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Scientist fact-checks The Game Changers Documentary

So the game changer has just dropped on Netflix two days ago and everybody’s talking about it, is it accurate is it all hype Let’s find out So this is the new big documentary on diet and it’s produced by James Cameron So inevitably we’re gonna have debates on social media for a while The vegan camp is gonna say it’s perfect. And the meat camp is gonna say it’s all vegan propaganda So let’s try to leave ideology to the side and go through the main points of the movie infect check do the claims Actually match the science So the movie follows this guy James Wilkes a former MMA fighter and his discovery of the effects of different diets That’s probably pretty smart storytelling because instead of just dumping a bunch of facts on that. It’s like some documentaries do here It feels like we’re actually following a real flesh-and-blood human being and his actual journey in the opening scene We see him teaching fighting techniques to a bunch of army guys. We get it. He’s a badass as we start following James’s journey We’re told about Roman gladiators who allegedly were mostly vegetarian now. I honestly don’t know how convincing this point is They bring out a forensic researcher from Vienna Fabien Kant’s and he tells us that from old bones They can measure levels of this element called strontium and deduced the composition of the diet But some of consus own studies point to a few caveats He writes that the simple idea of strontium has experienced a major correction, and he’s goes on to say that another problem Is that elements in the bones can change with time and measurements have nitrogen another element? Indicates some variation high consumption of legumes in some gladiators more animal products in others They conclude in that paper that the individuals from the gladiator cemetery were a very heterogeneous group who consumed different kind of foods So all in all it feels a little fuzzy. I wouldn’t bet my life savings on this gladiator claim It seems pretty clear that plant foods like barley and wheat were common staples for these gladiators but whether they were Mostly vegetarian or all of them were vegetarian is a little less clear at least based in these studies And this is a trend I saw throughout the movie They do a really good job of Squashing myths like you need a ton of meat to be strong and athletic and stuff like that But they sometimes try to stretch things to suggest an advantage of plants that they don’t always justify very well I am NOT that eating plants doesn’t have advantages. Don’t get me wrong if you’ve seen any of my previous videos You know, I’m all about it. What I’m saying is some of the claims that they chose to focus on the angle They chose the approach they chose. It’s not necessarily the easiest one to prove, but we’ll come back to this point later for now Let’s just keep moving what gladiators ate 2000 years ago is not that relevant for our dietary choices in 2019 And it’s not that crucial for the movies storyline either So moving on next they introduced us to this runner Scott Jurek who’s gearing up to run? 2,200 miles in 46 days basically two marathons a day Every day for a month and a half. I don’t care what you’re eating. That’s incredible I didn’t even know that was vehemently possible. This dude is amazing The movie also introduces us to several other very impressive plant-based athletes a speed runner a power lifter a strongman Etc. Etc. All really impressive really successful Olympians record holders you name it? So this is one of the strongest points in the movie They introduce you to elite athletes who are plant-based So this myth that you need meat to perform to be fit, whatever They do a really good job of squashing that on the other hand They’re weaker point is the implication that these athletes are not just great which they clearly are, but that they are better Because of the diet which is a really tough claim to prove by just asking them Athlete after athlete they tell us they feel stronger and faster and thinner on plants I don’t doubt it, but the problem is basing our decision on subjective reports And the problem with that is that you can always find another subjective report from somebody else who felt better After eating a ton of meat or cotton candy all day or starving or whatever crazy fad These are anecdotes and the problem with leaning on these too much sympathetic as I am to plant-based diets is That you open the door to all kinds of nonsense because then anything goes as long as you find somebody who felt better doing X That’s not evidence And we shouldn’t base life-and-death decisions on arguments like that Especially since there are so many amazing reasons to eat more plants that are well documented with scientific evidence But we’ll come back to this at this point the movie cuts to a more hardcore science segment where they tackled the obligatory issue of protein They go over some of the basics like you can get plenty of protein from plants. All the essential amino acids, etc These are well established facts and I’ve actually done identical videos before maybe James Cameron saw my