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Sleep deprivation effects: Study shows desire for junk food increases

Sleep deprivation effects: Study shows desire for junk food increases “A US study found lack of sleep can weaken your self control” “Junk food looks more appealing because your brain needs rewards” “Wow! These snacks look so good to my sleep deprived body.” “To fight the temptation of junk food and prevent weight gain, adequate sleep is the key!” A study by the Institute of Human Nutrition at Columbia University found the brain’s reward centers are activated by junk food, such as candy, pizza, donuts, in people who only sleep around 4 hours for 5 days straight. The appetite for junk food is subsequently triggered by the brain. However, people who sleep for up to nine hours do not have the same problem. The study concluded that people have relatively lower awareness when sleep deprived, and will do things they know they shouldn’t. Sleep deprivation triggers the hypothalamus to increase secretion of the hormone that controls the appetite. This would result in hunger pangs and increases the chances of weight gain. Dr. Lin (Director of the department of rehabilitation and obesity prevention center at WanFang hospital): ” Long term sleep deprivation results in a strong appetite, which triggers the weight gain mechanism. There is a continuity relationship throughout the whole series of events. “The appetite could be triggered and sleep can help you to lose weight.” Doctor Lin recommends 7 to 8 hours of sleep each night to lower the Body Adiposity Index (BAI). Apple Action News, “Guess doctor Lin has sleep deprivation issues too.”

18 thoughts on “Sleep deprivation effects: Study shows desire for junk food increases

  1. This conclusion does seem to be preditable to me, when you are really tired and need to stay awake of course you are going to seek out the quickest fix available in the form of food and that is of course junk food.

  2. They need to have a Carol vs. Le Ann so we can determine once and for all who is hotter. And they need to be in Bikinis!

  3. well, dr.lin must be a nice guy considering he is offering all the good advice for people. it's ironic he is also overweight, but you shouldnt have made fun of him. doctors are on-call 24/7, so they could be sleep-deprived just to save others' lives.

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