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Sub/Diet Vlog) 바디프로필 준비 3,4주차! 총15kg감량 l 58kg에서43kg l 다이어트 브이로그 l 올라가지 않는 중량(ft.인모드리프팅, 스킨케어)

Fried chicken with cheese seasoning, spicy chicken, cheese balls Tteokbokki, teriyaki Chicken, sweet red bean bread Hello everybody This is my diet today 90g chicken breast, 60g brown rice and dried seaweed Now this week, the protein is 90g and 60g of carbs And I’m eating 4 meals It was okay until last week Last week I ate 80-90 grams of carbs each meal… But there’s dried seaweed and chicken breast with sriracha sauce It’s delicious when I eat together like this Then I’ll eat all the rest Bye Hello everybody I am now going to eat the third meal 90g chicken breast and 60g sweet potato The paprika and asparagus I just baked I said that let’s not limit the types of food in my last video I said this I’m restricting my food right now haha But when I first started my diet, I would never have eaten like this I’m getting used to different diets I’ve been eating this kind of things slowly so That’s enough I honestly don’t want to do it I feel like I want to eat one more sweet potato I really want to eat just one sweet potato Anyway, I’m going to eat all this now Bye After exercising, then I’m going to eat 60g brown rice 90g grilled salmon and asparagus, broccoli and radish kimchi I’ll eat 60g chicken breast And I got 60g of sweet potato for breakfast Americano here. I’m going to eat at the gym. Then I’ll go workout! Bye Hello everyone I’m going to eat right after my workout I’m so hungry Salmon 90g And radish kimchi, asparagus, broccoli Brown Rice 60g I’ll eat like this The most awaited time these days is when I eat grilled salmon The most delicious Last week I actually had my period So do you know what it’s like during your period? I feel a little swollen My weight was not going down So I kept 45kg all week So last week I really don’t want to do a diet Something must be as fruitful as I’ve tried. So that people have the power to do it My body doesn’t change last week Can I shoot well? Will the picture look good? I was really worried about these things I feel a little better this week because my body changes better I’m cheering up myself I’m going to have two lunch boxes I’ll eat cherry tomatoes later when I’m hungry. Then I will go! Bye Everyone, I’m going to abs In fact, why am I so weak? It’s a little hard I keep eating chicken breasts, brown rice and sweet potatoes Greek yogurt, fruit and vegan mayonnaise are my favorite healthy foods I don’t even eat my favorite diet foods. Now what the… ha I will have a cheating day on my profile shoot and the next day. I said cheating, why are you on? I have written down all the foods I want to eat Fried chicken with cheese seasoning, spicy chicken, cheese balls Tteokbokki, Teriyaki chicken, Cream Red Bean Bread, Ice Cream, Strawberry Cake, Cheese Cake, etc. I want to dip french fries into milkshakes I keep talking about the foods I want to eat Talking about spicy, sweet and salty foods Vanilla latte with 3 pumps of vanilla syrup, no more americano My body changes and loses weight, The sense of accomplishment that now runs for my goal Of course it is. But more than that, eating delicious foods is half of my life Half of it is gone, and now I feel like my life is gone. What should I do? Let’s just stop talking and do 10 minutes of abs I have finished my workout This is my dinner 90g chicken breast with no carbohydrates, cherry tomatoes and asparagus Since yesterday, I’ve been eating except carbs for only dinner. But I still think it’s okay Until yesterday, I want to eat fried chicken! I’m fine today Because only 5 days left I’m really happy Anyway, I’ll eat all this, wash and rest See you next time

92 thoughts on “Sub/Diet Vlog) 바디프로필 준비 3,4주차! 총15kg감량 l 58kg에서43kg l 다이어트 브이로그 l 올라가지 않는 중량(ft.인모드리프팅, 스킨케어)

  1. I wish you would post daily 😭 i was wondering when a new video was going to come up. Thank you for always providing quality content ❤️

  2. 43ㅜㅜ
    그래동, 바디프로필 얼마안남았고,
    체중내려서 넘이쁜사진 나올것같아요♡♡♡

  3. 와 오늘 식단, 운동 열심히 하시는거 보니 저도 제 몸을 좀 정화? 시키고 싶네요
    요새 운동에 의욕 1도 안생겨서 손놓고 있었는데 의옥 뿜뿜 생겨요…다이어트 영상 중 나나님 컨텐츠가 제일 좋아요 현실적이고 운동 열심히 하셔서..
    힙업 운동 중에 가장 효과 좋은건 뭐가 있을까요? 나나님 몸매 보니….어후….👍👍👍

