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Study Public Health at Curtin

Hello, my name is Professor Bruce Maycock,
I’m the head of school of Public Health at Curtin University.
And I’d like to welcome you to our school, to the university, and if you are new, to
Perth, Western Australia, to the land of the Nyungar people.
Public Health is an area that makes a difference to the health of people locally, nationally
and internationally. There will always be new and emerging issues
for public health professionals. For example, climate change is already producing
for us problems associated with water and food security.
Whatever the situation our public health graduates critically review the evidence, identify problems
and develop solutions that work. By choosing to enrol at Curtin you’ve enrolled
in the only school of public health in Western Australia.
We offer you the unique learning experience with high quality instruction and the opportunity
to apply that knowlege in different settings. Through initiatives such as interprofessional
education, global exchange, professional placement and accredited progams, we seek to produce
the best graduate in Australia. Our higly qualified staff come from many different
countries and have direct links to the industry sectors that will be your employers.
The majority of our staff are active researchers and are able to bring to you the cutting edge
knowledge and experiences that you will require upon graduation.
One of the things that makes this a unique school of public health is that our staff
are still active in doing public health work, whether it be creating new and healthier food
products, conducting health and safety assessments, facilitating the development of international
policy or conducting laboratory or clinical trials, our staff are still doing the research
and advocacy that is needed to improve the health of those in our region.
It is the experience of the staff that will make a difference, we take pride in producing
leading graduates, we value the relationships we create with our students, relationships
that often continue for many, many years post graduation.
Our graduates are found throughout the world and their work is significant, they make a
difference to the communities they work in. So, I welcome you to the school and hope that
during your course you take the time to get to know your lecturers, interact with your
fellow students and I hope you find yourself on a path that brings you fulfillment and
reward. I really hope to see you soon at Curtin, in
school of public health.

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