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Should we drink Fruit Juices? | #aumsum

It’s AumSum Time Are Fruit Juices unhealthy? Duhh. That’s why I have chocolate milkshakes. Compared to fruits, fruit juices are unhealthy
as they are devoid of the fruit’s fiber. Fruit’s fibrous content slows down absorption
of its fructose in bloodstream. Preventing unnecessary spikes in our insulin. As juice doesn’t have fiber. It results in fast absorption of the juice’s
fructose. Causing sudden spikes in insulin. Overtime, this can lead to Type-2 Diabetes. Now, one glass of orange juice contains at
least 8 oranges. Instead of drinking juice. If we decide to eat oranges, it isn’t possible
to eat more than 2 or 3. Thus, we consume more calories. Also, our brain doesn’t get the same feeling
of fullness on drinking, that it gets on eating. We feel hungrier sooner, thus leading to over-consumption. Note that. Packaged Fruit juices are definitely unhealthy
as they are prepared. By keeping fresh fruit juices in oxygen-depleted
environments for a year. And chemicals are also added to enhance their
flavor. How do miracle fruits work? By performing MIRACLES. No. Miracle fruit is a red berry also known as
Synsepalum dulcificum. The fantastic quality about this berry is
that after eating it. Acidic foods which should be sour, taste sweet. The secret behind this is a protein called
Miraculin found in these fruits. However, experts aren’t sure how miraculin
actually works. But there are three popular theories. First theory states that miraculin temporarily
suppresses sour taste receptors. Hence, when we eat acidic foods, they don’t
taste sour. Second theory states that miraculin rewires
the sweet receptors. Such that they begin to identify acids as
sugars. Thus making sour foods taste sweet. Whereas third theory states that acids cause
miraculin to change its shape. Causing it to bind to the sweet receptors
more strongly. And thus, making them over activated, producing
a sweet taste. Is Coffee good for Health? No. Cold Coffee with Whipped Cream is the healthiest. Oh AumSum. Coffee definitely has some advantages associated
with it. Coffee contains caffeine, it is a stimulant. Which after consumption reduces tiredness. And makes us feel more alert. Coffee is also a strong source of several
powerful antioxidants. Some studies have shown that. Coffee is linked to reduced risk of a number
of diseases. Like Type 2 Diabetes, Parkinson’s & Alzheimer’s. But too much of something is never good for
the body. Consuming too much coffee, that is. Caffeine can lead to anxiety & stress. In some extreme cases. It may also lead to heart palpitations and
panic attacks. Lastly, caffeine present in coffee can be
very addictive. If heavy coffee drinkers try to abstain from
coffee for a few days. They may experience irritation, headaches,
etc. Why do we love junk food? Because it looks cool bro. No. We love junk food because manufacturers design
it to activate our brain’s reward system. They create the perfect combination of salt,
sugar, spices, etc. Which excite our taste buds, thus activating
our brain’s reward system, making us feel good. Now after this, when we eat regular food,
as it doesn’t activate the reward system. It feels less appealing. Besides this, if we compare these foods, the
quantity of healthy food looks more, right? But surprisingly, they both contain the same
number of calories. What? Yes. Now, since healthy food also contains fiber
and water, they add up to the volume. Thus filling our stomach. But, as the junk food doesn’t have enough
water and fiber. It doesn’t fill us. So, we keep eating. And thus, end up consuming more calories leading
to obesity, diabetes, etc.

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  1. I watch several videos from other channels before believing on them….

    But you aumsum, i never need to watch another video on the topic for clarification after I watch your video on that topic….

    You are lit aumsum…..🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  2. Fruit juices are actually healthy since they are rich in Vitamin C which is good for the immune system

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  4. So if we junk food everytime WE GET DIABITIES!?CMON NOBODY WILL EAT JUNK FOOD>:d
    Never eating French fries again

  5. Fruit juices are actually healthy ,Since they have Vitamin C and that's really good for our immune system.

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  7. Aumsum can you give the answer that why the tiles are only square shape why not any other shapes like rectangle triangle circle

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