protein videos and he was like damn this guy’s got some Filmmaking skills. Let me make a whole movie based on this That’s my story and I’m choosing to believe it the movie also shows us some short experiments with athletes These are some of the most talked-about scenes in the movie. The first one is about blood lipid levels and endothelial function The endothelium is basically the inner lining of your arteries any wanted working. Well, it’s very important to prevent cardiovascular disease Now the point they try to make is that animal fat impairs endothelial function But plant fat doesn’t now there is support for this in studies This study for example shows that saturated fat in this case from butter cuts your endothelial reactivity in half But bland fats don’t have that effect But there’s also evidence that some plant fats like oils for example also hinder endothelial function So it’s not that simple. It’s not just animal versus plant It’s the actual food you’re eating and this is another issue I have with a movie it focuses so hard on this question of plant Versus animal products which is very relevant, but it tends to oversimplify things a bit now. Maybe this is an unfair criticism Maybe getting people used to the idea of cutting back on meat is enough of a hurdle So maybe they had to focus on this and not complicate things too much if on top of telling people to cut back on the meat you start telling them to not eat oils and salt and processed food and whatever else Maybe you’re just gonna turn off everybody What am I supposed to eat twigs all day on the other hand some previous documentaries like Forks Over knives, for example Were very effective at communicating this they explained that it’s not just about cutting back on all the animal products But it’s about whole plants So maybe it’s not that complicated after all maybe we shouldn’t underestimate People maybe you should just tell them the truth and let them make their own decisions The second experiment of the movie is the famous erection scene that everybody’s talking about on social media They measure the number and the intensity of erections After eating animal versus plant foods now as the doctor explains to the movie that scene doesn’t constitute a proper scientific experiment but we do know that men with high cholesterol are at higher risk for erectile dysfunction and Serum cholesterol levels are closely related to consumption of animal products. Also lowering cholesterol improves erectile dysfunction We also know that a diet rich in fruits Vegetables nuts whole grains and fish but low in red and processed meat and refined carbohydrates is more common in people without IDI Also in clinical trials this type of plant heavy dietary pattern is effective in improving IDI There’s also some mechanistic understanding with plants like leafy greens for example being a great source of nitric oxide Which triggers vasodilation which is how erection happens and it’s also how viagra works not that I would know anything about viagra So all in all there’s some good basis for this idea that eating more plants helps with sexual function You could say there’s some hard science behind it Luckily the doctor in the scene wasn’t too stiff and they don’t stretch things too long Before the athletes rise up to the challenge and we get to the happy ending so immature Alright moving on next the movie introduces us to Scott stole one of the doctors for the USA Olympic team And he makes a crucial point the protein package concept animal protein comes with cholesterol and saturated fats But also with pro-inflammatory and pro-oxidant molecules things like he Myron neu5gc Production of TMAO all things we want to minimize plant protein on the other hand comes with fiber vitamins antioxidants and phytonutrients This is possibly the number one difference between eating plants and eating animals. You can get protein from either one You can get amino acids. You can build muscle not a problem But the price tag in terms of metabolic side effects is hugely different the movie then switches gears We meet James’s father who’s suffering from heart disease and the movie pivots to talking about the effects of plant diets on disease This is probably the strongest part of the movie at least science wise because the evidence is so overwhelming here We’re not hearing anecdotes anymore They explain the mechanistic aspects and they tell us about heart disease reversal want plant predominant diets The movie also does a really good job of showing pictures of the actual studies and citing their claims right there on the screen I think this is a general trend where people are getting savvy er about the science behind these claims and I for one couldn’t be Happier to see that then the movie pivots again And we need a series of great characters a 60 year old trainer who is ripped to shreds What’s the big deal my body? Totally looks like that? Then the governador makes a cameo and he tells us that these blood lipids look better now that he’s plant-based. Yeah He probably told his cholesterol to get down then the movie gets into this question of what our ancestors ate now I think it’s legitimate to address this question since it’s