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Sonic Plush Movie: SonAmy Feed Bailey!

– Sonic the Hedgehog, I
need to go to the store, will you feed Bailey? (Sonic mumbling) Yeah. – And when I say feed, I don’t mean this junk you eat all day. I mean veggies, she’s a growing girl. – Yeah, no problem Aimey, yeah sure. – All right, If I find out
she hasn’t eaten her veggies, I’ll feed you veggies for a whole month! – A Whole month. – And I will find out, mister. All right, bye bye. – Okay so I guess it’s time
to go feed Bailey her veggies. All right, we have something
great for Bailey for dinner. Oh yeah, some sweet peas. Oh yes, she’s gonna love this. (giggles) Oh yes, all right. Bailey, it’s dinner time (giggles). All right Bailey, here is your dinner, some sweet peas (giggles). And here is your juice. – What! I have to eat all these peas daddy? – Yes, you have to eat
all these peas (giggles). – But I don’t wanna. – Well too bad Bailey,
you’re A growing girl and you need your vitamins
from these healthy vegetables. And while you do this, I’m gonna prepare my dinner (giggles). Oh boy, it’s gonna be so good (giggles). – What! You get honey buns for dinner. – That’s right.
– That’s not fair. – Oh it is too fair Bailey, I’m an adult, so I can chose what I eat, and
I wanna eat these honey buns, but for you, you’re still growing, so you need those veggies (giggles). – I’m not eating your peas. – Oh yes you’re eating those peas, you’re gonna eat every
single one of those peas and I don’t wanna see your face, until you lick that
plate clean young lady. – I’m not eating them. – Oh yes you are Bailey. – No I’m not, and you’re
not the boss of me. – Bailey, what did you just do? Oh my gosh, you’re in so much trouble. Come back here. Oh get back here Bailey. You gonna eat these peas if
it’s the last thing I do Bailey. – No I’m not, and you can
go and jump in a lake. I’m not eating your veggies, and get me some chicken nuggets. – Yes you are Bailey. Open this door right now. – [Bailey] Na uh. – Yes you’re gonna open this door, and you’re gonna go eat hose veggies. – [Bailey] No I’m not. – Yes you are, open this door. There should be another way
in there, think Sonic, think. I’ll break the window,
I’ll break the window, that’s right Bailey, if you
don’t come out right now, I’m gonna go round and break that window. – [Bailey] Woody, is that you? A special delivery. Thank you Woody. – [Sonic] Oh Bailey, is that you? All right Bailey, oh boy,
do I have a treat for you, It’s really good. – [Bailey] What is it? – You gotta guess what it
is, it’s really good though. – [Bailey] Is it chicken nuggets? – No, it’s not chicken
nuggets, guess again. – [Bailey] Is it cake? – Oh you’re getting warmer Bailey. You’re so close, scalding
hot, but it’s not cake. It’s even better. – [Bailey] Well, I guess
I’ll just have to look. – Oh, you will, Bailey. Open this door. – That’s corn, Daddy! – But it’s really good, Bailey, look it’s gotta nice green
smiling man on it, he’s so happy. – Daddy, I’m not eating that. – Oh Bailey, it’s really good. In fact I love this stuff, I love it. – Well if you love it
so much, you can eat it. – Bailey wait. Oh Bailey, I got some candy
for you if you open up. – [Bailey] Daddy I’m not falling for that. – This time it really is
candy, I promise, see. Yeah I’m very sure. – [Bailey] All right I’ll open the door. Three. Two. – Bailey you get back
in here right now missy. – [Bailey] Naaa. – Okay, we gotta figure something else. Think Sonic, think. Oh wait, I’ve got it. Now with this (mumbles) I
look just like Saint Nick. Ho ho ho, Merry Christmas. – [Bailey] Santa is that you? – Yes it is Bailey, and I’ve got a present for
you if you just open up and come and open it. – For me? – Oh yes for you (laughs). – Let me open it, let me open. – No, no, wait, wait, no. – This is empty. You’re not Santa. – Yes I– – You’re my daddy! – No Bailey come out, all
right now we got done, it’s time to eat your corn. Bailey you’re gonna eat it. – [Bailey] No. – Yes you are. In three, two, – No.
– One. Bailey! All right, I got one
more trick up my sleeve. Oh no Bailey, I’m about
to fall out the window. – [Bailey] Daddy I don’t believe you, that’s the dumbest one yet. – Oh Bailey, I really need your help. I’m about to fall out of this window. Oh no. Come on, you gotta come help your dad. – [Bailey] Go ahead and do it daddy. – No, I’m gonna whoa whoa. Bailey (mumbles) Bailey! Open this door, open this door. All right Bailey, this
is gonna be a good one. If you come out, you don’t have to eat
your peas Bailey (laughs). – [Bailey] Really? – Yeah really. – All right daddy. – Wait, what! Where did you. That’s my honey bun. Give it back. – You really want it? – Yes, of course. – All right you can have it. I know my daddy, he’s gonna make me eat this
nasty Collard Greens instead. Time to get rid of them. Time to get rid of the evidence, my daddy will never find out. Three, two, one. – Bailey! – Daddy what are you doing out there? – Oh I was waiting for you, I
knew you were gonna do this. I knew you’re gonna throw
those Collard Greens out the window. If you throw those out the
window, you’re gonna be grounded for a whole month. – All right daddy I won’t throw them. – Good I’m glad you understanding. – I’ma chuck ’em. – When I come back inside Bailey. All right Bailey, we got a
good one for you this time. She’ll never know, now that we’ve got our
Collard Greens on tap. And now for the coup de grace. Oh Sonic you’ve really
outdone yourself this time. Yeah. And for the cherry on top. (giggles) Oh really got to get it done. All right Bailey, I’ve
got a treat for you. All right Bailey, I brought
you some really good dinner. – Daddy I don’t know about this. – Oh Bailey, it’s really good, trust me. I used to eat it when I was
a wee little Sonic baby. – You did? – Yes Bailey, I sure did. – Dad something smells fishy. – Oh there’s no fish in this. Only crispy potato chips
and chocolate syrup. What is it? – Daddy there’s green stuff under this. – Oh Bailey, no, no, no. There’s no green stuff under there. It’s just potato chips
and chocolate syrup. – This is Collard Green. – No, it’s not Bailey. – It is and I’m not gonna eat it. – Oh, yes you are Bailey. You gonna eat every bit of that. – No I’m not, and you can have it back. – Oh no. Bailey! Oh man, when your mama gets back. – [Aimey] Sonic I’m home. – Aimey. Aimey is back home. – Hey mommy? – Did you have a good dinner? – No! Daddy tried to feed me potato
chips and chocolate syrup. – He what! – No, no, no. It’s not like that Aimey. I was just trying to get
her to eat her vegetables. I was trying to be a good farther. – Come look mommy. – No. – Look mommy, look. Look at the mess daddy made. He’s in so much trouble. – Sonic the Hedgehog! – Aimey you know it’s not
what it looks like, you see, I tried to get her to eat her vegetables. And then she flipped the plate, and then. And then I tried to put chocolate syrup and potato chips on it and, and, and. Well you know what I always say Aimey. Gotta go fast. – Sonic! (wacky music)

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