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26 thoughts on “The Actual Benefit of Diet vs. Drugs

  1. This is really incredible information.  Thanks for putting this together.  If you know someone who is dealing with a pharma drug dealer, you have to share with them the truth about diet vs. drugs!

  2. How does this turn a profit for doctors?
    If anything, it would put them out of business.
    After all those years of study, student loans ect…and then face the chance to not profit like all their predecessors before them?

    I think many people would opt to go into another profession…


    Each cancer patient on average=1-1.5million dollars to the medical mafia.

    Why would they want everyone getting better on a whole food plant based diet?

    I think this is what is at play now personally…this, and ignorance.

  3. Yes but we are forgetting one thing. Most every doctor TELLS you to change your diet. They give up when you DO NOT, and THEN put you on a drug to possibly help a little.

  4. I believe Dr. Ornish had the same clinical study results 30 years ago, and even published the imaging results to prove it. To date, none of it has been discredited.

  5. Hello dr. Greger , May I know your opinion about vegan deficiences fatty acids DHA and vitamins  K2, D3 ? Thank you

  6. Did you catch this week’s most popular video on how patients believe statin drugs like Lipitor are about a 100x more effective in preventing death than they actually are?

    Watch below or click the link to watch on NutritionFacts.org: http://nutritionfacts.org/video/the-actual-benefit-of-diet-vs-drugs/

  7. the negative effects of the drugs make the situation even worse – also if I understood the figures correctly 200 out of 600 elders will get the shingles and the vaccine will help 1 of those 200 people – so the drug company collects $220 each X 600 people = $132,000.00 to help one person – this is not cost effective except for the doctors and drug companies – the tv adds are only accurate concerning the 1 out of 3 people getting  shingles – and the possible side effects are unknown to me – I am not getting this vaccine even though I got shingles once

  8. I do appreciate having a doctor for a broken bone or in the event of an accident or for many other reasons but am not taking drugs at 64 years old because eating a healthy Vegan diet works so much better

  9. Doctors would be so smart to get on-board with teaching patients healthy diet lifestyles…instead of writing out an Rx for a pill, how about setting up practices where patients are taught how to cook/eat healthy?  Money could be made for the doctor here, as well, and the doctor's patients will live a lot longer, sustaining income for the smart doctor!!

  10. Dr Gregor: I had an experience today, that I knew you would appreciate. I have been on a whole food plant based diet for about three years. My husband hasn't really bought into it, mostly he's just a passenger on the ride, because I buy and prepare all the food in our house. I have been trying to convince him that he shouldn't take his statin drug for months now.

    My husband had a minor surgical procedure today. In his pre-op visit with the anesthesiologist, he was asked why he is not taking the statin drug. To be brief, I will just summarize the exchange with this doctor. In essence, he wanted to know if my husband was not taking it because of side effects, because he (the doctor) had himself experienced bad side effects from Lipitor, and he told my husband to ask his doctor for Crestor, because it's much better without the side effects! I said I was trying to get him to make diet changes instead, and mentioned I was Vegan. The DOCTOR said:

    "Well, sure, EVERYONE knows a plant based diet is the cure, but WHO is willing to go to such an EXTREME?"

    Who indeed? Pretty much only crazy people would do THAT!

  11. The DOCTOR said:

    "Well, sure, EVERYONE knows a plant based diet is the cure, but WHO is willing to go to such an EXTREME?"

    Who indeed? Pretty much only crazy people would do THAT!

  12. could you do a video about PCOS, and hormone treatments (like birth control) for that and irregular and problematic periods, and if there are alternatives for those type of drugs??? Thanks for all the help you bring Doctor 🙂

  13. As long as the pharma paradigm has been the norm, doctors will have to die and be replaced with docs who have other approaches (diet) before a change is seen. This will likely take at least a generation.

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