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Snake Diet Results 9 Day Weight Loss Results and Review – How I lost weight FAST

hi everyone in this video I’m gonna tell
you what the snake diet is about the three times I tried it and how much
weight I lost doing in nine days and what I have started yesterday so I did
this make diet three times once was four days once was five days one with nine
days the difference between the first two in the nine days is the first two I
had no type of accountability I met a man in the group and the snake diet
group motivation group that just had an amazing transformation in nine days so I
posted on a comment and asked what his workout routine was and he told me to
him box him and he sent me a copy of it and from that day on I don’t know he
came he became my coach for nine days so he did high rep weights with low low
weight on each um read high sets high reps low weight okay so I was like I’m
gonna try that because when I did the five and four days I lost 12 and 15
pounds or 12 or 17 pounds so I knew this worked but I wanted to see what this
would do so I needed accountability like when I did it the other two times I
would do the day’s I did a whole four in a whole five days but then my intentions
was to stop probably have a whole day off that’s not what the snake Dyer says
it says have a tiny little meal like 500 calories or less and then get right back
on it and just keep that cycle up until you get ripped which is not my goal
ripped is not my goal my goal is to be healthier and to be like 75 pounds less
so every morning I sent a Facebook message with my way to the to my coach
and I included what I ate which should be nothing and I included the website
the sets I did in my starting weight and how much I lost every day and there was
a lot of days I wanted to quit just because I still wasn’t hungry like this
diet it sounds crazy and I’m like I really believe I have addiction to food
like really but I work out so I work out some but I just eat like crazy which is
why I’m big so I just wanted to eat just because I’m that’s my habit I’ll just
eat him for every emotion I have so let’s see the nine days passed and I
lost a total of 22 pounds in nine days I was excited I was proud of myself I was
thankful for the coach because that’s the only reason why I finished cuz I
just have no one to keep me accountable I wanted to post in the snake tire
motivation group but I can’t get naked not because I’m scared or embarrassed no
it’s because I’m Muslim and I can’t sew the thumbnail in this video is like I’m
naked but that photo was not approved that is not necessary to be successful
but a person like me or anyone that is really obese addicted of food uses it
for every different reason they need more than a diet plan they need that
accountability they need you know people cheering them on they need to know
they’re gonna inspire somebody that’s a good vital tool to help you stick to a
diet which is why I’m gonna start doing these videos because I’m gonna have you
to keep me accountable it’s it’s cool Robinson’s diet and I respect that he
wants to keep it the way he wants it like I think it does make people feel
more comfortable than everybody in there has no clothes on so it doesn’t matter
what you look like you put it there and everyone’s on the same page because when
you put it on your homepage and your friends or family see you everyone’s
gonna judge you and not understand because they did no research so
it’s cool but I’m not gonna do this snake diet because I can’t even be a
part of the group but I think I’m 40 years old
this is the best diet I’ve ever done I have to say that even though it’s not
for me but fasting is for me and I think I have an advantage because I’ve been
fasting for 10 years once a month in termina fest and from the morning to the
night to Ramadan so that might have helped me I also did the 14 day smoothie
diet before I started doing all these snake died 4 or 5 and 9 days I think
maybe that helped me it’s just I don’t have any side effects from anything I
don’t have headaches I do kind of get sleepy sometimes but not really I think
the more you do it the more your body would get used to it one bad side effect
I did have though is if I fast for a lot of days I don’t ease into it and I just
eat whatever I want but all food goes through me immediately like if I ate a
meal now I would just have to go to the bathroom within an hour I don’t know I
think my body is just cleaned out even though I’ve been its that was July 20
that was July August and there were at the end of September and I still feel
like my body’s cleaned out so the snake diet is awesome it’s not for me because
I want to be a part of the group and I’m not allowed so I’m making my own group
but it’s not for snake diet it’s for fasting low carb pretty much any kind of
diet you want really because I feel like it’s more mental like today when I
wanted to break my fast no my mind wanted to break it but I’ve had no
hunger so I need somewhere to go to say I just need accountability and I feel
like everyone needs that and you could be successful if you are in that group
make your post and post every day a little thing because that’s gonna keep
you going you’re not gonna want to quit and later today right now the kids and I
were gonna go to the gym and we’re going to come home and then
I’m going to put my day 1 results of my new weight-loss journey because
accountability is everything so I really believe I’ll be successful this time and
I hope I can inspire somebody to commit and stay with it and keep off the way oh
wait a minute so when I started that one way back in July I started at 270 1.7
pounds I went all the way down to two forty nine point six that’s major forty
sounds so good to me today no starting yesterday morning when I started day one
of this new one I was – seventy-three point – that is absolutely horrendous
because I should have at least maintained the 22 pounds weight loss the
plan was to even if I wasn’t gonna go back to fasting just maintain so if I
see I go back up five pounds fast the next day
that’s something he also teaches he does a lot of different varieties to the
snake diet but he says the least for someone like me I need to at least go
two days minimum then a tiny reef eat and then keep going going going but
there’s a lot of different ways to do it so I’m following dr. Fung now and a few
other fast end people and I joined some other groups that are fasting based
because it’s good to have that community so please subscribe like this video if
you would like to see my updates each day thank you

62 thoughts on “Snake Diet Results 9 Day Weight Loss Results and Review – How I lost weight FAST

  1. Please subscribe if you would like to support me or follow along my weight loss journey. I won't really be doing the snake diet but I will be taking what I learned and using the snake juice here and there. Would love to hear how others like this diet and weight loss results you have gotten, . Have a productive day everyone!

