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57 thoughts on “The 5-2 Diet and the Fasting-Mimicking Diet Put to the Test

  1. Dr. Klaper advises a brief fast one day a month. I tend to think that eating WFPB  (with all the fiber) is a form of calorie restriction. In fact eating more calories may be necessary since high amounts of fiber block caloric uptake.

  2. I respect Valter Longo for his work in longevity science. And i would maybe try his product if he could prove that his "special ingredients" can be more benefitial then a regural calorie restriction. His claims are not only limited to weight loss, but also include faster regeneration, and slower aging. Can't wait to find out more.

  3. I trust Dr. Longo‘s research & science. In his multiple interviews (the best with Rich Roll and Dr. Hymann) he explains the mimicking effect of this type of fasting and why he had chosen this type over plain water fasting. It was not designed with focus on weightloss or even kick-off a change of eating habits -although these were well appreciated side effects – but to support & intensify the treatment of cancer patients and induce cell rejuvenation. To ensure that and to make sure the low calorie & macro/micro nutrient mix is done absolutely perfectly he designed the package. You can recreate the food by yourself, in his book he explains the portfolio.

  4. Save the 50 USD per day, "DIY fasting mimicking diet": cooking a simple vegetable soup 🌽🍅🍆🍵and a few almonds or walnuts 🌰 plus herbal tea without anything added, first day 800 calories, 2nd to 5th day 500 calories per day. Don't do it if you're pregnant, diabetic etc. Ask your doctor!

  5. Really the best and most simple method for eating is found through the "daily dozen app" 🙂 Otherwise, the more you look the more complicated it most likely will seem that people are trying to make things. It always circles back around to the most simple things being the best, and that's just eating plant based whole foods. No calorie counting needed. No fasting. Maybe a little more planning ahead than just eating processed foods. And maybe a little discipline to not eat too late in the evening.

  6. If anyone's interested, this idea isn't new or hard to do yourself. In fact, this is literally all over YouTube in the form of "weight loss cabbage soups" which are pretty much variations of some sort of stock, onions, cabbage, some spices and other low-calorie vegetables cooked in water for long periods of time. Have fun !

  7. I find it easier to fast on the weekend because you can keep physically busy. Screw trying to fast sitting at a desk all day.

  8. I've been fasting two days a week (not consecutive) for 18 to 24 hours at a time. Been doing this for over five years now. I've always believed in the science studies showing it increases insulin sensitivity, and HGH. I like the idea of giving my digestive system a break and it's a good way to keep my weekly calorie intake at bay. Some times I'll exercise or cycle while fasting to get into a keto state (fat burning). I feel an increase in energy and mental clarity when I do this.

  9. I've tried the fasting mimicking diet myself a few times, to get rid of a tooth acke, worked like a charm. I did of course cook my own soup, after seeing the prices for those FMD packets.

  10. I’m on day 1 of a 5 day FMD diet. Meal 1 today: oatmeal with a little protein and coconut oil (500 cal). Meal 2: Pineapple and Vegetarian Chili (500 cal). This is my 8th time doing this protocol.

  11. If I go more than 12 hours without calories, I "feel" like I'm hypoglycemic, even though I'm not. I get weak, shaky, tired, and even though I normally avoid added sugars, a few sips of a sugary soda, which I never drink, and I'm normal again until I eat.

  12. Any type of fasting on WHOLE FOOD VEGAN DIET (with supplements) is 100% unneccessary & potentialy dangerous! Been there, done that (unless your body fat % is higher than 20%).

  13. Just FYI to everyone. The FMD was not created for weight loss. It was created mostly as a supplementary treatment for cancer patients. Dr. Longo originally prescribed a 3 day (72 hour) fast prior to chemotherapy. Because the adherence rate was so low he developed a diet (5 days instead of 3) to mimic fasting to see if it could get the same benefits but with higher adherence.

  14. It seems like the benefits seen here are the same as with a plant-based diet. Has anyone ever compared fasting to WFPB, head to head in the same study?

  15. For those having trouble making quick tasty veggies, may I recommend Chinese hot pot? I’ve never enjoyed eating simple plain vegetables so much.

