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Scoliosis Exercises You Can Do From Home | Best-selling course

Welcome to scoliosis exercises you can do
from home where you will learn to understand and draw your scoliosis reduce your curved
appearance and ease your pain I’m Paula Moore the online posture doctor
and I’ll be leading you through the course I’ve been helping people correct their posture
for over 15 years now using my training as a doctor of chiropractic and my fellowship
in the physics of posture I guess it’s fair to say I fell in love with posture and grew
slightly obsessed correcting my own chronic low back pain and scoliosis Many years ago I left a successful private
practice to take my posture advice online in the form of video and never did I imagine
those videos would receive such an online buzz with millions of views to date I designed this course for adults with scoliosis
who want to learn a custom-made exercise program they can do from home By the end of this course you’ll know how
to reduce your pain limit the scoliosis progression and improve your appearance I’ll be using a structural approach that helps
you understand and visualize your unique shape and learn exercises to help you untwist and
realign your spine The ideal student for this course is over
25 knows where their scoliosis is and has never had spinal surgery or implanted rods
but is frustrated by their appearance and the ongoing discomfort caused by the misalignment in their spine There are no requirements necessary to enroll
I only ask that you come eager and motivated to take back control of your health and I’ll
help you do the rest Feel free now to take a look through the course
description and I can’t wait to see you inside the course

82 thoughts on “Scoliosis Exercises You Can Do From Home | Best-selling course

  1. i,m 18 years old & i had scholiosis .its just beginng ,i need some help to treat it at home Dr Paula Moore…what should i do??

  2. I've had good posture with my scoliosis forever. I recently started using a backpack and holy moly… I feel like I really messed myself up. Idk how to get back to how I was. I need these courses ASAP.

  3. I discovered I had scoliosis wen I was 5. I have had two surgeries, one at 12 on the top of spine and again at 18 to my lower spine. I do have two harrington rods at the base of my spine, Can i still do these exercises?

  4. I am 71 years old and have developed adult degenerative scoliosis in the last 3 years during which time I have lost 13cm in height.
    I am unable to stand or walk for long unless I use a wheely walker. I am in constant pain unless I sit in my recliner chair or lay down. I come off a background of exercise which included daily walks, weight training, gym classes (Body Pump) 3 times a week or more. I still do chair aerobics, stretches and strength training and although that keeps me stronger it hasn't helped with the pain or limited walking and standing. I also have osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia and hypothyroidism which caused imperfect calcium uptake and hence osteoporosis. Do you think that your scoliosis specific regime would help me?

  5. I have severe Ehlers danlos syndrome – hypermobility type. Everything is loose yet i am stiff causing me so much pain. I have a right thoracic curve scoliosis… is it safe for me? i can barely move to the left or right.

  6. I have scoliosis and metal rods on my cervical spine c1-c3. As of recently, I've just been having back pain and feel extremely tense. I went to get a massage and the therapist said there's really no space between my left scapula and spine. I'm practicing yoga to alleviate the pain which has helped tremendously. Any suggestion for me Doctor ?

  7. hey i recently niew that i have a double scoliosis and painful but have a good posture and had been swiming for 13 years how to exercise without pain?

  8. just got this program for my daughter who is 19 years old. We already have an X ray done and I hope this will help us to improve her posture. thank you

  9. I noticed that I had scoliosis when I was 16 years old. 30 degrees towards the right side of my back. I get back aces very often. Nothing has been done till now, what can I do now..? can this course help.

  10. Hi, could you enligthen me regarding the exercises for Dextroscoliosis? I'm just confused, if my curve is going to the right, should I bend to my left or to the right? Thank you.

  11. hi doc… I have dorsal scoliosis convex to right it's show on my X ray.. what therapy or exercise I may do to relieve or not to worsen my scoliosis.. thanks and God bless

  12. Please answer
    I am 16 years old and I have a 30° scoliosis
    Is there any chance of full recovery? And what should I do for full recovery

  13. hi Dr Paula Moore..my fisrt question to you is can I have my scoliosis reversed,,am past 30s..
    ..currently I am visiting therapist but that only for few months…I reside in USA

  14. im 31 years old and i have right scoliosis ? do u think i can improve my spine posture by practising these exercises wihout need to surgery??? please doctor help me ..i have a great pain

  15. Hey doctor .. how mucg it will take to get back to its actual position ?
    And how can i contact with you directly ?!

  16. Hello Dr Paula Moore. I am a 46 year old man and have a right leg which is shorter than my left, specifically my tibia bone is shorter. Because of this I have a functional scoliosis of the spine which was spotted early in life and deal with significant chronic pain. My right hip is lower than left, my middle thoracic is curved to the left and my right shoulder is lower than my right. When I stand against a wall and reach up, my left hand is 2 inches higher than my right, a whole 2 inches. I wear a lift in my right shoe to adjust for the shorter leg and have been seeing a chiropractor monthly for back adjustments. My question is what would be my best plan of action for me? Stretches? Physical Therapy? I would love to get my shoulders even where I can have a level reach. Or is this even going to be possible at some point? Will this be something that I just have to deal with the rest of my life and manage as best as I can? Please let me know as soon as you can. Thank you!

  17. hello doctor, I aspire to be a flight attendant in an international airline. they are strict about the Cobb angle. I am worried whether do I have scholosis. So , it would be grate if you could help me on it. thanks

  18. How do I get the course?
    I've been struggling with scoliosis my whole life with 0 help from the medical community!
    I need to try something new!
    (60 years old)….Too late?

