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4 thoughts on “Should Our Diet Lean Plant-Based or Do We Need More Red Meat?

  1. 100gm (3.5oz) ground beef/lamb + 2 eggs daily is the basis of my diet & I feel way better than when I was much closer to that dumbass "pyramid". Having done the experiment, I'm no longer interested in the "soft" science of studies. The unceasing push toward an increasingly plant-based diet is not being driven by the goal of optimal, human health.

  2. @3:06

    What study mentions BEEF is healthy and who funded that study?

    Where do cows get their B12?

    If meat is SO healthy, why do doctors advise to limit their intake?

    Why is there a need for fiber if she say it is healthy?

    Don't give me that "BALANCE and EVERYTHING IN MODERATION…" that's BS (Bad Science).

  3. The biggest trick played on people is the need for fibre The root cause of most autoimmune diseases is an irritable gut gut permeability all caused by plants and fibre no thanks.

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