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100 thoughts on “Sonic Sez – Too Tall Tails (Healthy Diets)

  1. Tails: arrg sonic…i think i ate too much fruit and vegetables sonic: good!! Tails: errrr umm sonic i dont think im feeling goo-uyishguisHGuiySnbihiykiljjhy (stomach explodes) sonic:………….. umm tails? you feeling ok you dont look good tails? tails? Tails respond! TAILS? TAILS??!! TAILS!!!!!!

  2. Change the captions! Never make sense!

    They should look like this:

    >> Hey Tails! What are you doing?
    >> Having Ice Cream, Sonic. Want some?
    >> No thanks, little bud. You know, I love
    some of those, but the old bot needs some
    fruit and vegetables now and then!
    >> (rocket whooshing)
    >> Milk and dairy products too.
    >> (rocket whooshing)
    >> Not to mention Meat and Poultry.
    Don't forget your bread and cereals.
    You need premium food to feel your
    >> (groans) Yeah, Sonic.

  3. Actually, Tails must burn a ton of energy to hover like that. So all the sugar and carbs in that ice cream would be burned off anyway at the rate he is spinning his tails. Similar to how hummingbirds need to drink twice their weight in nectar per day to flap their wings so fast.

  4. see adults always want us to learn in school but if so why do you get stupid and cancel shows that teach you something instead of nothing but mad regular show and sitcoms just my opinion

  5. while sonic is tellin tails about healthy foods, tails ate the whole 50-foot ice cream in like 2 friggin seconds!

  6. Captions: What are you doing? Sorry not fair. Now banks are required. The large shadow revealed by some fruit vegetables them. Nobody in Congress to do. Not to mention issue,and don't forget your parade in Syria you. Three you'll do it.
    Me: Oooooooookaaaayyyyy.

  7. "You need premium fuel to run your best!"


    -Chili dogs.

    -Chili dogs.

    -Chili dogs.

    -Chili dogs.

    -A breakfast meal (we don't see what it was, though).

    -Chili dogs.

    -Chili dogs.

  8. Tomorrow I think I'll fry some fish and make some home-baked bread. Also I'll get me some carrots and sallad. And musli for breakfest… And… And… TOMORROW I'LL… TOMORROW I'LL… TOMORROW I'LL… Oh sorry, that just went off in my head ._.

  9. TAILS ATE THAT MUCH ICE CREAM IN JUST THE TIME THAT SONIC EXPLAINS A HEALTHY DIET!?!?!? How is he not huger than Robotnik? Or capable of lifting himself and hovering? Or craving chili dogs in other episodes of the same season?

  10. transcribed audio: what are you doing sorry not fair now banks are required the large shadow revealed by some fruit vegetables them nobody in congress to do not to mention issue and don't forget your parade in Syria you three you'll do it

  11. I think its fitting that everyone is calling Sonic out on his own hypocrisy of eating nothing but chili dogs. Kinda makes a lot of us realize how…well…STUPID and forced these Sonic Says segments were back in the day. :

  12. The current transcription goes
    0:05twenty billion
    0:07rates are not
    0:10database of
    0:11three large jcl nobody's baseball game
    0:17building the address to
    0:21back to the education plan
    0:22and don't forget your grade in theory unity
    0:26revealed you'll do it

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  15. I can't eat that! I'm allergic to fish and fruit and vegetables make me sick. In fact, I can't live without junk food because of the skinny person I am but it doesn't matter because I will never get fat.

  16. now banks are required the large shadow revealed by some fruit vegetables them, nobody in congress to do, not to mention the issue, and don't forget your parade in syria you,three you'ill do it,

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