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Rheumatoid arthritis | mtx less toxic than thought

Next up… a commonly held belief about methotrexate
shot down… thank goodness Methotrexate affects lungs in RA less than
previously thought M Alexander Otto writing in Rheumatology News
described a study that evaluated 22 double blinded randomized clinical trials comparing
methotrexate to other drugs in rheumatoid arthritis. The results indicated that the
risk of methotrexate induced lung disease was much lower than previously suggested.
The authors felt that other factors such as the disease itself or infections may be the
more likely culprits. The study was conducted at Galway University Hospital in Ireland and
published in Arthritis and Rheumatism. Comment: This is an important study because
methotrexate is our workhorse disease modifying drug and this lends credence to the fact that
it is less toxic to the lungs than we had previously thought.

One thought on “Rheumatoid arthritis | mtx less toxic than thought

  1. I am allergic to methotrexate, it very nearly killed me and my lungs are irreparably damaged, I've now been diagnosed with rheumatoid lung/interstitial lung disease. ..this is a very misleading video….this drug can be incredibly dangerous 🙁

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