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Strawberry Smoothie for Stroke Victims

♪ [music playing–
no dialogue] ♪♪. Hello, my name is Victor
Owens, and I’m a dietetics graduate student here
at Eastern Illinois University. I’m here today to
talk to you about the difficulties of
eating after a stroke. After a person has had a stroke,
the muscles in the throat and in the mouth may be
weakened, along with the loss of sensation in the tongue,
and the inability to cough. All of these could
cause dysphasia. Dysphasia is simply
trouble swallowing. There’s not a whole lot of hard
data on how many stroke victims actually suffer from dysphasia,
but the American Stroke Association says that about 65%
of stroke victims actually have dysphasia or trouble swallowing. This is a high and
alarming number. And along with the dysphasia,
they can also have aspiration or aspirate, which is basically
when certain muscles are affected, they allow food and
liquids to leak into the airway that lead to the lungs. And we all know we don’t
want food in our lungs. I’m going to demonstrate to you
a swallow-free smoothie which would help, not eliminate,
but reduce some of these risks of swallowing. Now, you’re going to need a
cup of frozen strawberries, a half a cup of soymilk or
low-fat milk, and a container of six-ounce Yoplait yogurt. Now what you’re going to want
to do, add your strawberries, your 1/2 cup of milk,
and Yoplait yogurt. Now even though this
reduces the risk of the swallowing difficulties, the
dysphasia and the aspirating, it would not eliminate them. And even if a person that has
had a stroke is having difficulties swallowing, they
may not be able to tell you, so you definitely want to
keep a close eye on them. Put it on high for one minute. [blender starts]. [blender stops]. Wah la. There we have a smoothie with
the consistency that would allow for the swallowing
difficulties to be reduced. If you have any further
information that you would like to know about eating
difficulties after a stroke, please feel free to
go to the website www.strokeassociation.org. Thank you very much. ♪ [music playing–
no dialogue] ♪♪.

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