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98 thoughts on “Sugar Industry Attempts to Manipulate the Science

  1. If only everyone in science was as honest as Dr. Gregger.

    I must be weird because I dislike sugar, but salt is my downfall.

  2. Y’all should try Whole Food’s “avocado vinaigrette” which is low in sodium and has no oil (even days whole foods diet approved on the label!) it’s so unbelievably good. I use it on everything. You should be able to find it in the produce isle but you can always ask an associate for help with finding it just in case.

  3. I agree: ban food corporations from directly funding studies. If these companies are feeling so giving and charitable, they can donate to the university instead.

  4. Dr Greger, words don't describe how much we all appreciate you. And we're happy to donate and help out, where we can. You're awesome. Fan from Australia.

  5. If sugar is not food why do you promote a diet where 80% of calories come from sugar? Sugar is food! Food is sugar! It’s where we get energy from. This is basic. What are the main signals for hunger? Low blood glucose and low muscle glycogen levels.

  6. Yes the all powerful sugar industry.. their product is so valuable it’s given away for free in restaurants. At least they don’t claim to donate all income to charity which actually is a charity run by themselves.

  7. This isn't really 'just how the system's set up' – as a system engineer, I have experience of changing systems. Systems continue because WE don't change them. Let's change these systems.

  8. 0:15 "It's just how the system is set up"?
    And what system would that be? I wonder!
    Could it be, CAPITALISM?
    It's time to face the facts people, the "system" is flawed. It's not the fault of the corporations. It's the fault of people who still believe that capitalism is the best alternative. If the food industry will be under public control, their will coincide with public interest.

  9. Photosynthesis is the act of plants producing sugar. The Krebs cycle is the ONLY DNA instruction that is shared by every living cell on this planet, from blowfly maggots, to whales, to
    giant redwood trees. The Krebs cycle instructs the cell how to use sugar to get energy to sustain life. Plants offer nectar (sugar) to birds and insects as a means to insuring they get propagated. Bees produce honey (sugar) to feed the colony through the winter.
    Human breast milk is 7.5% sugar. Do you believe evolution would have us feed our offspring poison? The same breast milk contains 1% protein at a time when the baby is in its most rapid
    growth phase and vitamins and minerals comprise less than 1%. . This sugar is poison nonsense is lunacy. I don't work for the sugar industry, I'm an air conditioning mechanic who can understand what I read. I agree that kids drinking carbonated softdrinks promotes cavities,
    The acid eats the enamel THEN the sugar can rot your teeth.

  10. The more people that watch this, the more we will understand why we have a Health problem in America. Thank you, Dr Greger!

  11. What is baffling to me is that the sugar industry already knows they are a pro-inflammatory food, so why don't they start funding alternative sweeteners and become the leading producer of stevia, monk fruit, and eurthritol?

    Put your money where the public wants to go sugar industry, it's not rocket science..

  12. We have slew of videos on the influences of industry. You can find them at https://nutritionfacts.org/topics/industry-influence. -NF Team

  13. you should be more clear about what type of sugar you’re talking about. i know theres the video thumbnail. and i know you’re only talking about refined sugar industry here. but some won’t. don’t scare people away from eating bananas and dates lol

  14. Dr. Greger says limit leucine to live longer, but all the NCBI and pubmed studies say the opposite, I would type in the url, but youtube prohibits this, so here is a title on NCBI for e.g.: "Autophagy and leucine promote chronological longevity and respiration proficiency during calorie restriction in yeast" And there are many others, I could not find any studies substantiating Dr. Greger's claims on leucine.

  15. If sugar is so bad, explain how Dr. Kempner got his patients with kidney disease, heart disease, diabetes, better. Diet was mainly carbs, rice and table sugar.

  16. We are ALL biased AF! Why? It all comes down to existential crisis (at the end of the day). Ego demands some curving of the reality to strenghten it's survival…

  17. No good has come or can come from this corruption of science. We can see it in the way Americans seems to hate or resent science, and also in the way the message changes or is unclear in almost everything. This is real life and concerns people's real lives and deaths, and still we just seem to play around with it like it is a game for billionaires.

    The reality seems to be that most of the American economy is build on things that are bad in one way or another that we work to get certain people addicted to. It is a sick system that doesn't work, and we are stuck with it because that is the way our money system works.

  18. I can't stand the taste of artificial sweeteners so I will continue to eat sugar. Besides our body needs glucose for energy and it helps transport sodium and phyto-nutrients.

  19. I am concerned about what "daphnereloaded" posted on her you tube site April21 about green leafy vegetables causing health problems such as goiter and male breasts. Please comment on this. We want to know whats healthy to eat, whats not in vegan diet

  20. No surprise here … money trumps health every time, unfortunately! We must all do our own study independently of food companies. The average person does not delve into the backstory most of the time, and is easily fooled by corporate motives. Coca Cola bought the Odwalla health food company years ago, and then promptly put up more than $700,000 to prevent a proposed California law requiring GMO disclosure on food labels (in direct opposition to the Odwalla company's original health goals when it was founded). When I learned this, I stopped all Odwalla product consumption permanently – when a health food company "sells-out" to big corporations that do not care about public health, I abandon that company. The same is now true of Kashi, originally formed in the name of health, but now owned by Kelloggs! And Kelloggs also put about three-quarters of a million dollars into the same GMO labeling attempt to keep California residents from knowing the truth about their food. No more Kashi products for me! It's a matter of principle: how can a "health food" company work to prevent customers from knowing when questionable practices are being used in the products they sell? Keeping the shareholders rich is all they care about, not customer health and longevity!

