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Thai Vegetarian Festival – GRAPHIC CONTENT

— START — ***THIS VIDEO CONTAINS GRAPHIC CONTENT, WHICH SOME PEOPLE MAY FIND UPSETTING OR OFFENSIVE*** COMM: An extreme Taoist festival in Phuket, Thailand, sees ritualistic mutilation in a
show of dedication to the Gods. The annual vegetarian festival is not for the faint of heart, as festival goers impale
body parts with swords and skewers, and even wrap themselves in barbed wire during the
nine day celebration. Amazingly, devotees, mainly from the country’s Chinese population, use no anaesthetic and
are said to cope with the pain by entering a trance-like state. Participants, known as ma song, believe they are protected during the festivities by inviting
the Gods to possess their bodies. Standing just inches away from explosive fire crackers and walking over burning coals are
also regarded as a strong show of faith at the annual event. Worshippers chant prayer together throughout the celebration, which begins on the eve of
the ninth lunar month of the Chinese calendar. Devotees also believe that abstinence from meeting various stimulants during the festival
will bring good health and peace of mind. — END —

100 thoughts on “Thai Vegetarian Festival – GRAPHIC CONTENT

  1. hmmmmm…….so if they shoot themselves in the head….the gods who supposedly possess their bodies will still protect them from harm right? pfffft! lol the things ppl believe…. smh.

  2. Didn't you listen to the video? During the week or whatever time length of this shit, they refrain from eating any meat because they deem is healthy.

  3. Didn't you listen to the video? During the week or whatever time length of this shit, they refrain from eating any meat because they deem is healthy.

  4. Thai Vegetarian Festival – GRAPHIC CONTENT

    In what could be the world's bloodiest vegetarian festival, these grizzly paraders are performing gut-churning rituals as a sign of Taoist devotion to their gods. The Vegetarian Festival in Phuket, Thailand, also known as the Nine Emperor Gods Festival, sees many Thai-Chinese impaling themselves with everything from umbrellas to swords, fire walking on hot coals, and even tying firecrackers to themselves and letting them explode without flinching. 

  5. US is piece of shit,
    all they know is, how to fill up the bankers and corporate pockets, by giving the population hamburger and apple products….

  6. Uh, but they aren't *really* vegetarians, they just abstain from eating meat and shit during the festivities, so not a real vegetarian festival, Barcroft!! These people are insane but whatever makes them happy. :/

  7. Hi Dilna11 – In Thailand, this festival is called Tesagan Gin Je เทศกาลกินเจ, the Vegetarian Festival. Thanks for commenting!

  8. It's their culture, respect them! I've lived in Thailand for 8 years and never ever seen this. P.s, this is to show how strong their belief is… But it's craaazzzyyy

  9. Each people have their own perspective over things… Pls respect other's culture and believe.. as much as it looks stupid, its their belief.. enduring such pain shows how strong is their belief..

  10. i believe u got it wrong..I have seen atheist do nonsense things stuffs like getting hooked up and so on as much as a religious person.. its a individual or a minor community's belief, not the whole religion. i personally do celebrate this festive and we do not do such thing here in Malaysia, at the end of the day it up to the person themselves on how they would like to perceive the believe,no religion teaches bad things,its just the selfish human who misuse the knowledge in order to make chaos

  11. I agree with you. Religion itself isn't bad, it's the way people use it. But you've gotta admit that it's often religion which is misused, and can cause way more harmful things than this.

  12. Okay, I'm from Thailand, and I swear only the rural parts of Thailand do this. Only in the country side away from the main cities. Not all of us want to harm ourselves! Some just want to become vegetarian for about 8 – 10 days a year.

  13. I'm Thai, but I had never seen this before in my life until I see this video. Oh I'm also a vegetarian too. Not all of us do that I swear!!!

  14. You can see in this video all the depth of human stupidity, which is the reason for all the darkness of this world. Good going humans..

  15. yes.. but as i said.. at the end of the day, its up to the person how they wanna perceive and represent their religion..

  16. wow…!!! real mature.. i did know it's a typo.. that is a demo for u that.. before u write something mindlessly.. do scan again to make sure it doesn't hurt people..

  17. who are we to judge that their belief is stupid..if that's their belief, let the god himself judge them, as a human i believe respect should be there for others regardless of belief, race, religion or anything.. we wouldn't want others to point fingers at our religion or belief do we..??

  18. didn't write anything mindlessly , I thought about it , then wrote it , seems simple to me ,mature ?? who cares , I don't ,they have a comments section " for comments " and I made one , well more than one because you chose to message me . So people that don't agree with you , should say nothing ?? Yeah dream on buddy.

  19. Who is "they"?? I'm a vegetarian, and I don't give a shit what other people eat. Yes, these people are insane, but who said meat eaters were crazy!?! Every one else in my family eats meat…SO hush and stop including everyone in your crap

  20. I just found a whole new level of amazing and im never going to where this place is in my whole life for as long as I shall live.

  21. this guys are fucking crazy they think god want them to cut themselv in half rofl that "piercings" are fuckin nasty whats wrong with thai ppl? rofl

  22. Essa cultura pra mim tem nota 0 % ….que ritual mais estranho..essas pessoas devem estar infermas, kkk

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