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other than collecting stamps (jk) another hobby of mine is… I like to go shops and find drinks… without sugar why? because I’m trying to reduce sugar because sugar is syaithan so I am otw to the shops gas station or 7E maybe and try to find, as much as I can… sugar-free or no sugar added drinks I will review them for my 5 viewers thx for still being with me just got back from… Shell gas station their shop was pretty good I found 5 drinks there were more but I didn’t buy all of it we start with Wonda Zero Max it says here, no added sugar so maybe the sugar comes from the milk I’m not sure disclaimer: I have emptied my stomach I haven’t eaten for a month (jk) I wanted an empty stomach so I can enter water we start with Wonda Zero Max Latte mmm, nice it has a bit of sweetness from the milk, maybe, but not that sweet there’s a taste of palm oil, a bit layan mild tasting very nice not too sweet 65 kcal that’s all right sugar, 5.8, quite a lot sugar from milk, maybe but okay lah it’s not too sweet if it’s too sweet, it will taste like sugar at mamak you can order something like it… kopi c kosong next, we try… another Wonda Zero Max the other one was latter, this is original this one is 53 kcal sugar, 3.8 a bit less, seems like black coffee but where does the sugar come from? oh, it has creamer the other one was latte, I don’t actually know the difference is it really black coffee? (after checking) it has milk I prefer the latte this one is much less sweet but there’s still a sweet taste it’s all right, but I prefer the latte next, we have… Farm Fresh Kurma (palm dates) Milk it states here 0% sugar but energy is 158 kcal there’s sugar, 12.4 from the dates, maybe meaning they didn’t add sugar sugar comes from the dates. the size is so small this has the most sugar out of all try luu mmm, best what does it taste like? made from 100% fresh milk it tastes like kuih raya don’t know how to explain the taste but I like it it tastes festive the sweetness is fruity however, I think this has the most calories it’s a vibe, I would drink it again 158 kcal Pepsi Vanilla I’m not gonna pretend like I haven’t tried it it’s one of my favourite drinks Pepsi also has zero sugar ginger and regular this one has no calories because it uses sweeteners I like this one low-key… this is like root beer yo except, a bit bitter because it’s Coke… I mean… no offense to Pepsi so the no-calorie, they have ginger and regular flavour I don’t like ginger, I mean I do like it because… it makes me fart but I only like it because of the fart factor not because of the ginger flavour the regular one just tastes like regular pepsi didn’t get it because I already bought Coke the no sugar one so that’s that, but I really like this Pepsi Vanilla it tastes a bit sharp like a sharper version of root beer I like its design caramel colour on the packaging but vanilla flavour caramel flavour would be lit nice ah I buy it quite regularly it even has a “healthier choice” sticker from Ministry of Health Malaysia even though we’re still not sure if sweeteners are healthy but sugar is evil another thing I like… the bottle has a tint do you think I can use this bottle’s tint on my car? saves money this was the fourth, I bought five the final one, Coke No Sugar in western countries, it’s different names like Pepsi Max… or Coke Zero in Malaysia, it’s just Coke they just put a small label for the different types here, NO SUGAR it’s kinda similar to the Pepsi one uses sweetener, so zero calories also has the “healthier choice” logo I wonder if the others have it I don’t see it MoH’s logo wait, got Wonda has it trying the Coke now tastes like Coke it tastes sharp, sharper than Pepsi it has elements of… it tastes a bit like plywood…………….. Coke is generally less sweet it focuses more on the gas the taste is a bit banana not Neelofa but… it’s like, I dunno, Coke we’ve drank Coke for centuries gets a bit boring it’s not their fault they have existed for such a long time (it actually is) so after trying all those “no sugar” drinks the ones I liked the most… the nicest to me… either the Wonda latte… which, to my taste, I like… or the Farm Fresh kurma one the kurma one tasted the most expensive but the latte is nice ah for frequent drinking, I prefer the Pepsi because the Wonda coffee… along with the kurma drink, they still have sugar from the fruit, milk, I don’t know from palm oil, does palm oil have sugar in it? the most boring is Coke, but Coke… is a classic taste, if you like Coke… you’ll drink Coke (duh) about the Coke, someone said… I forgot… someone said the regular Coke, which I haven’t drank in a while… doesn’t taste as good as the no sugar Coke not much difference, I forgot why maybe they sync-ed the taste to make it similar Coke Zero and the regular Coke someone said that so, might as well drink the no sugar one

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