  21. Please stay safe Dr Greger…all this labor is such a threat to the junk food industry…they may want to nip you

  22. Wow! Just like the nut industry! But you know the difference between good science and industry science….RIGHT?

  23. When I recently told my doctor that I had given up sugar,he looked concerned and replied…"But where will you get your energy from?"

  24. Corporations are psychopathic by their very nature. The more people wake up to this the better. Thank you Dr Greger!

  25. Disgusting, the same old school attitude of health, as long as they pay me, ill say good things, fuck the public health!

  26. So is this the day we see you stop pushing propaganda. Nope you’re still lying about cholesterol. You’re a fucking criminal.

  27. Trust me, consuming lots of sugary products is really bad. This happens to me now. I recently started to learn baking cakes. With all those sugar, eggs and milk, my acne flares up. I have like almost 10 acnes on my cheek, chin and neck. I used to have bad acne before but then I cut down my intake of sugary and dairy products, it really clear my skin up. Not entirely clear, I do get 1 to 3 pimples or acne but it was much better. I'm telling the truth based on my experience. If you have acne or pimple, reduce sugar and milk intake. Don't give up everyone. Thank you doctor for spreading the word.

  28. We have to keep the population under control. Without killing babies like China used to (before the installation of KFC and McDonalds that boosted the CVD through the roof) our only way to keep people dying sooner than later is the food supply for the middle and upper classes and poisoning the water supply for the lower class as they cannot afford to purchase as much slow acting poisoned food. Without a food based early death program, I don’t know how we can control the population without killing babies. Our corporate masters work tirelessly to keep the population in check. As their methods are exposed in videos like this, I fear new methods of thinning the herd that are not voluntary in nature (like personally choosing to consume poisonous food like substances) will be used one day.

  29. I really want to finish the video, but the way Dr. Greger talks, it is so fast like lightning speed, also I am having difficulty pinpointing which part of the sentence is a pause or a period. He talks on and on and on. Like if I am watching an action movie, Dr Greger's movie will be all fighting all the way, there is no stopping or talking. Hard to get through or pick the lesson of the movie.

  30. Great video! Same idea vegans shouldn't be able to contribute to scientific studies because they have a religious (cult) bias 🙂
    End corruption I agree.

  31. In the first seconds you've admitted that corporations are immoral entities. So why do we support them? They work against the natural law of freedom.

  32. how does sugar cause inflammation though? Nobody has actually shown the causation. High blood sugar causes high insulin fasting levels yes but that is from excess dietary fat. It aint sugars fault.

  33. Today I learned anyone who's experienced success on a high-carb, low-fat diet that includes refined sugar is either paid by the sugar industry, an addict, a rapist, or a troll. Good to know.

    Going to finish my bowl of potatoes with sugary BBQ sauce and a glass of pineapple juice.

    Lean body, perfect lipid panel, vitamins and minerals. Hate us 'cause they ain't us.

  34. Today I learned anyone who's experienced success on a high-carb, low-fat diet that includes refined sugar is either paid by the sugar industry, an addict, a rapist, or a troll. Good to know.

    Going to finish my bowl of potatoes with sugary BBQ sauce and a glass of pineapple juice.

    Lean body, perfect lipid panel, vitamins and minerals. Hate us 'cause they ain't us.

  35. You're a vegan and you have a problem with sugar? Mate, rice, potatoes, pasta, corn, fruit, are all loaded with carbs, i.e. sugar.

  36. How are corporations "legally required to maximize shareholder profits"? That text is lifted out of a 'head-to-head' debate sort of article. …that seems like a disingenuous way to start out the video – citing that passage like it's fact…

  37. Prior to this year, the Dietitians Association of Australia was funded by animal agriculture and processed food companies Nestle and Sanitarium. This year that’s all changed, thank goodness. Now they won’t accept sponsorship from ANY food industry company. From their website…
    “DAA will not consider partnerships with organisations within or related to food manufacturing and food industry associations or alcohol companies.” https://daa.asn.au/about-daa/corporate-partners-and-alliances/

    A step in the right direction. 👏✅

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  39. But you participated in the documentary "What the health" that says that sugar is not responsible for the diabetes disease. https://medium.com/@tedryce/what-the-health-review-5-things-that-the-pro-vegan-netflix-documentary-gets-wrong-cbe13615213b Shame.

  40. Hello. I've been adding lots of refined sugar to my hclf diet for years and my HbA1c levels are in the middle of the healthy range. Also, my BMI is 20. I'm 35 years old and thriving on sugar. Sugar is the most important nutrient for the human body. On a 80/10/10 diet, adding sugar is great. Furthermove, I rarely have cavities thanks to my good dental hygiene.

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