  2. OMG let's support each other I can't do the snake diet but I will be Dryfasting and one meal a day . I will only be doing carnivore and small amount of veggies 😁 great video I will be posting in the next hour. I'm also in my forties and fasting is the best.

  3. I agree with you and I wish you the best luck on your journey. I was supposed to start mines today but I messed up and ate. So I'm starting over as well and I'm trying to lose 100 pounds. I'm here to support you as well.

  4. What did you do to break your fasts? What sort of foods? I heard long fasts can be harder to break with food and hurt your digestive system?

  5. Keep going sister may Allah Bless You in good heath, don’t feel excluded from the snake diet if you can fast that’s all that needs to be done, You are awesome 🌹

  6. What? They want people to post naked photos? That's not cool. I've been looking into snake diet. As a vegan tho. I've water fasted before but think the snake juice is a good idea. Thanks for sharing. Would like to hear more about your process.

  7. How about a sisters only fasting group in sha Allah? I also joined the FB group you’re talking about but had the same issue re accountability/awrah.

  8. Congratulations on your weightloss. I want to also loss about 12 kgs. I also not comfortable removing my clothes for religious reasons. Can you coach me. I would like to do a 7-12 days fast. I need someone to hold me accountable.

  9. This is amazing.. can you send me a step by step Snake Diet plan for 10 days and keep me accountable..pls.. as you know, I workout everyday and my eating habits are not bad but I definitely want to try this.

  10. OMG I feel like me and you are almost the same person. Fasting is no problem but I am trying to figure out what will help me lose the fastest. Can I get the info to your coach. I need someone to help keep me accountable.

  11. Wow 22 lbs in 9 days is amazing! I'm glad you found something that works for you. That is one of the most difficult parts of weight loss…finding your rhythm…figuring out what you can stick to. I'm glad you found it! I'm starting to figure it out for myself too. I'll be following your journey…new subbie!

  12. Good morning, this is really great information. I am starting a weight loss journey with assistance from my doctor. I am not doing it for the numbers I’m doing it for health reasons. My goal is to learn how to suppress my desire for the bad food. I look forward to following you on your journey and would love for you to follow me on mine. I just posted a video yesterday on my latest doctor visit where he expressed to me that I was obese. Thanks for watching and have an amazing Sunday

  13. So true, youtube has been a major tool in assisting with mu accountability. I also struggle with compulsive over eating and food addiction. The low carb diet has helped. I cant wait to build up enough endurance for a 3 day fast, thanks for sharing.

  14. just found your channel via your comment in jens channel im.so exited to go thru your videos and see your story!! bless you 💚💙💜

  15. i was up until 4 watching snake diet videos and looking for info.im so excited to start.thank you for your channel and inspiration.im looking forward to more of your videos. i eliminated all added sugar and all my cravings went away. worth a try 💚💙💜

  16. Assalamu alaikum I totally understand I'm niqaabi and trying my first snake diet .on day 2 . I am at 230lbs and hoping and praying to see the scale go down .I will love to join your group. May Allah help us cure our bodies (aameen )

  17. Thanks for sharing your experience. I have a food addiction too. My life revolves around eating. It’s sad!
    I’m on day 2. I was going to do 7 days but you’ve inspired me to try for 9 days.

  18. Thank U ..we do need accountable sad u.d let a man made control system stop a godyesS like uRself much loVe go for it … have.n hard time myself to stop eat.n

  19. How are you doing at the moment? Have you lost anymore weight? Im starting in 10 from today. Thankyou motivating me and all the best.

  20. 5k view I'm done wow that's crazy amazing also 220 likes….. you are really awesome & it shows…great video Meika I see why everyone was on this video my friend because it's very important information just like the rest of your video's/ vlog awesome video

  21. I’ve just found your channel, and it’s really helping me stay motivated, THANKS!
    I’ve done one 2 day dry fast and now I’m in the middle of a 7 day. I don’t know much about snake diet, but I’ll look into it.

    I really appreciate you sharing your experience ☺️👍🏾 You’re doing such a great job!

  22. How are you able to work out on an amply stomach? I would pass out. I can fast, but I cant workout if I'm fasting.

  23. Awesome Mieka I recently came back to IF I'm in love with it again I use to do it on and off for seems like portions of my life! And I never will go back to 3 meals a day

  24. I was watching another YouTuber and YouTube suggested your channel! Yay, beast mode. Good luck on your journey 🙏

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