in it. All those ingredients works together in a synergy. Eat from everything in earth they will protect your health but of course do not gmo products, boxed, canned. I don't watch regualryly this channel did this doctor talk about the harms about the ready made foods, the all of the foods sold in markets are harmfull for your health. Search about Hunza Turks how they leave till 150. Read about how much they consume apricot kernels. I am sure several doctor also will tell you that apricot kernels are harmfull to your body. Everything around you is harmfull to you today. Read about mobile phones sar and its harm. The computer I write this comment was harmfull to my health. Shortly, the things that made by invented by humans are unhealthy, the things that natural or not!

  12. so youre telling me I cant have this wine for NYE without the guilt..phytoestrogen does sound like it would impair T from exercise.
    Feel kinda lame watching football games for New Years, 'stead of going out partying, meeting girls like I used to, 
    but Im kinda over all the casual hookups for now, Ive done that, I need powerful health & wealth right now. 
    I need to be a transhuman 2016. Toast to a new you.

  13. Those are all "peer reviewed papers"! We need to understand that those peers are all in the same boat. As they say: Hawks will not pick out hawk's eyes.

  14. To each their own; I've been taking Resveratrol for 10 years and have noticed vast improvement with my heatlh and stamina. In fact it's the only supplement that I've been taking on a continual basis. I'm 46 and look like I'm in my early thirties. I still have the six pack too. If I didn't notice a difference then I wouldn't waste my money.

  15. that's not what I experienced personally. it increased my cardiovascular endurance significantly. My legs gave out before I got remotely tired. I had to stop taking it because I believe it weakened my joints. Or maybe it was too much running.

  16. full of shit !  You are just a single person making up a video with your own opinion making it sound like you been studying this for years.  Get a life ! There has been new studies within the last 2 weeks where they came up with huge positive outcomes in human consumption.  Get your facts straight !

  17. I must say: you are probably THE BEST health advisor I have seen on YouTube … really appreciate the fact-based analysis and balanced data driven conclusions … great stuff … thank you again

  18. This is such sloppy science… Firstly, they use resveratrol in isolation, not red wine (with a meal) and then make conclusions about red wine – how ridiculous!

    They don't test women – only men.

    And what about all the other data, all the tons of it that suggests red wine may have benefits? That data covers hundreds of thousands of people, some of whom must exercise… Did this recent study follow up on insulin sensitivity, which is a benefit of exercise?

    Scientists… Get your act together. Use red wine – with a meal on both men and women. Resveratrol is but one of many phytonutrients found in red wine. Test red wine if you're going to make conclusions about it.

  19. Could resveratrol work through a hormetic mechanism? What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger? Not animal products of course. In deed, some studies has suggested herbicides in low dose has a hormetic effect.

  20. yeah yeah and not such a long time ago doctors were advising to smoke as it was good for health…. so lol !! it is like the famous kava kava hepato toxicity after the antidepressant consumption in europe decreased aftert the introduction of kava kava on the market. hooo surprisng the exact opposit effect lol again

  21. American, gluttonous culture, lack of exercise and consumption of meat, junk food, alcohol and tobacoo is primary cause of early death. Meat industry is not only so evil for animal abuse, environmental damage and as well cause of many illneses, just do research folks and take simple changes such as going vegan, growing own organic food, choosing bicycle, getting rid of stressful job and so on before buying overpriced snake oil.

  22. I was a smoker ,… and i was taking resveratrol 30 caps per botle ,.. and every month i got some tightness in my chest and couldnt breath that well and after a couple of days it subsided and that went on for 6 to 7 months ,.. before i started to question what it could be !!! Am i eating something that is causing that ?! Am i allergic to something ?!! Is it just the smoke that is getting to me ,.. WHAT COULD IT BE ?!!! And then i was beginning to see the link ,… everytime i got the tightness in my chest and diffiqulties breathing ,.. my month supply of resveratrol was empty and it took me a couple of days to reorder and when i was taking resveratrol again the tightness and diffiqulty breathing went away !!
    After that realisation i started to test it out more ,… and damn every time i stopped it took a day to 36 hours for the tightness to return i took it again and it went away ,.. and i did this for more than 10 times to be sure it is the resveratrol and not something else and every time the same happend ,…….. SOOOOOO i dont trust this video ,… maybe it doesnt work for some people everything is possible but it sure did and still is working for me !!!!