something that people tend to hang on to so much But I’ve made videos about this before in my opinions largely a distraction our ancestors ate what they had available and What allowed them to survive to pass on their genes that tells me very little about what’s gonna get me through ninety or a hundred And what’s gonna help me dodge a heart attack or Alzheimer’s what I want to know is health effects of different diets after 60 70 80 years what cavemen were eating a hundred thousand years ago Not that relevant Okay moving on then we check in with Superman who has already run across five states and has another four to go or something unreal like that you could have done a whole documentary just on this news run seriously next the movie touches on the Confusion around nutrition and all the pseudoscience and how the media and the food industry try to capitalize on it You’ll actually find a striking consensus in nutrition science around plant predominant diets. I’ve said this almost verbatim in previous videos So I obviously agree with that and more importantly so does every major organization issuing dietary recommendations all over the world? So let’s move on close to the end of the movie They do a quick pass over the environmental issues the impact of animal agriculture now. I’m not a climate scientist My background is in medicine and biology I do try to read as much as I can on climate research But that doesn’t make somebody an expert what matters is professional experience in the field so I’ll only say that from what I’ve read there does seem to be widespread agreement that animal products have a much bigger footprint as far as water and land use and greenhouse gas emissions which seems intuitive to grow animals You need to grow plants first to feed the animals and you can keep doing that for months or years until the animals reach adult size So if we eat the plants directly it stands to reason that should be more Energetically efficient and the science seems to bear that out now one of the last scenes in my opinion is one of the most impactful we see a group of firefighters going through a workshop on healthy eating and Checking their labs a week later some drop over a hundred points off their cholesterol This is a really poignant scene in my opinion because this is such a well-established Affect in the literature that you can get these impressive results fast Just with the right dietary change many studies have shown this drop in cholesterol of 30% in seven days And I’ve made a number of videos about it before so that’s the number one cause of death in the world largely prevented in seven days Hard to overstate that and to their credit They don’t milk the scene excessively Really important scene there in my opinion then they wrap up over the credits by hammering home this point that you can have vegan meatballs Pizza Nuggets all this stuff so said this before this one’s a little tricky for me because it’s Suggesting to people that if they eat this way this vegan junk food They’re still gonna reap the benefits of eating plants And the truth is the science doesn’t really support that the evidence indicates that refined carbohydrates artificial foods Even if made from plants aren’t much better than the animal stuff. The key is whole plants That’s what nutrition science keeps telling us over and over again. Not this vegan no matter what you eat story So it’s a little misleading and it’s a choice they made in terms of communication They maybe they wanted to appear more appealing or less threatening and I get that but I can’t entirely agree with that message At the end of the day so bottom line. I think the movie is well done. It makes some important points Let’s move on from this nonsense of we need meat and real men eat slabs of meat It’s 2019 almost 2020 we’re past this but I also have some pet peeves with them leaving out the crucial point of whole plants and Featuring a lot of junky plant foods throughout the movie as well as that over reliance on anecdotes There’s massive evidence behind the benefits of eating whole plants. We really don’t need to rely on he-said she-said The movie is obviously generating a ton of buzz Apparently it’s the best-selling documentary of all time on itunes and social media has also been abuzz People deciding to cut back on meat after watching it and that’s a good thing So I hope overall the impact is positive for health environment and animal welfare. So that’s my opinion Let me know how you feel in the comments below. Do you agree with me? Do you think they should have been more hardcore science? Do you think they struck a good balance? now before you go I know you’ve got things to do places to be but if you found this video helpful or interesting at all consider sharing it with Other people who might benefit and hit that like button and subscribe for future videos also I just started this Facebook page where all the videos and other nutrition information will be posted on a regular basis So check that out I’ll put a link in the description below and feel free to link up with me on Twitter where I share a lot of science information Everyday, thanks for watching and I’ll see you on the next one. Bye. Bye

