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Sneaky Reasons Fast Food Always Looks Better In The Commercials

Fast food commercials are like a peek into
an alternate dimension, where everyone is happy and healthy and thrilled to be digging
into that absolutely picture perfect, delicious hamburger. And then there’s reality, where you actually
get fast food and spend the rest of the day questioning your life decisions. So why does real fast food look so much worse
than advertised? Here are some sneaky reasons fast food always
looks better in the commercials. Bogus breakfast Breakfast is the most important meal of the
day. But it rarely looks or tastes as good in real
life as those ads would have you believe. Why? Well, the reason that bacon looks so amazing
on TV is because food stylists weave it over and under tubes before putting it in the oven,
giving it a perfect ribbon effect you’ll never get actually frying bacon. At least it’s edible, though, unlike advertisement
pancakes. The flapjacks in your photo shoot are likely
sprayed with Scotchguard to keep the fake syrup from seeping in – and that “syrup” is
actually made from motor oil, in order to get a deeper, richer color. Yuck! Bad burgers If you think breakfasts are bogus, wait until
you find out how they make burgers look so good. Firstly, the meat is deliberately undercooked
to make the burger look juicier and plumper. Then, fake grill marks are added, either by
burning the meat with an electric charcoal starter, or by simply drawing it on with eyeliner. Then, the burger is touched up with shoe polish
to make sure it looks perfect. Next, the burger is placed on a special bun
that has been meticulously picked from hundreds of buns to make sure it has just the right
look. “It certainly is a big bun. It is a big bun. A big fluffy bun A very big fluffy bun” Once that is done, produce is added, only
it’s been sprayed with hairspray so it looks fresh. And finally, just to make sure the burger
holds together, stylists add cardboard and pins. So go ahead and chow down! Fried chicken fakery Chicken pieces, like any meat, come with their
own imperfections and irregularities. But in the ads, chicken always looks so perfectly
hot and juicy. How? Two tricks: first, the chicken is injected
with mashed potatoes to make it plump, and then steam is added by microwaving water-soaked
cotton balls and hiding them behind the meat. “It feels like my tummy is asking for some
Kentucky Fried Chicken.” A side order of lies What meal is complete without a side order
of wax and a big cup of antacids? That’s basically what you get in the advertisements,
as food stylists use wax to make sauces stay cohesive during long photo shoots. And the fizz in those insanely fizzy drinks
is produced by dropping some antacid down in there. Hey, if you actually ate any of this stuff,
you’d need some antacid too! Dessert deception If you tasted the frozen treats in a fast
food ad, you’d be in for quite a shock. Instead of delicious ice cream, you might
get a mouthful of mashed potatoes, vegetable shortening, and powdered sugar. And instead of a creamy milkshake, you could
be sipping on shortening, powdered sugar, and Jell-O. And that whipped topping? Probably shaving cream. These stand-ins don’t melt like the real thing,
so they’re preferable under the hot lights of a shoot. “where am I Humans require ice cream. What is this place? Eat the Ice cream.” Hi-tech hijinks Even after all that meticulous prep and expert
placement of ingredients, you’d better believe the final image still gets photoshopped. Just like human models, burger models get
the once-over to remove blemishes, fix any imperfections, and enhance coloring. And the use of technology extends even further,
as Tech Insider revealed that special robots are used to create those goofy “food flying
everywhere” commercials: Fast food: great for robots, dangerous for
everyone else.

49 thoughts on “Sneaky Reasons Fast Food Always Looks Better In The Commercials

  1. I had a teacher who uses to be a food stylist. She said it would normally take her 6 hours to get a burger to look perfect for just one picture.

  2. Isn't this false advertising and therefore illegal? Don't you have to show ingredients from your actual product?

  3. I find this information to be "FAKE NEWS" We all know that fast food enterprises would NOT misrepresent their nutritious "food"products by pulling the wool or polyester over our eyes. LOL You did forget to mention the "fake" ice cubes in the soda.

  4. False advertising big tits eating big burgers most of the food looks good until you get it then it looks like shit and tastes like shit bottom line fast food is shit don't be fooled by this deception to late you already have been fast food is only good at 2 in the morning your drunk your hungry and your willing to settle for crap food to fill a void

  5. It should be illegal for Restuarants to advertise, something that is down right, impossible to be served. I example, a burger that looks bigger in the ads, than what you actually get.

  6. is it just me or does chicken injected with mashed potatoes actually sound good
    or maybe i'm just addicted to mash potatoes

  7. The reason why is because they bring it to some other place and take a picture of it and move all the other ingredients/condiments to the side and re assemble it and after they take s picture of it the photoshop it to make it more visible and advertising

  8. The fast food industry doesn't care if its healthy or good for you at all they want your money thats all they care about! Its a big business and works too many lazy people and alot don't even know how to cook! Not even an egg very sad stuff! Opt to cook at home!

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