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Smoothie for Thyroid Cancer (Low Iodine Diet)

♪ [music playing–
no dialogue] ♪♪. Hi, my name is Laura Humann. I’m a graduate dietetics student
at Eastern Illinois University. Today, I’m going to talk to you
about low-iodine diet in regards to treatment of thyroid cancer. I’m also going to demonstrate
how to make a delicious and quick smoothie that
is appropriate for a low-iodine diet. Let’s begin by going over
what thyroid cancer is. The thyroid is a gland that is
located in the front of your neck directly below your larynx. A healthy thyroid is actually
the size of a quarter. The thyroid produces
two hormones. It produces thyroid hormone,
which is responsible for blood pressure, heart rate,
temperature, and weight. Another hormone that the
thyroid produces is calcitonin. Calcitonin is important for
the regulation of the amount of calcium in your body. Cancer begins in cells. In normal cells, they grow
and divide and then die in a process known as apoptosis. However, in cancer the cells
will grow when they are not supposed to grow, they’ll
divide, and they won’t die. Therefore they’ll form a
mass called a tumor. In thyroid cancer the
tumor is called nodules, and these nodules can either
be malignant or benign. Malignant nodules are the ones
that you want to be aware of, as those are the cancerous
ones that need to be treated. Treatment options include
surgery, thyroid hormone replacement, radioactive
iodine treatment, and external radiation
therapy or chemotherapy. Following surgery, radioactive
iodine treatment needs to be done to kill off any
remaining cells in the body. To prepare for the iodine
treatment, the patient needs to undergo a low-iodine diet for a
few weeks before the surgery. This is to deplete the stores
of iodine in the body and to create the most
effectiveness of the treatment. Iodine is found in a lot of
ingredients in our culture. The American Thyroid
Association recommends eating no more than 50 micrograms
of iodine in a day. A list of foods that contain
iodine and should be avoided are heavily limited is very
extensive, and a full list can be obtained at www.thyca.org. However, a brief overview of the
items that have a lot of iodine that should be avoided or
limited include iodized salt, dairy products, meat products,
seafood products, egg yolks, commercially-baked products,
soy beans, and meats. It is important in a low-iodine
diet to consume fresh products as much as possible, and always
have food readily available that’s appropriate for the diet. Although most food manufacturers
don’t use iodized salt, it is impossible to know if
they’re always accurate and up-to-date on
the food labels. In addition, the cleaners and
sanitizers used in the equipment and used to clean the utensils
and services may contain iodine. So when on a low iodine diet, it
is very handy to plan ahead and use a cookbook that’s found
at www.thyca.org for ideas and recipes that you can
make ahead of time, freeze, and have ready for
quick, handy meals. In fact, a great recipe
idea for an easy breakfast or snack is a smoothie. It involves a cup and a half of
orange juice, a handful of fresh or frozen strawberries or
blueberries, and a banana. You just put it all in the
blender, blend it all up, and here’s the final product. A delicious, tasty, smoothie. To wrap up my talk today, I’d
like to thank you for listening. I hope that if you or someone
you know has thyroid cancer and needs to go on a low-iodine
diet for surgery, the key is to plan ahead and always have low
iodine foods readily available. For more information regarding
what I shared today, or for more information, please
go to www.thyca.org. Thank you. ♪ [music playing–
no dialogue] ♪♪.

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  1. My daughter has papillary thyroid cancer she has had surgery what can she eat or what healthy things should she eat to keep it from coming back

  2. Wow she don't know a thing, whats going on is she trying to ** some one over! added if were looking for Low iodine diet we know about cancer but it would have been nice to go over Smothies!!

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