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Stomach Slimming No Exercise No Diet Lose Belly Fat!| How to lose 10 kg in 7 days! Get a Flat Belly!

hello everyone you know welcome back to today get rid of stomach fat, lose weight super super fast and look years younger Mukbang. today guys we are going to be doing one
tablespoon of cinnamon, if you wanna get rid of your stomach fat, you want to have
flat tummy this channel is for you, do you wanna lose weight super super fast
this channels also for you. if you want to look years young this channels for you, you want to have an healthy living life. by just taking natural ingredient this
channels also for you, the first item need is cinnamon, this is very effective
and very simple eating show before I add cinnamon, I have to pour warm water into
the glass cup okay half glass cup of water is perfect for
this, so I’ll just add a tablespoon of cinnamon, I have stir this for sometimes. okay guys this is better, so the next item I’m gonna add into this is, I have to clean the spoon so the next Item I will add into this is glucose, if you don’t have glucose you can make use of
honey. glucose will help to give you strength,
manpower and energy because you need it when you’re losing weight, you need to have
energy for you to be able to perform well so I need a tablespoon of glucose. if you don’t have glucose then add honey to it. finally, I gonna squeeze in lemon, lemon helps to cleanse the stomach while cinnamon will help to burn your stomach fats, glucose will now help to give you manpower, this is perfect, I’m adding a tablespoon of lemon into the water so this is perfect, I will stir this properly. this is another effective way for you to get rid of all those fats on your stomach. guys you need to do this for three to five days for you to see results okay, you just drink every morning, you take half
glass cup of this drink and you are good to go and drink it for five days. i will just go ahead and drink this powerful fat burning drink. wow, this is good, you can see that this is perfect just a glass cup of this every morning
and you are good to go so guys do it for three to five days, if
you want to lose weight with this you have to do it for 15 days, this is
another mukbang for you, guys if you want want to use it to maintain you flat stomach then drink for just today. okay if you wanna use it to maintain your slim fit, drink it for today only. thank you for watching and I’ll see you again in my next video
bye bye

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