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Stomach Slimming No Exercise No Diet Lose Belly Fat, Side Fat, Fat Chest, Arm Super Fast | MUKBANG

you don’t know that you can use only cucumber and lemon to get rid of your stomach fat in just five days, really?
follow me. friend if you want to get rid of your stomach fat you just five day
continue watching to prepare this, I need a tray I’ll slice the cucumber, the cucumber is Loaded with only 45 calories, cucumbers are great for a flat stomach. it is high in water content, for you to prepare this you have to put it into the fridge and let it chill for just one hour the next thing is to slice the lemon into two part I’ll keep it this way and then grab my salt, I’m gonna add a pinch of salt or sprinkle salt on top of the cold
cucumber, this is cool this is okay the next thing is to sprinkle pepper this is white pepper you can use any type of pepper but I’m using white
pepper, I’ll just sprinkle okay, this is okay, this is okay, then I will sprinkle the lemon on top of the cucumber, that is all I need to eat Lemon water can promote fullness, support hydration, boost metabolism and increase weight loss. cucumber contains as much as 96 percent water content, which does not give you a bloating stomach and helps your body to cool down it makes you feel like you have it’s in plenty food, you can eat it like that, if you don’t want to frozen the cucumber you can eat it like that it is good when you frozen it and spicy it with pepper and salt. eat only 2 slice of cucumber (3 times a day) for fast result you can eat only 2 cube of slice cucumber for 5 days (once a day alone) this is good I love this what this this prevent you from craving for ice cream, fast food, fats and oil food or food carbohydrate food. I love it it’s so good, if you don’t like
to eat fresh cucumber or raw then frozen it you are going to enjoy it and while you’re enjoying it you’ll be getting rid of stomach fat friends if you have tried fresh chilled or frozen cucumber to to lose if you have never used it
to lose weight try it. eat only cucumber mukbang for 3 days burn belly fat just for three days. every morning eat 2 slice of cucumber, repeat for 3 to 5 day friend you will see result I’m going to take the second slice of cucumber this is so good, it’s an easy method and
very effective method to get rid of your stomach fats friends this is all you need to do friend why you are doing
this, you are not to eat for the three days if you want to see super super fast, so when ever you are hungry just eat one Cube chilled cucumber this is so good, I
feel like eating all of them right now. you have to that’s just it to slice and
leave this one for afternoon and then for night so you have to eat it
for three times, three times in a day, 2 slice in morning, 2 slice in the afternoon 3 slice in the evening, tomorrow you do the same thing and you are good to go, just three days you will get rid of your stomach fats, it is good and effective way, I feel like taking another one, I love this so much. friends I will see you again in my next video bye-bye

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  1. Nice video, I love your videos, but can you do a one month meal plan for weight loss with Nigerian foods. Or just draw a food time table for one month for weight loss

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