100 thoughts on “Scientist fact-checks The Game Changers Documentary

  1. I think they struck a good balance, and nailed it. They convinced me, a heavy meat-eater, to at least reduce my meat consumption by half and increase my plant consumption. I still want that junky plant-based food, but your point about whole plants is great. Thanks for this helpful video.

  2. just putting this out there, commedian Eddie Izzard ran many marathons back to back on a non-vegan diet (OK not 2 a day, but Eddie was starting from zero more or less!)

  3. maybe its because it used so many articles of anecdotal evidence as argument points but i basically forgot all the positive points to this documentary, i haven't cut down my meat consumption further than what it is because as a result of this documentary, but i did really like the heart disease part, i absolutely hated the Conor McGregor comparison not because he rematched and won but because there are so many factors at play that led Conor to lose that match and him eating meat wasn't high on that list, there was also a rope exercise anecdote i didn't like, i think it was a rope exercise anyway but the sudden crazy endurance seemed implausible at best

  4. Anecdotal evidence was what I got out of the movie. I tried to listen but after listening to Wilks for a few minutes, you see how biased and unwilling to listen to counter meta-analysis documents.

  5. Great support of yoir thoughts on the documentary. Wish they could have add the "regular Joe" do the blood sample and erectile effects, not just the power athletes…

  6. Many of the mock vegan foods don’t even come close to the nutritional profile of the food that it’s trying to imitate like the mock cheeses, Fakin bacon, sausages and the like. People have to be careful with these fake foods and only use them on occasion say to make a meal that everyone will eat. I bought some new brands of vegan cheese for a brunch I put together for my son and his girlfriend and we looked at the nutritional label and there was zero protein in it and not a whole lot else. People got to be careful with these mock foods.

  7. Games changes executive producer: James Cameron
    Beyond meat significant shareholder: James Cameron

    Do we really need to say more ?

  8. Hey I've instantly subscribed to your channel and switched on notifications alert. Only watched Game changers yesterday, and must say, although I am not a big red meat eater I will most def eat much more nutritional plant based food to help with my fitness in my sport because the proof was there with the USA footballers and firefighters before my eyes. I'll still be eating fish though. So I won't be turning 'vegan' any time soon.

  9. Watched until you start talking about subjectve reports. It is plain STUPID to say that someone could feel better after eating a ton of meat or cotton candy. Well, here's my anecdote: You're wrong, and also a real cretin…

  10. I like the emphasis on Whole Plant Based Foods. Very easy to transition these days since there are many vegan junk food versions of many popular dishes, but eating good ole fashion clean vegetables seems to be hard for some, regardless if they eat meat or not.

  11. Yeah the "strong man" got strong on a meat diet. He didn't become vegan till later so his accomplishments should be removed.

  12. I am tripping out because you have a bit of broll that I shot for the Legacy Coalition back in 2016 and I'm wondering where you got it?! https://youtu.be/QB0aieRNJs0?t=580 (that's the clip). Sorry, couldn't find how to DM you about it. What are the chances that I find your video about a movie I watched last night, looking for expert opinion, and you have footage that I shot for another project. It's like the only clip that isn't from the film…random! How did you get your hands on it and why did you use it? 🙂

  13. Its bullshit , I've ate meat every day of my life and I've had all different types of health checks and my kidneys are fine, my cholesterol is only 3, and my blood sugar is perfect and I've got no plaque around my heart, propaganda as usual

  14. The athletes in the film have records that are 100% unsubjective. Yes, in the film they describe how they feel, but their performance records speak for themselves. This is professional experience in the field.

  15. What works for me is a time-restricted diet eating within a 4 to 8hr window, limiting processed foods to canned beans, instant oatmeal, peanut butter, butter, coconut oil, and olive oil (not the girl from Popeye ;>). I also eat about 1/2lb freshly ground chuck roast per week. When I work out or go bicycling for 40 miles or less, I do it before eating (I learned that one from George St. Pierre on a Joe Rogan Podcast). I'm 68 and feeling great! My name isn't Tony, but I still feel like a tiger.

  16. The film doesn't confirm that gladiators were vegetarian or vegan, the filmmaker merely states that the suggestion that they might have been was the genesis of his interest.

  17. I really wish vegans and carnivores could find some neutral ground and not be so oppressive towards each other.

    We all have different genetics, ethnic/mixed ethnic backgrounds, different lifestyles with different energy needs.

    Regardless of studies, Some people feel better as a vegan, some better as a carnivore. Some feel horrible as a vegan, some on a carnivore diet.

    Ethically, I understand vegans point of view, but i also understand ethically harvesting wild animals as well.

    It would be nice to see both groups focus their attention on eliminating sugars and processed foods.

    My problem with this movie is that they dont take into account the firefighters diets probably had tons of sugars, processed foods and alcohol prior to the food switch.

    Additionally, the movie does not account for performance enhancing drugs being used by the athletes. You can't tell me the 60 year old trainer ISNT on testosterone replacement therapy.

  18. Just watching Forks over Knives as recommended but some of the science in that has been debunked now: dairy causes metabolic acidosis – found to be false. Dairy increases prostate cancer risk – found to be false in 2019

  19. Thanks for your input. I went plant based March 2019 after getting flu. I also hydrate more. I'm 43 and in great shape. Game Changers just confirmed a lot of my reasons for the change but Dr. Sebi truly inspired me to change. Good luck to anyone looking to change. Also waking up with morning wood nearly every morning lets me know it's really real. 🤣

  20. Wow, I have never watched your stuff before, but you are great at this. Your points were so succinct, and actually very unbiased and informed.

