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Guys, it’s summer and we got a lot of requests to make this thing. Can we make it Julia? Well, I think so. Can we make it giant? How about I just pour you a bigger glass? But that’s not as wasteful. The S’mores Frappuccino is another Frappuccino in a long list of Frappuccinos created by Starbucks Only for a limited time. Our job is to recreate the taste by trying them out first. And hopefully you can enjoy the refreshing taste of these specialty Frappuccinos in the comfort of your own home. If it doesn’t feel authentic enough you can always go to Starbucks and ask for a plastic cup and a straw. Let’s see how this Frappaccino stands up to the rest. Can you get that? I don’t want to litter It’s okay. What do you think? Guys always go to the top. Mmmm. Oh, if you sucked down deep, you get the chocolate and the marshmallow. That’s marshmallow on the bottom. No, it’s not. It’s not? Is it? Can we just make S’mores? No Today, on Hellthy Junk Food we are going to be making whipped cream from scratch, and yes, that’s right we actually got our own CO2 cartridges and whipping cream. What is this thing called? Whipped cream something? It’s a professional stainless steel whipped cream dispenser. And I’ve never made marshmallow whipped cream before and I’m not sure if I should be using Marshmallows or fluff. Pick fluff! Pick fluff? Screw you, marshmallows! I’m just kidding. Wow, I haven’t touched this stuff in the longest time. Guys comment below Tell me if this isn’t making you feel something special right now. Tastes like chemicals. Into my grave. Ew, it expanded. Ew, you cooked it, it’s like an egg white. Ew it smells like ***hole. Ew, it’s disgusting. Ew! That’s not going in the video Julia. Oh, my god. Yum Don’t look at me What are you doing? Ow! Oh, no, okay, but this is good, this is better. I know exactly what I am doing. Like how it’s got that little clumpy texture. It’s Marshmallow infused guys! Whip right? Did you follow the instructions? I don’t know. Turn on! Oh! Yes! It’s like a cow’s teat! Voila! Stop! Ah! Guys if you’re going to be doing a Starbucks recipe you obviously you got to use good coffee It’s gotta be like super cold so how you going to do that? Now it’s not as strong everybody What’s that thing? That’s for my project. S’mores aren’t S’mores without graham cracker guys. Starbucks using it as a topping on their treat and they grind it up. So we’re going to grind ours up It’s done Add the ice. One cup of cold coffee going in. I got a quarter cup milk quarter cup of heavy cream Three tablespoons sweetened condensed milk. And that’s it guys, you got a Frappuccino That’s so easy. You press the button. Ready? Uh Oh, it doesn’t work Oh! Is that good? And it’s done. Let’s build this S’mores Frappuccino. JP cleaned this glass special for today look how shiny. Yeah, we don’t normally clean our glasses Why not put fluff on the bottom? Because we’re pretty sure that that’s what Starbucks does. I think it’s a better option to have fluff on the bottom. Besides, I always like to add fluff to my videos. Are you really doing it, I was just joking? Really? No, put it in. Don’t make it touch the sides though All right guys in with the chocolate Looking more S’moresey? It looks like something, I don’t know. Marshmallow infused whipped cream here that we made from scratch. And that’s it. That’s the s’mores Frap. That’s the copycat recipe. Tell me does it taste the same? It tastes exactly the same. It’s delicious. This is the one S’mores recipe that you do not need a campfire for. Do you miss the campfire? Do you wish you were there? Probably, but maybe JP can bring this back and add a little fire underneath it. You’re damn, right. Thanks for the introduction This is good, but it’s not a real S’more. Because you need….. Fire! I’m just gonna toast that. Oh, just melt it. Smells gross now. It’s not doing what I want it to do. Gotta fill this bad boy up. You should give like one of those public notices to the children not to do that Yeah, don’t do that Fire! You need the Graham crackers. You need the Hershey bar and then look at these marshmallows guys They’re made for S’mores and they come with a butthole. You get near that cozy campfire And you light that gunfire. This smell already brings me back to where campfires and like S’mores come into action. Now, while it’s still on fire, kind of like flambe. You put it right here. No, you’re suppose to put it out first. No, you don’t you don’t put it out first. You put it right on while it’s burning. That’s on fire still on the counter. Are the skewers still in it? Yeah! I left the skewer in. That’s because what you’re suppose to do is put this on top. Yup, yup ok put it on top I know what I’m doing. Oh, my god! And then you pull out the. Yeah, ok. S’more. And then to get a real S’mores Frappaccino, Boom! That’s a real S’mores Frappaccino. Because people like the burnt, nasty burnt marshmallows when they go to the campfire. Give me this. You take a little bit off the top. Ew, get that little white string. You’ve got a new white string. Mmmm, it’s deliciously disgusting. Alright, new plan. Alright, pop that little triangle in there Maybe a little chocolate piece in there and then end it with a marshmallow and then toast top Just like that give a little makeover right around the sides What are you laughing at, it S’mores? It’s a wonderful. I’m gonna toss some of this on here. Do a little bit of this chocolate drizzle on top. That’s a true S’mores Frappaccino. It’s better? It’s amazing JP, everybody’s wondering what your shirt means? What, chill?. You wanna have some of this? Yeah. It’s that easy, and I’m pretty sure it’s only like 1,200 calories. You can either have dinner or you can have that. If you like what you’ve seen here and you want to see more, make sure to subscribe. And we’ll see you next time on another episode of Hellthy Junk Food. You’re looking for some crazy leaks or information or just pictures of us, make sure to follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter too. Previous videos are here. And new videos are over here Previous video, new video. It’s actually not bad for you if you’re on a 10,000 calorie a day diet. Yeah. Who’s gonna eat that much? I will


  1. Juvia: I'm not sure if I should use Marshmallows or…Fluff
    Me: I think you should use Marshmall-
    JP: Pick Fluff!
    Me: But-
    Juvia Pick Fluff?
    JP: Screw you Marshmallows! Kicks bag across the room
    Me: ..

  2. In the uk there was a popcorn frap that was on for a few days and it was my first time in starbucks ;-;

  3. 1 year later I still want this. But it's never been available over here ๐Ÿ˜ข๐Ÿ˜ฅ๐Ÿ˜ง

  4. I know you guys might think I'm crazy but I actually like to burn my marshmellows on purpose because they taste so good. I don't know why but it's just really good.

  5. When you bought out the marshmallow fluff reminded me when I was in art class in elementary school we had like a free day where we get to bring food and eat and watch movies and I brought marshmallow fluff and I ate it so

  6. My drink order is a regular sโ€™mores Frappuccino with no chocolate syrup since they always make the drink too sweet, extra graham crackers and extra marshmellow whip. The chocolate syrup was just wayyy to sweet. Learned that mistake smh.

  7. I'm sorry but no wonder why half of America has a stroke before the age of 50… You're literally eating carcinogens when you eat burnt marshmallow, a.k.a cancerous…

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