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Smoothie Bowls – Protein Treats By Nutracelle

hey guys welcome to Protein Treats by
Nutracelle I’m Melanie Wildman and I have lost over a hundred pounds and kept
it off for almost ten years since my sleeve and how did I do that
I cut out sugar and I replaced it with prebiotic protein and you might be
wondering what on earth that is well it is our Nutracelle protein and what it
does is it helps to repair your gut flora from the inside out so you can
feel full you don’t have cravings anymore and most importantly your body
is able to actually metabolize the food that you’re eating so you can lose
weight without ever depriving yourself and I’m gonna show you some of my easy
breakfast hacks in fact this morning we’re gonna make some smoothie bowls
they are so fast so easy and so delicious you’re gonna want to stick
around and see how yummy and delicious it really is to lose weight and feel
really healthy okay these smoothie bowls are so
ridiculously easy to make and they’re so healthy and yummy now you’re gonna start
you’re gonna have some Nutralean i’ve got vanilla Nutralean and i want to
make a chocolate version as well so I’ve got both here today and then I have some
super power foods here I’ve got blueberries which are incredibly high in
antioxidants they’re a great brain food and a power food plus they’re super low
in sugar and high in fiber and that’s what we want in our fruit remember
things like bananas bananas even a hundred years ago were really tiny and
full of seeds today the bananas that we have are full of sugar they’re four to
five times larger than they used to be so they’re not really your friend you
want to stick with low sugar high fiber fruits so we’ve got our powerhouse
blueberries here we’ve got raspberries we have some strawberries and then we’ve
got extra stuff to give you that crunch and that filling feeling so we have some
coconut here some shredded coconut now we’re in the grocery store make sure
that you pick up unsweetened shredded coconut really easy to accidentally pick
up the sweet and stuff that’s gonna spike your blood sugar and you’re gonna
store fat that’s not what you want we want to be burning fat with our
breakfast I’ve also got some chia seeds here
these are really great high in really good fats high in fiber and maybe even
got some protein in them I also have some unsweetened dark chocolate that
I’ve gone ahead and I just used a nice and sort of chopped it up here and then
I have some hemp hearts from Canada these are from Manitoba they’re organic
hemp parts super-high and protein high in fiber and of course they’re
absolutely delicious if you have other things on hand like pumpkin seeds sesame
seeds you could put those in too or if you’re a household that doesn’t have nut
allergies ours does but walnuts almonds those sorts of nuts are also super good
for you you could put those in in the morning so I’m going to show you how
easy this is to do with your neutrally I’ve got Greek yogurt here and it’s a
full fat Greek yogurt now you can go ahead and you can get a low-fat Greek
yogurt it’s really important if you do that that you check to make sure that it
doesn’t have a bunch of added carbohydrate and added sugar a lot of
times when they try to take the fat out of things they fill it full of chemicals
and full of carbohydrate that’s not what you want so you want as low carb as you
can find and as high fat as you can find as you can see right here looks really
yummy and delicious and all we’re gonna do is add a few scoops of our vanilla
nutrient now what’s so great about our vanilla nutrient is it’s really high in
prebiotic fiber and you might be wondering what is prebiotic fiber and
it’s that like a probiotic what sort of is if you think of a probiotic is the
actual bacteria that your body needs to have a healthy gut flora your prebiotic
is the fiber that that healthy bacteria needs to survive and thrive and that’s
what actually heals your body from the inside out and it also makes it so your
body is able to process all of that healthy protein that you’re getting so
I’ve put in as you can see just a few scoops here you can do this at almost
any ratio you want so if you know you’re just going to mix up a bowl or two you
could use half a cup or a cup of Greek yogurt and put in a scoop or two of your
vanilla neutrally and what’s so great about it
if it mixes perfectly you’re gonna notice once you start mixing it if you
let it sit for about five minutes to even just two minutes you’re gonna
notice there’s no clumps it’s perfectly smooth and it looks like it came right
from the store that way and that’s all you need because we use real vanilla and
it’s sweetened with stevia and just a touch of sucralose you have this really
delicious really sweet almost like a pudding with your Greek yogurt look how
beautifully that’s going into the bowl look at that and now what we want to do
is fill it up with all of our superpower foods so I’m going to just place a
couple of little raspberries here right on the side and then I’m gonna do a line
of blueberries you want it to look really pretty I make this in the
mornings for my kids and they absolutely love it look at that and then I’m gonna
add some strawberries but a lot of people don’t realize is actually the
lowest sugar berry these strawberries they’re even lower in sugar than
raspberries here we go put these right on the side and then I want to have a
little bit of chocolate just a little touch as I move up and of course our
hemp hearts from Manitoba Saskatchewan and a little bit of chia seed look at
this you guys I’m gonna put some chia seed over to the side and then of course
coconut coconut is so good for you it’s really high in healthy fats and it’s
high in fiber and it also makes a really great flower that you can use to replace
the grains that make us so sick so look at this you guys how long did that take
me to whip this together maybe a minute and you’ve got this incredibly healthy
yummy breakfast okay so I added a little bit of unsweetened cocoa and a little
bit of stevia you don’t have to do that all you need is your chocolate nutria
lean it uses real cocoa and it’s a prebiotic protein so it’s got
10 grams of prebiotic fiber and 30 grams per serving of protein all made in
Prince Edward Island Canada and I’m just gonna put a few scoops in and I’m gonna
go ahead and mix this up I’m gonna tilt it towards the camera a little bit here
just so you can see how easy that mixes up and now you’ve got a chocolaty
breakfast to start your day look how delicious that is if you’re like me and
you love chocolate and chocolates so good for you it’s full of flavonoids
it’s full of antioxidants plus we all know it tastes really good if you can
start your morning with something that you absolutely love and I just cooped it
all over my hand try not to do that when you’re making your own breakfast here we
go a couple more scoops okay now that we have our yummy chocolate breakfast start
I’m gonna start packing this with lots of nutritional goodness and we’ll load
it up with our blueberries or strawberries a few raspberries and some
coconut I’m gonna skip out on the chocolate this time but I definitely
want some chia seed it gives that nice little bit of crunch there we go two
different desserts and look at this in just a few seconds you have an
incredibly healthy power breakfast packed with protein packed with
prebiotic fiber and most importantly it’s super delicious and you’re gonna
feel full right through to lunch none of that mid-morning bla this is how
you and your kids need to start a healthy morning with chocolate YUM this is so good you guys are gonna love
it make sure that you comment below and
tell me what you want me to make healthy for you for breakfast or for any meal or
snack and check out all our other videos we’ve got everything from snacks too
decadent cheesecakes to even hamburger buns check it out and press that little
bell so that you get a notification every week when we release a brand new
way for you to lose weight and maintain the weight with the food that you love
all right guys I’m gonna see you back here next week with Protein Treats bye
Nutracellel have an awesome week thanks everybody

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