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9 thoughts on “Senior Dog Care- Tips To Keep Them Healthy!

  1. I have a 13 year old westie who I play with on a regular basis and the play time is almost always initiated by her I try not to push her to do anything she can't do but from time to time whenever I start to think she slowing down and it's ok because she's old and should take it easy she surprises me with her athleticism I think the reason she's been able to stay so healthy and active is because of the regular exercise she gets and once I notice she's getting tired I try to stop our play times but I do have to say I didn't know about the nails thanks for the information now I know another way to keep her happy and healthy as she gets older ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. My grandma has a 11-12 year old standered poodle. She only walks him 2 times a day. Resently the dog has been acting very weird like Peeing inside, barking, and etc. I have seen that she dose not walk him for 30-45 mins. She only dose it for 10-15 mins. I'm trying to tell her that for his breed he needs to be more active, she wont do it. What should I do? My dad is a vet so I can talk to him but other wise I'm stuck. Should I take maders into my hands and use wag or something? I'm going to look into it more and talk to her but I need help. Could someone tell me what to do or give me some advice?

  3. My dog (13 year old lab/collie started pooping indoors occasionally, so I went back to basics with training, praising and rewarding him every time he comes back indoors from the garden(regardless of whether or not he has "performed"). Since then, there have been no more accidents (about a month in so far) and he is verbally "asking" to go outside as he used to.

    Also, I have recently reduced his kibble and increased his real meat(I've always given him some offal or other meat with his food) . The effect of this has been remarkable. He seems to have got back a lot of his old lovable mischievousness, which simultaneously both annoys and delights. The other day we played "chase the hand" (a game in which my hand pretends to be a mouse which he try's to catch it with his mouth) which we hadn't done for ages. He just seems to have perked up all round. He'll be 14 this June.

  4. McCann Dogs My dog has Old Dog Vestibular Disease stemming from a fall where she jumped off the bed and landed on her neck face first and was screeching once it happened. I thought for sure she broke her neck. She quickly got cataracts, loss of hearing, vomiting, eye twitches, fainting & at times her back legs give out or she can't walk straight. She is 15 years old but it all stemmed from this accident. My vet is out until July 9th and I'd rather take a holistic approach to this anyway. She also pants for no other reason then when she's in pain (I'm guessing). Any suggestions? Thanks!

  5. I have a 15 year old mix (medium size) and her and my other 18 year old mix (who is quite small) both fell sick but theyโ€™re much better now ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. My dog is like 10 years old and hes pretty lazy and its very hot outside and he doesn't go outside verry much we have like no land but I dont want to have him outside in the summer in Indiana tornado snowing in 130 degree weather not verry good for my dog hes a fat and lazy dog

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