  4. 167에 49였던 제가 57~8까지 확 쪄버리고 계속 우울했던 나날만 보내왔는데 다시 마음 잡게 해준 영상이네요ㅠㅠ 자기관리 하시는 모습 너무 멋있으세요❤️

  5. 나나님 진짜 멋있어요,,, 저도 하루하루 뿌링클 먹고싶어 하는 제 자신과 싸워요,, 같이 이겨내봐요,, 빵 드시고 행복해 하는 나나님이 눈에 아른거리네요 힣 빵 먹방 기대할게욥 🥰🥰

  6. 원래 맛있는 거 먹는 행복이 큰 행복이고 중요한 부분이죠ㅎㅎ쫌만 더 힘내시구 맛난거 많이 즐기세요♡♡

  7. I dont no why but I am OBSESSED with you ! 🤣🤣 And it is not that I get inspired from your food or something! Because I am vegan and most of what you eat is not! But I really like your spirit! You are so kind, cute and funny !!! 💖💜

  8. 눈바디찍고 치팅 갖고나면 입터져서 폭식 하게될까봐 걱정은 안되시나요? ㅠ 프로필 촬영때문이기는 해도 꽤 오랜기간 극단적으로 식사 조절하고 계신것 같은데 목표 달성하고나서도 어떻게 유지하실지 궁금하네요~

  9. 나나언니ㅜㅜㅜ저도 다이어트 중인데 식단이 제일 어려운 것 같습니당,,,,뿌링클이 막 머리에 떠오른다.. 43키로 꿈의 몸무게네요 대단하셔요🤭 프로필 예쁘게 찍어요 ❣️❣️🥰

  10. 나나님 앞머리 헤어스타일링이 너무 궁금해요ㅠㅜ영상에 짧게라도나마 끼워주시면 감사하겠습니다🙏😭❤️

  11. Hello guys!
    Today’s video is about how to ready for my profile shot 🙂 This photo shoot is quite important for me because it’s kind of challenge❣️

    When I check InBody test, I need to lose more fat to take wonderful photo shoot! That’s why I try to lose until 43kg😭

    Maybe I will gain more weight at least 2-3kg after taking photo shoot 🙂
    I will eat healthy foods, all other kinds of foods and sweets what I want to eat with working out regularly💓 So, no worries! And I’m satisfied with my current body and condition🙏🏼

    Thank you for watching my video😘

  12. You make great videos and I'm always looking forward to a new video! I started on Monday and have already lost 1 kg with your diet tips and have no cravings😍 Thank you! My height is also 157 cm and I would like to achieve my desired weight of 45 kg😍

  13. 대단 존경해유ㅠㅠ아침마다 공복운동 두시간하고 축 늘어진 오징어 마냥 걸어 다녔는데 이제 적응̆̈ 좀 됬다 싶은데 오늘 치팅해써욥..내일 부터 식단 원래대루 하고 운동도 하면 괜찮겟죠..?ㅎ

  14. 앗 하늘색 원피스 입은 날 지하철에서 봤어용~ 사실 긴가민가했는데 찐이셧넴ㅠㅠ 넘 예뿌셨다능😆😆!!!! 영상 마지막처럼 복근모습만 보다가 헬스장에서 운동하는 전신샷보니까 넘나 새롭네용ㅋㅋㅋ엉덩이 뽝 힙업된것 보니까 더 자극돼용 응원할게염♥♥♥

  15. 인스타에허리운동 궁금해서 남겻는데 답이 없으셔서ㅜㅜ 알려주실수있을까욥?? 허리선이 너무 이쁘셔서 한번 따라해보고싶습니다!!!^_^♥ 부탁드립니당^^♡

  16. 나나님,,,, 저는 바디프로필을 찍는건 아니지만 정말 건강하게 살려고 최대한 ㄴ나나님 식단 참고하고있어요 ♡ 아니 근데 근육 모양이 넘 잘잡힌 것 같아요?
    !,!! 얼마 안남았으니까 뿌링클을 위해 힘냅시다 우리 ♡ ♡ 아 그리고 항상 탄수 60 단백질 90 드시는건가욤???