  21. after meeting (raw) vegan girls whose period has stopped, i am not going near any vegan anymore. self destructive psychopaths.
    come on! what you eat makes you stop being reproductive? and they enjoyed it. thats a mental health problem right there.
    we are trash cans, we can eat anything. we live in great times, people fighting over what to eat is just an ego driven luxurious problem no generation before us ever had.
    sure, environmental issues. but these vegan girls happily fly long distance, adding to the co2 levels like mad. i can eat meat for 9 years daily and cause the same co2 as a long distance flight.
    thats ridiculous. i stop eating meat if you stop flying, using iphones, put glitter in your face and go to starbucks daily. there is no point in comparing each others actions on how bad they are. thats sick too. we are all equal. eat what makes you feel good and exercise, live a good life. dont destroy yourself over food ideology. i eat meat once a week (self cooked), other than that its mostly fruits and couple of dairy products. so im totally with the "don t eat too much fatty meat" camp, but i dont talk to fundamentalists anymore. ignorant, un-researched, self entitled superior human beings who can tell others how to live because they have the holy solutions to everything. L O L.

  22. oh yea and if you stuff your face with vegan products from the food industry, you are mostly eating chemicals with some plant fibers. i feel sorry for you.

  23. He is not teaching "army guys" at the beginning of the documentary. Those are marines. Hence the large eagle globe and ankor behind him. Just sayin. Semper Fi

  24. Why Vegans are either atheists or people who made their gods with their own hand?

    Why Vegans want to eat “pretend” meat?

    May be because we were designed to consume meat. We “naturally” have teeth to chew meat and stomach to digest meat. We are designed to eat both meat and vegetables to have a balanced and healthy diet. Some people under peer pressure or socialised into the vegan trend but in their sub-conscious they need meat hence there are products such as Vegan Sausage Roll or Vegan Steak Bake at Greggs available and targeting to vegans !!!

  25. The point is eat moderate food home made unprocessed n organic plants n fruits n organic meat if u eat unprocessed carcinogenic meat obviously it will give u diseases. Make food ur fuel for energy not taste junk .

  26. Great review and explanation of the documentary. There was a lot of good info in that movie, but also a lot of entertainment factor. Overall it is a good motivator to eat more whole plant-based foods, but it overstates and makes non-scientific claims that lead one to believe eating meat is bad for you. I guess we should just live by my grandmother's rule.. eat everything in moderation.

  27. As a vegetarian it irritates me that they come up with such flimsy hypothetical evidence like the Gladiators of old. You just have to be healthy, not necessarily better than anybody else. If meat works for you…go for it. If you want to be on a vegetarian diet, great. Just don't be a fad vegetarian, research it well and take care with your diet. Too many crazy claims both ways.

  28. I am 58 and was on the highest dose of blood pressure medicine and my Dr. wanted to add a statin. I have always exercised and ate a balanced diet. Without medication my BP was 142/94…..My son a high school senior made me watch the video and I woke up the next morning a Vegan. In 2 months after going Vegan my blood pressure now runs 122/82 without medication. If you are on blood pressure medication or a statin you need to try this. It's not fun and it's not for everyone, but the benefits in a short time were unbelievable for me. I wish I had started earlier…..Vegan for life. I have to say to myself ….eat to live not live to eat.


  30. I’m all about eating vegan with PED’s

    With all seriousness: these studies,as represented, are all flawed in their lack of controls and categorizations. I’m not calling them biased nor would I claim “conspiracy.” The truth is all that has been proven is that the more organic or “clean” a diet is the healthier it is…..and the more processed and “factorized” a diet is the more unhealthy it becomes.

  31. Cant even finish the video…you spending the first 4 min sayin your not knocking what they are saying but you are…and half no proof on what your saying..but we take your word for it ?? Why not try it your self and see if it works…same thing your saying about them…is the same thing your doing you look like a sour hater…

  32. first of he didnt say the gladiators of old where vegeterian he said they where plant based for the majority and some of them might have been vegan,second its not helpfull today? wel ofc it is if there health was better then that of today then we should follow there diet more,better health duo to diet is not for a specific time its for all times.