  16. I have a new diet . it's called the 7-0 , 24 hour diet . It's amazing , eat whatever you like and as much as long as it's whole foods that are plant based . No starvation , no fasting . No pain, no weight gain . I know it's shocking to the sadomasochistic stupid unsustainable diet people . SMH

  17. Perhaps constant caloric restriction is promoting weight loss, but real fasting it promoting body re-composition without a big weight loss – read lose fat but keep your active body tissue

  18. Please talk about the new
    Martin-Hopkins Calculation for LDL .
    For some reason my entire family has awesome cholesterol levels now.

  19. Everyone needs an income to support themselves. Longo sells FMD eating plan and you sell books. Ive been intermittent fasting for 5 years now.  It works for me.

  20. What about the fiber content of the diet? What is the total fiber content? Perhaps this of importance? What about macros?

  21. Thats ridiculous.. and the soups are processed foods with oils, salt, and not even low fat at all apparently and there also are vitamins supplement which showed in many studies to be often useless and/or harmful… just do some real water fast for few days once in a while, will be much better, much more efficient and much cheaper, it will probably also be easier than eating a very low calories diet…

  22. Dr. Michael Mosley did a documentary with Longo a few years ago on the effects of a mimicking fasting diet. You can find it here on YouTube (I think it's something like, "Eat, Fast and Live Longer"). It's quite interesting, and it demonstrated how using the 5:2 approach, Mosley was able to improve his health and eliminate his (pre)diabetic state. Calorie restriction does have benefits.

  23. This whole mimicking diet salesmanship is a scam. Baby doctor Longo is donating his salary but what about his stock options or other money that might be given to other parts of his Empire

  24. To his credit Dr Longo gives instructions on how to do the fasting mimicking diet using plant based ingredients yourself rather than buying his five day meal plans so that anyone who wants to try it can do so with low cost whole food ingredients at home.

  25. Dr. Greger really missed the mark on this one. The purpose of Dr. Longo’s FMD is to get the anti-aging effects of fasting (inhibition of mTor and promotion of autophagy, etc.) without actually fasting. Not everyone can safely water fast. It’s not a weight loss protocol. Dr. Longo’s longevity diet is a whole food plant based diet.

  26. Fast mimicking diet helps old people, Who uses medicine pills, and cant water fast. Do what you can. Just fast, water or fast mimicking diet

  27. Dr can you please elaborate more on the autophagy aspect of fasting. Also if there's anything in regards to healthy to athletic people fasting eating in a 12 to 20 hour eating window daily?

  28. The FMD study did not use people that are really healthy eaters already. Any diet that cuts saturated fat and animal protein is going to have positive effects. If you give FMD to really whole plant food eaters, the will be no benefit and maybe harm.

  29. Valter Longo has answered the last question of this video in various interviews he's done. He said that the exact formulation and ratios of the macro & micro nutrient composition is important and easy to get wrong if doing it on your own. He also said there are certain key ingredients, like the glycerin in the Prolon L-Drink that people may not know of which helps the fasting process and prevents problems.

    To be honest, I don't think he makes a convincing case against most pro-active health-conscious people figuring this out themselves from regular food they can buy at the grocery store, however, we all hear funny customer support stories of clueless people doing the most insane things thinking they're following the correct directions, so if absolute compliance is needed, such as in clinical settings, then he is right to want to standardize and package the food to make things as fool proof as possible for patients. He has told anecdotes of several patients who fasted themselves to death while thinking they were following protocol.

  30. Related to Dr. Longo's FMD product, Prolon, I purchased one "kit" , and followed the FMD for the 5 days. After that, I did what you suggested: I designed my own diet to match Prolon's nutritional profile using salads, soups, and nuts, algae based omega-3 and multi-vitamin supplements. I did that 5 day FMD for another 2 cycles.

  31. One-day fast per week is what I've been doing for some time. Unexpectedly, I feel very little hunger on day two when I break my fast usually many hours after I've woken up. So day two might actually be easier than day one, perhaps. I'll try it out and see!

    Another curious thing I've noticed is I can be really hungry on other days, but on my regular scheduled fasting day, I usually experience almost no hunger. It's as if my body knows what's up and so dials back the hunger pangs.

  32. on a FMD you get 45% cals from carbs, 45% from fat, and only 10% protein. this is precise, because high-ish fat and little calories will get you into ketosis, which is the main purpose of fmd.

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