  17. 나나님~ 63에서 51감량후 내려가지않는 구독자입니다ㅠ 항상 나나님 보고 운동하야지 하는데
    이번영상을 보고 자극받아서 시작할려고 합니다.

    혹시 홈트 하실 때 매트는 어떤걸 사용하세요?

    (항상 몸건겅하세요. 새해 복 많이 받으세요~)

  18. I really love ur videos and hoping to see ur new videos being uploaded everytime. I hope to be like you one day :< Nana, u are great! 💜

  19. Hi really likes your videos but please be careful not to overdo it! Don’t restrict too much or you might end up with an eating disorder (like thinking of calories every time, or the next foods you will eat the next day…) it’s not good for your health 🥺❤️

  20. You can do it Nana!
    Hold on a little longer, just a few days left for your shot!
    I started watching your vlogs since last week and I have to say: Your motivation really motivates me
    Fighting! ❤️

  21. Thank you so much for your videos, you inspire me to continue my diet T_T
    Do you ever feel hungry between your meals? If yes, do you suppressed your hunger or do you snack on something?

  22. ugh i love your body. can you please do a workout routine? lots of love to you unnie ❤

  23. 나나님 🤣 먹고 싶으신거 읊으는거 너무 귀엽고 웃겨요ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ고생하신만큼의 결과가 나타났으니 뿌듯할 것 같아요!

  24. 공복운동후 헬스장에서 아침도시락먹고 시간텀 없이 바로 근력운동하시나요? 아님 몇분정도있다 운동하나요? 그리고 연어도 90g정도 드시나요?

  25. 나나님 식단 구렇게 먹고 운동하면 머리 안빠지시던가요 ㅠㅠㅠ? 저는 머리가 너무 빠지네요..흑

  26. Followed you about 1 month. Like U sooo much. Tried to lose weight several times and failed. You gave me the courage to do it again. Please up date more often and thank you

  27. 저도 저염식단 오래하다가 두달 전부터 무기력증 찾아와서 병원에 가봤는데도 그냥 거북목때문이다 이러셔서 약만 먹고 있다가 염분 늘리니 삶의 질이 상승했어요…염분 안 먹으면 죽어요ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

  28. i’m so sorry, but i’m a bit concerned, you said that you wanted to weight 46kg, because of your profile session…. and now you’re losing even more… hope you’re well, stay safe

  29. 썸네일 엉덩이랑 허벅지가.. 찐벅지👍🏻👍🏻 영상을 안눌러볼수가 없었어요…. 근데 얼굴도 예뻐….. 언니 최고야….❤️❤️

  30. 식단 지키는거 의지도 의지지만 진짜 보통 귀찮은 일이 아닌데 정말 존경스러워요ㅠㅠ 꼭 만족스러운 프로필 찍으시길!!

  31. Thanks for sharing the realities of dieting. Some people make it look easy on videos. But the truth is, you can't help but think about food everytime. Haha. I admire your discipline 👍

  32. 와 존경스럽다 저도 나나님처럼 힘내서 다시 열심히 다이어트 해야겠네요 동기부여하고 갑니당><

  33. 자세는 좀 교정이 필요해요. 특히 힙 운동할때 잘못하다 허리 다칠수 있어요.
    등까지 조금더 올라가서 해야 자세가 좀 교정될수 있어요.

  34. 저도 바디프로필 준비하면서 식단관리 운동 같이 하고 있는데요 썸머님 도넛영상 보다가 나나님 영상으로도 오게됐네용 ㅋㅋㅋ 혼자하면 외로운데 나나님 영상이랑 같이 준비해야겠어요 ◡̈

  35. 대단하세요 정말 항상 영상볼때마다
    운동하고싶어지는 느낌이 많이 드네요
    힘드시더라도 영상 올려주셨으면 해요♡

  36. Hey there!! I know the struggle with delicious foods too well! My advice is that u should allow yourself to have like maybe some cheesecake once in a while if u feel like it or fried chicken etc etc. If you have really bad cravings u might end up binging. It’s a way more healthier mindset to threat yourself once in a while 🙂
    I understand that u didn’t want to eat all of that because of your shooting? (I’m not sure what is was haha sorry~) and it’s totally fine!! Just a tip for your future so u can enjoy yourself and still look good 🙂 (you look great btw ✨) 💛

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