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Arthritis Diet and Exercises

Reversing inflammatory arthritis with diet.  Iida’s story

The information that follows is not medical advice. Consult your doctor before making any changes to your diet, exercise, drugs or supplements. Hello everyone my name is Iida van der Byl-Knoefel and three years ago I was diagnosed with inflammatory arthritis
and very similar to rheumatoid arthritis and I have things been able to reverse
that on a plant-based diets through the Paddison Program now for me it all
started in August 2014 one day I was out running and suddenly my left knee
started feeling really funny and over the next few months it started getting
worse and worse it gets got really swollen and painful and I just couldn’t
figure out what what was wrong because it was so swollen that I couldn’t
actually walk down the stairs I couldn’t bend my knee enough to walk down the
stairs I had to walk down with my left foot first for about a year and which
made me very unpopular in the underground Victoria Station at rush hour in case
you’d ever try that and I couldn’t stand up for more than a couple of minutes
because they made the new you got more and more as one of them as well and I
saw doctors I saw a homeopath and an osteopath and acupuncturists and
physiotherapists and no one was able to tell me what the problem was after
about six months I was referred to the rheumatology department at UCLH and
they ran their tests and concluded that I had a na+ Oligoarthritis, you might
have thought my surname was a difficult to pronounce and I was told that no one
knows why you get this why you get this arthritis. I was told that I would
be on a medication for the rest of my life and because my husband and I were
just getting married at the time we we were hoping to start a family sometime
soon they told me that I had two options for drugs that would be kind of deemed
safe on while you’re pregnant and so in August 2015 which is a year after it all
started that’s when I started taking something called sulfasalazine and it
was pretty much the worst experience to date for me
it made me feel I could really feel these chemicals coming through my body I
had really weird unnatural headaches within about two weeks I ended up in the
emergency room after in quite a severe allergic reaction to the medication and
they obviously immediately took me off it I don’t realize that I had pretty
much one drug left to go for if I ever wanted to have a baby
and I then decided that you know this was absolute rubbish I knew that there
was nothing wrong with me I had always been really well and I just I didn’t
understand where they said kind of suddenly just just happened to meet you
so I decided that I would start my own research and try to figure it out if I
could reverse it naturally somehow so I was doing a lot of online research and
every time that I read about someone who was getting better it involved a change
of diets so I initially took away dairy gluten and sugar and I saw the
rheumatologist two weeks after this and she just picked up me and said you know
your results are back to normal pretty much whatever you’re doing just
keep doing it I’m not going to prescribe you any more medication and I remember
as I was walking after the hospital and I phoned my husband to tell him I was
pretty much crying out of happiness because this is just pretty much unheard
of however I knew that there was still some
kind of some kind of inflammation going on in my body but I hadn’t been able to
attribute to a specific kind of food and as I continued my research online and I
had also started doing a bit of yoga to kind of increase the mobility in my knee
at the time which helped a lot and so this is the time when I then suddenly
came across the Paddison Program where medicine had established why we get
rheumatoid arthritis arthritis similar types and how to reverse it naturally
and what Clint brought to life the I keep say life, I mean light and was that their
severity of my own immune system attacking my joints was
being aggravated by dietary fact that’s pretty much oil and undigested proteins
in my diet so I was able to jump onto the the person program I was able to
resolve the remaining information and by going through the food elimination
process on the Paddison program and that was followed by long periods of gut
healing foods and certain types of exercise and now I never thought that
the worst thing that ever happened to me could possibly become the best or the
best things that ever happened to me and but I have always really enjoyed cooking
ever since I was 9 and cooked spaghetti with tomato sauce my whole family every
night three weeks in a row just to get it perfect and soon
basically when I realized that I needed to go plant-based which I knew
absolutely nothing about at the time I then decided that I never wanted to feel
like I was missing out on foods so I started kind of testing and developing
recipes that were still humble enough to keep the inflammation down
but he still tasted delicious and my family and
friends they tried the foods and they really enjoyed them and they keep kind
of asking me for recipe ideas and quite excited to say that in September my
plant-based though oil cooked but he’s going to be afraid to be published and yeah these are couple of photos from
from Instagram where I go under a kitchen fairy tale um and so she lived
happily ever after kind of thing and yeah so I I have also and I include that
in this cookbook the most kind of humble recipes for those who are a little bit
further along mainly or the Patterson Program or people are trying to keep
information though they also have some more advanced recipes for those who just
want to give some basic routine you go and and I also included my story in the
book because I remember that when I started
getting better through the Paddison Program through all this beautiful
plants plants foods and I promised myself that I would do whatever I can to
make sure that when someone in the future walks into that rheumatologist
office they are given two options and one of them is to take the prescribed
medication be on their merry way or to try to reverse it naturally through the
pedaling program with fonts I think that having the knowledge what is actually
happening in your body is so incredibly empowering for me it was so just crucial
in the whole healing process you know you know you can do it you know why you
can do it and for my husband and me and actually the best part about it all is
that I was able to have a drug free pain-free pregnancy and eight months ago
I had our little baby boy and I’ve been able to breastfeed he’d throw out he is
100% per said and he’s just started trying out solid foods
and he has a he’s loving all these glorious plants especially asparagus and
sweet potato and I’m just incredibly grateful for those foods obviously
following his in his mother’s footsteps thank you

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