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Study with Flinders – The International Student Experience

What made me come here is to expand and further my study based on my food science and nutrition knowledge. The best thing I would say about living in Adelaide would be the laid back and relaxed nature of living here. Which has been quite a shift from living in Singapore. This is a really amazing place for me to live. As people are amazing friendly. Make me really happy to live for long term. Normally for my free time I go to the beach, hiking with my friends. Go out to cafes or restaurants and sort of sample the different cuisines that are available. Life at Flinders University so far for me has been really good. I’ve really enjoyed studying here. Particularly because I feel very supported with the staff. All the lecturers are really helpful and it’s a great environment for a student to learn. And for international students’ perspective or from my point of view, I think this uni is a really international student friendly environment. Yeah there’s no boundary for us to learn. The facilities at Flinders are really good. They’re modern and they’re efficient. And the student hub is one of my favourite facilities at Flinders. It’s a 24/7 area conducive for studying. Lots of study spaces. So I’m quite satisfied with the facilities that are offered here. So I’m staying at the Deirdre Jordan Village which is an on campus accommodation. An independent unit so you can cook for yourself, and you have your own housemates, and you do your own groceries. And I think the fact that I’ve
stayed there for four years has meant that it’s quite a very convenient place to stay. It’s very close to university and it’s really enjoyable. Public transport here is really good. And it’s quite efficient. And I think something that I really like about it is that we can check the timetables for buses. And that makes it very easy to plan your travels. For anyone who is considering coming to Flinders University I think you should just go for it. I can understand that it is a daunting experience coming from overseas into a country that you don’t really know anyone. However, Flinders University has been very welcoming for international students. And I think that is one of the great points of this university.

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