  19. I found out that I have scoliosis in 2015. I thought it was not that bad since it just a mild scoliosis.. Now in 2017, I kept having back pain and I decided to do x-ray.. From the xray, it shows that my thoracic is 18° and my lumbar is 15°.. And from the side view of the xray, my lumbar look C (more C that normal people).. No wonder I had trouble sleeping and always felt uncomfortable.. I prefer to put a thin pillow under lumbar part.. I just started doing physiotherapy at the hospital but since scoliosis is a long term when it comes recovery, is it OK if I sleep while putting a thin pillow under the lumbar part? Or it will make my condition getting worse..

  20. Hello I have operted scoliosis surgery in 2 times when I am in 12year &same surgery in 17 year this excise are usefull

  21. Hallo doctor paula I m 20 years old.I have scoliasis i need some help to treat it at home Dr.paula what should i do?😢😢

  22. hello ! Dr Paula Moore i'am sick with illness Scoliosis and i need to Communicate with you so plz Help me to communicate with you

  23. Hi! I just saw this video and i want to ask somethings.. I am 17 yrs old and i want to do some home workouts or maybe in gym. But im scared i might do some exercise that will worsen my slightly bend back. Can i do exercise like, Hip thruster, windmills, spiderman crunch and side plank reach? Could you please give me some advice me of what exercise and what not to do if I want to do exercise? Thank you

  24. hi I am a 15 year old student I have scoliosis for 4 years now and in my x rays it said that it was a mild scoliosis. can I still go back to my normal posture?

  25. Hi Dr. Moore
    I just signed up for you course. You recommend an xray. How do I describe to my doctor what type of xray to get? Thanks!

  26. Hello Dr. Paula,
    I am 27 years old now, and discover my scoliosis at 13 y.o. with a curvature os 42º dorsal and 20º something lombar . I didn't do surgery but I used a bracelet during the following 5 years. During this period, the degree didn't grow a lot.
    Unfortunately, now, with 27y.o., I can say that it is worse. Also, this year I start feeling pain, lower back with burning sensation only when I wake up in the morning and loss of arm sensitivity in the end of the day.
    I am living in Portugal and there is no specilized clinic that can guide me in exercises (that i know of), and I have been finding some interest approaches with great results using only exercises.
    I myself have been practicing posture and correction exercises, but I feel I need to be more instructed. I truly believe that with treatment using exercises it is possible to get significant improvments, therefore I would like to know if you can advise me in some way.
    Thank you.

  27. Our daughter is 22 and has scoliosis. We would like to learn more on the specific exercises to help her curve.

  28. hi ! i hv scoliiosis and its just the starting. can u suggest some exercises without using any objects like the above mentioned in the video.?

  29. Hello, please I really need help with my 16 degrees scoliosis, been with it for the past 2years now. It’s located at my right arm shoulder blade, the pain is terrible and getting worse by day. Please recommend me on what to do, I’m a study and it’s really affecting my study time.. I really need help please. Thanks.

  30. Hello Dr. Moore I saw one of the videos with the patient that has short leg cause the scoliosis. I have the exact same things you said! I even got a shoe lift for my short leg that made it look a little bit better than it used too. How is she? Did you manage to adjust her? If you did please I need help adjusting mine we can discuss any details needed as soon as you ask me for contact info if you agree to help. I’ve been to many doctors in America nobody was able to help much. I’m hoping you’ll have a different opinion with my situation. Thank you

  31. hey,i want to know if scoliosis can be cured to 100% or i just have to deal with pain whole my life…i m 20 year old Athlete but scoliosis gives me pain in hips and thoracic region…it's like a curse…I can't even give my 100 % in fights… i have 20-25 degrees mild scoliosis in thoracic region…

  32. if you have a mild scoliosis at the age of 30.it is possible that they can unfit my medical test when im going to abroad?im hoping i can get a sympathy for this question thank u

  33. hello doctor Paula …. I am 10 years old and I have scoliosis. my parents discovered when I was 8 but I have a problem. I have the shape "s " in the middle the curve is 52 degree , down is 42 and up is 41 .when I went to the doctor he said that I must do a surgery . So may I do this exercises or do the surgery. please answer me

  34. Be careful of this
    You may make yourself worse
    Chiropractors are usually in it for the amount of money they charge

  35. My child is 12 and just diagnosed with very mild scoliosis. She has very bad postures as she has grown very early/fast and tall and thin. She is at the end of puberty based on left hand measurement. I am only looking for physical therapy to improve her posture and scoliosis. Is your program safe for her?

  36. I hAve two curves, top upper right lumbar curve 180 degrees, lower 90 degrees compensating curve. Can this correct it?

  37. Yesterday I got the result of my xray and I have a scoliosis. I’m 18yrs old. What should I do? What help can you recommend to me?

  38. I have scoliosis 34 degrees and this week i will be wearing braces for treatment… i’ll be wearing it until 21 years old

  39. I m from Pakistan my 14 year-old daughter is scoliosis 'll not educated l m very depressed for my girl can I sent her xry can you please help me reply in easy english

  40. Is this course unavailable now? I clicked the link and it doesn’t work. I’m 26 and it was not as bad until I had my baby 16 months ago. Now it’s like I’m constantly aching somewhere in my back or hip.

  41. Scoliosis Exercises You Can Do From Home is not a good title for the video. She does not show any exercises at all.

  42. hello doctor, 6 months ago now I made a wrong move and the spine to deviate from 7.5 degrees, I'm 40 years old, is this what can be considered as scoliosis? Thank you for your answer.

  43. I have scoliosis and degree is 76 and it affects the inner orgaans, it affects my lung and find difficulty in walking because my leg hurts me too much, when I walk around stand, I feel a pressure under my chest.whst would you recommend me to do? Doctors said that I must do surgery.

  44. I am 17 years old and I have mild scoliosis can these exercises prove to be helpful to me?

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