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Sjögren’s Syndrome : Signs and Symptoms

(light electronica music) – So the majority of patients
with Sjogren’s Syndrome have dryness of their eyes,
dryness of their mouth. Now that is a fairly
common set of symptoms that patients who are perfectly healthy may experience from time to time. But what’s so different for
patients with Sjogren’s Syndrome is that these symptoms are there every day and they’re quite disabling. So the dryness of the eyes limits their ability
to work at a computer, leads to a constant sensation
of sand and grit in their eyes and it may blur their vision, so this kind of daily
persistent dryness of the eyes is what’s so characteristic. And they have to use drops, artificial tears three or four times a day to gain relief. And similarly for the
dryness of the mouth, it’s a daily persistent symptom that interferes with their ability to eat. They often have to sip water to chew and swallow something dry. They may get burning of their
throat from the dryness. They’re very much at risk of
developing dental carries, so it’s a very different dryness
than you and I experience when we’re a bit nervous or
have been working out all day and haven’t had much water. But this is a daily persistent symptom. And not only the dryness, but patients of Sjogren’s Syndrome have a lot of other symptoms
which are very disturbing. The majority of patients record that they have joint pain and stiffness, they have brain fog, they have this fatigue
that’s incapacitating. These are things that they
report and are very disabling in terms of their daily lives. (light electronica music) Now in addition to the
dryness of the eyes and mouth, Sjogren’s Syndrome can
affect other organ systems such as the kidneys, blood vessels, leading to something called vasculitis, the lungs, nervous system,
leading to peripheral neuropathy. And these are much more
serious complications, unfortunately they arise
in a very small minority of patients with Sjogren’s Syndrome. Probably no more than 20-percent will have this more serious
internal organ involvement. There’s another complication
which is more concerning, which is development of lymphoma. Occurs in about five or
10-percent of patients with Sjogren’s who are followed
for a long period of time. Fortunately, the lymphomas are most often a very
indolent, low grade form, which sometimes actually does not require
specific treatment, it can be watched over
time without treatment, but that is something that we
watch out for very carefully is the development of lymphoma in the patients who
have Sjogren’s Syndrome. So about 20-percent of patients
with Sjogren’s Syndrome can develop what we call
a peripheral neuropathy, which is injury to the nerve fibers that are present in the
skin and in the limbs. And this can lead to
a variety of symptoms, but most commonly to a
burning pain or numbness. Less commonly to some motor weakness. We recognize that this occurs
as a complication of Sjogren’s and may require specific treatment. (light electronica music)

4 thoughts on “Sjögren’s Syndrome : Signs and Symptoms

  1. Grateful for this new series. I hope more information of the dental component is forthcoming. I am in the midst of having cavities filled at the gum line on most of my teeth which is evidenced by brown spots. I switched to electrolyte water two years ago because of muscle cramping from neuropathy. That does not have fluoride. Dental decay prevention tips for chronic dry mouth.

  2. Thank you for this video.
    Thank you to validate that sometimes we can be disabled because of some symptoms. And some of them are each day.

    Four months ago, a psychologist thought I need to go in a mental hospital, because I was so tired…
    Fortunatelly, there is a psychiatrist in the rheumatology service, and she could explain this extreme fatigue is not only a sign of depression but it’s pretty common in Sjögren.
    I had the diagnosis for sure three months ago.

    So fast to tell: take this pills because you’re depressed (tired) and so complaining about mysterious symptoms, and go outside, have a walk, Move!
    And you are just so in pain and suffering (for losing your job, a disability people called easily lazyness…).
    So thank you!
    Excuse my mistakes, English is not my mother tongue.

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