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Say YES to cannabis as Medicine! Subtitle

Say Yes to cannabis as Medicine! MCD – Medical Cannabis Declaration – What if you had a serious disease
that prevented you from living a normal life? Conventional medicine may not always work. What if there was a natural medicine that could help you? Carola Perez, Spain: O, I’ve been taking like 19 pills per day. I didn’t wanted to live with this pain anymore. The morphine got me depressed. So… cannabis got into my life. Sebastien Beguerie, France: Cannabis has helped me. To actually move from those sensitive treatments
to monotron treatment. Sarah Martin, UK: You can go for a walk. You can have a conversation, you can enjoy a meal. And without that, life is nothing, it’s no fun! Al Byrne, USA: When I use cannabis I do not get out of control. I’m not bad. What I do feel is joy! Sarah Martin: I can walk up to a mile now. 2,5 years ago I couldn’t walk 10 feet. Carola Perez: But I’m better for the society. I do more job, I feel better, I’m more happy. Sebastien Beguerie: Basically cannabis to me means life. That’s what it brings back to people. – Only around 10 out of 200 countries in the world have legislation. That grands their citizens access to the medical use
of cannabis and cannabinoids. Ethan Russo: The situation with cannabis now in terms
of medical availability can be divided in just 2 groups. The haves and the have nots. Manuel Guzman, Spain: Every day I receive 3 or 4 phone calls,
emails etc from different patients of different diseases, trying to get information,
advice on medicinal cannabis. Renato Malcher, Brazil: Think about how many unnecessary deaths
and suffering have occurred and continue to occur. Donald Abrams, California: Cannabis has been used
as a medicine around the world, evidence suggest, for at least 3000 years. It only hasn’t been a medicine in the modern world
for the last 70 years. Roger Pertwee: Scotland: I think that really depends
in part on educating… Policy Makers and also educating physicians, so that they understand more clearly
the benefits that cannabis-based medicines can have. With your support MCD will create a database
to inform you on all aspects of cannabis as medicine. Addressed to all patients, medical professionals, policymakers and the general public. It will be made freely available in several languages. Franjo Grotenhermen, Germany: The medical cannabis declaration says: Every patient has the right to access cannabis and cannabinoids for medical treatment supervised by a medical doctor. Every medical doctor has the right to treat his or her patient with cannabinoids and cannabis products. Please support this worldwide movement
by your donation or by getting active in your country. Please support the Medical Cannabis Declaration. Let us all say “yes to cannabis as medicine” Donald Abrams: Yes to cannabis as medicine Carola Perez: Si al cannabis medicinal. Ethan Russo: Yes to cannabis as medicine. Sebastien Beguerie: Oui au cannabis medical. Sarah Martin: Yes to cannabis as medicine. Manuel Guzman: Sí al cannabis como medicina. Roger Pertwee: Yes to cannabis-based medicines. Franjo Grotenherme: Ja zu Cannabis als Medizin. Renato Malcher: Eu digo SIM para cannabis como medicina. Al Byrne: Well, yes to cannabis as a medicine, absolutely YES. MCD Medical Cannabis DeClaration. medical-cannabis-declaration.org #YestoMedicalCannabis

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