  33. Great review, and great movie. After viewing the film I’ve been eating plant based protein and as the movie stated “you won’t be searching for the nearest couch after eating”. I’ve been feeling energized and now I won’t give up on meat entirely just probably have it in way more moderation and eating a ton more veggies like I have since watching it. Thanks!

  34. I watch the movie, also the movie "Cowspiracy" which speaks about agriculture problems (pollution) and the reasons why it's better to be vegan than a meat eater. I changed my lifestyle to be vegan because this is definitely the future of humanity, because of the number of people growing everyday on earth. HELP THE PLANET. And BTW, nice video thanks !

  35. Gladiators were NOT vegetarians. They did eat some meat, but they were mostly slaves, so they didn't get all that much. Their diets as children before Roman domination and being forced into the arena could have been totally different. The body forms in childhood. Also, they tended to die young for obvious reasons, so there is no way to know what their health would have been like later in life.

  36. Do you think blood type makes a difference for plant vs meat in diet? Type O’s are meat eaters, type B are more plant and dairy. Shouldn’t you choose your diet based on blood type?

  37. documentary told me that i will be a able to bench press 19% more if i drink beet root juice before i lift. I'm drinking a glass tomorrow morning and ill put an extra 26.6kg onto the 140kg i normally bench press. I won't need a spotter, Arnold was on the Doco so its guaranteed to be true….

  38. Squat record before today 335. Ate a plant based breakfast sandwich and a bagel this morning. Squat record 365. 335 was like 3 weeks ago. Coincidence? I don’t know.

  39. Yes. It’s simplified because… it’s a 90 min documentary. Not a 3 month series of lectures and reviewing of studies – that’s what makes it difficult to objectively review any of these documentaries as such.

  40. Thank you for applying your strong critical thinking skills to break down the messages, both implicit and explicit, of the film and help people make better sense of the information, and for balanced and highly useful review.

  41. This video is the other half of the documentary—I find (given that their target audience needs things presented the way they were)both the movie and your video to be essential, together. I am a science journalist and have had to accept (in some PR situations) that sometimes the superficial appeal and lean in toward the most far-reachable member of the audience (who in this case eats fast food daily and is concerned about achievement and quick gains/feelings) feels like prostituting the facts, but at least it lures and keeps an audience. THEN they can experience for themselves and take steps in the direction alluded. Your video helps me, as someone already “in the choir,” get grounded after the “show” that did a good job reaching those who I was bewildered to consider unreachable. ✨👌

  42. The problem with this as well as a lot of other documentaries is some of what they attempt to pass off as fact based is only anecdotal.
    I believe Chris Kresser does a really good job of reviewing it and comparing it to actual scientific testing.
    Here is the link he provided on his website: https://chriskresser.com/debunking-the-game-changers-joe-rogan/?utm_source=rogandebate&utm_medium=shortlink&utm_term=rogandebate&utm_content=&utm_campaign=gamechangers
    The most important thing for me in any Nutrition discussion is that when vegans, vegetarians and omnivores have a discussion about Nutrition is that they attempt to find common. It's much more important to teach the public the benefits of eating mostly plant based instead of pushing a personal agenda. Here's another take from Precision Nutrition. https://www.precisionnutrition.com/how-to-talk-to-your-clients-about-the-newest-netflix-nutrition-documentary?utm_source=marketingcloud&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=011520-CertProCoach-Netflixnutrition

  43. In other words. Don’t over do it. Keep a balance.. use common sense. Listen to your body. Your heart. Etc etc .

  44. It wasn't that these athletes just "felt better", that is disingenuous and not stating the facts of their experiences.  

    They PERFORMED better! And to believe that the top athletes in the world don't have a team of medical doctors, nutritionists, etc. around them monitoring their health and validating their health for optimal performance is also downplaying that message of their experiences.  

    These health benefits of their claims were measured, and not just "feeling better" although I'm sure they do ~

    I'm not not advocating the diet either way although the science is there to support it, I am just critiquing this reviewers narrative of the athletes…

  45. Well, my mother just saw at the VA Hospital Friday that you can save 15% on your life insurance if you’re a vegan.
    That spoke volumes to my mother.
    Money talks lol.
    We are learning so much from vegans who have been vegan for years. Dispelling the myths that vegan food is expensive, when really dry red lentils are kind of dirt cheap…so is rice. Frozen produce is also cheap and better than produce in a can, but produce in general tends to be cheaper than meat always.
    I think the movie is at least enough to get more people consciously eating more vegetables and whole foods at that.