  23. I"m a very big fan of astaxanthin which is an antioxidant from an algea. I think it's very interesting. Can you please, i beg you, please if you could, make a video on it? that would help a lot of people. because i take 12mg daily and i feel so good.

  24. Exercising is bad for you anyway. It's a waste of time. Also, resveratrol probably is just a random ingredient that could be one of many ingredients that actually helps people. It's really strange that people will fixate on this one ingredient, as if it is the cure-all when in actuality, it could be the interaction of many ingredients that causes whatever effect they want. In other words, the way we approach ingredients, by saying this Vitamin will do this, or that ingredient will do that, may be wrongheaded and might never work. Biology and our nutrition might not work like that at all.

  25. Maybe resveratrol helps keep inflammation in control. drinking vodka vs red wine, like processed vs unprocessed food.

  26. https://www.nutraingredients-usa.com/Article/2016/01/08/Resveratrol-exercise-may-lead-to-increased-mitochondrial-capacity#

  27. I find it VERY hard to believe saturated fat consumption has traditionally been low in France and has recently increased. France has traditionally loved it's butter, cheese, pate and proper cuts of meat without the fat trimmed off. What's in a croissant? It's a mix of BUTTER and flour. Where the hell did the traditional french diet traditionally get much polyunsaturated fat? Remember, olive oil traditionally doesn't have much polyunsaturated fat in it and not much would be added to a cold salad, only recent chemical extraction and adulteration practices bring up polyunsaturated content and such oils wouldn't be preferentially used in cooking, high heat is how polyunsaturated oils get easily oxidised into trans fats forms.

    The trend recently is DEFINITELY not more animal fats, it's more cheap vegetable based oils, high in polyunsaturated lipids and also trans fats. A bowl of "frites" is far more likely NOW to be cooked in vegetable oil than beef fat, packets of "potato chips" loudly advertise that they are cooked in a "healthy sounding" vegetable oil like "Sunflower oil" but saturated fats are way way down, highly heat stressed and oxidised polyunsaturated lipid consumption is way UP!

    Not to dismiss the consumption of sugar in the form of candy bars and coca cola is way up. But coca cola and candy aren't any sort of animal products… so why would this guy care about the OBVIOUS harm of such "foods"? It doesn't fit his prejudices. Remember, it's not a "theory" that plants make you healthy and non plants don't make you healthy, that's not a scientific theory, that's a prejudicial assumption.

  28. Sorry- it’s not the placebo effect. I had no idea I would get immediate benefits from Resveratrol and yet the very first time I took it and then went to an exercise class I experienced a huge increase in endurance. This is a class I had been taking for a long while and I was able to not only keep up aerobically with the 25-year-olds but outlast them. I had no expectation of this what so ever. I was taking resveratrol for preventive health. If you really think one study that dr Greger points to is the final say on resveratrol, then you’re missing out.

  29. To get the benefits of Resveratrol from wine, you would have to dring 1,000 bottles of wine a day. The only way to take Resveratrol is in a concentrated form.

  30. Not very objective way to presents results, you cannot affirm the health benefit (or not in this case) focusing on some papers that go in your way and categorize the others thousands that dont go in your way as problematic because some are made on rodents and because resveratrol is selling as good as your book. Plus, after checking study after study, precisely those on human trials, and checking for good methodology (double blinded and randomized etc) i found that most of the studies (or all) demonstrate small, but good, benefits from resveratrol intake. Again very misleading of you to point out 2 or 3 study (without showing the methodology btw) and say resveratrol is bad. I will continue to look out about this polyphenol, as you should, in good faith, scientific faith.

  31. It had a very negative affect on my mental state when I took it supplementally. Extreme depression. Anyone else experienced that weird effect?

  32. I have found one interesting video that shares how much weight we gain due to wine and vodka consumption https://youtu.be/YXH2PmKUpB0

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