  46. Many players in the NFL are vegan.

    My dad would have lost his leg to cancer if he didn’t become a vegetarian.

    Animal-based foods cause too many diseases, mercury-poison in fish, cancer from meat, etc. Animal agriculture and fisheries are the leading causes of climate change. It’s cruel.

    The vegan lifestyle is the best thing one can do for the world.

  47. I will say this is the most rational critique I’ve heard and I appreciate that.

    You’re not putting down the vegan lifestyle, you’re just mentioning some of the things missed and suggesting a better approach to explaining the facts.

    I just get tired of the way people criticize those who are trying to create a better world for all life.

    It really doesn’t matter how we used to live. I mean we used to burn “witches” because we thought they were witches.

    We need to change how we’re living, because what the majority of humans around the world are doing is not working. Life on this planet is dying.

    Our species alone is a threat to all life and we’re heading towards a mass extinction.

    Once we go extinct the planet will heal itself and life will flourish again without us.

  48. True those are anecdotes, and mine is I got alot stronger improved in Athletics overall, after going vegetarian. BTW before and while being vegetarian, I ate junk food still.

  49. It’s not about meat (protein)! It is about amino acids. Your body makes some aminos but others you have to eat. Where you get them from won’t make any difference. If I eat pig protein or bean protein, my body breaks it down into amino acids and then rebuilds it into human protein. So make sure, whatever you eat, you are getting your essential amino acids. It is the rest of the story that matters: other chemicals, conservation, carbon footprint, health concerns…. We need to think more globally.

  50. i eat a loads of veg and salads but will start eating more fruits and nuts and healthier fats as i think its the best way to live instead of focusing on animal products, my only hard thing is cheese, i love cheese especially PIZZA

  51. Your fact check are not right and neither is the game changer movie. I call it a movie because that’s what it is. Animal protein and fats are way superior then the plant based ones in terms of nutrient content. You talk about protein from where will you get enough lucine in plant protein. How about omega 3s epa and dha. Vitamin b12 . How about that collagen. Those are just a few. You can always supplement them but ask yourself a question if you have to supplement yourself in a particular diet how is that a complete diet fit for human consumption forget about being superior to an omnivore diet. Infact you can be complete carnivores and thrive without any supplements and that’s a fact.

  52. As a charity ggi.org.uk we are interested in providing food for everyone. If meat production in any form is at least 12 times less efficient than farming plants then farming plants is the humanitarian way forward

  53. I agree with most points of the film but the thing they don't want you to know is that the most unhealthy food on the planet is REFINED CARBOHYDRATES. And since vegan and vegetarian diets include those, they won't be healthy until they are eliminated. When they try to sell you on the idea that pizza, french fries, beer, cookies, and cake are all vegan doesn't mean any of those things are healthy and if you had to choose between those things and meat, you might actually be better off with the meat.

  54. Th Terminator says about marketing of meat based products, this doc is doing exactly the same for vegan junk food.

  55. Fantastic review thank you! May I make a very friendly suggestion that you not wear your coat during filming? The sound is abit distracting ☺☺☺

  56. Just subbed, great video. Been doing plant based for 4 weeks now. I feel great but man it sucks to meal prep because I have food sensitivity and some of the vegan stuff I can’t have because it has soy. Learning some recipes is going to be key for me to meal prep. Any books or websites that any of y’all recommend would be greatly appreciated.

  57. What about the 2 professors who started out on the meatfest as young kids on the farms?No mention of their lifetime work.What about the benefits reported by the guys on the show?Just looking for a balanced focus on the subject.

  58. I've had a bad time looking for the facts of the documentary, this video was the first good source I've found. Great job!!!

  59. I would like to know what the firefights diets were like before the week of eating vegan.
    Were they all eating meat every day? Or just lived on processed meals and takeaways?

  60. Great review. I think the most important point for these kind of movies is, that they make an impact on people who never thought about changing their diets. Therefore suggesting processed plant based burgers is a good idea. If you already on the right food track, you are probably not needing that kind of processed food.

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