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The Best And Worst Breakfast Items You Can Find At McDonald’s

The McDonald’s breakfast has got to be one
of fast food’s most beloved institutions. But how do the restaurant’s many choices actually
stack up against each other? From the newest additions to the McMuffin
that started it all, we’ve compiled a list of McDonald’s breakfast menu items and ranked
them worst to best. McDonald’s introduced the sausage burrito
all the way back in 1991, so you’d think they’d have it perfected by now — but apparently
not. Sure, the tortilla is fine, but as you bite
into the burrito, you get the strangest mix of flavors: egg, sausage, chiles, and a whole
bunch of black pepper. Like, a lot of black pepper. “Cut it out, come on. Say when. No come on, don’t. Say when.” At the same time, you’re munching on soft,
runny eggs, coming together to create a weird and lackluster experience. And it’s no huge surprise this doesn’t work
either, considering there are actually more than 40 ingredients in the sausage burrito. You’ve gotta ask: why on earth would you need
so many? McDonald’s debuted the Chicken McGriddles
sandwich for testing in certain franchises in August 2019, and, well, so far, so bad. It’s two McGriddles with a McChicken patty
in the middle, and… that’s kind of it. And while the flavor combo of syrup-flavored
bread and chicken seems like it could work in theory, it still comes across as possibly
the weirdest pairing of flavors McDonald’s could have come up with. Obviously, chicken and waffles are all the
rage right now, but this one totally misses the mark. At first bite, it’s actually kinda delicious,
but then the black pepper hits, and suddenly everything falls apart. This is a great example of a genius idea with
poor execution. The best way to describe the Bacon, Egg and
Cheese Biscuit is probably: dry. Very dry. Sure, the biscuit is buttered and it’s fluffy
enough too, but the boring folded egg is way too big and overpowers the sandwich. Pairing all that with just two thin slices
of bacon just doesn’t add up to much, either. Luckily, this sandwich is made better with
the addition of melted American cheese, but it still doesn’t completely fix that dryness
problem. The ratio of other ingredients to the thick
biscuit just doesn’t make for the ideal composition. How could they fix it? With more bacon? More cheese? Whatever it needs… it needs something. The Triple Stack Biscuit is built with two
sausage patties, two slices of bacon, two slices of cheese, and an egg, all layered
on your choice of a biscuit, McMuffin, or McGriddle. This behemoth of a sandwich also contains
890 calories and 65 grams of fat. Oh, and don’t forget the 2,080 milligrams
of sodium, too. That’s a lot of salt. “I wish I’d thought this through.” But if the nutrition stats don’t scare you
away, the actual sandwich probably will. First of all, you’ll be lucky to even get
a bite in on this thing, because the Triple Stack is easily big enough to be seriously
frustrating to eat. Then, after that first, far-too-difficult
bite, you find the mixture of sausage and bacon — a combo which, somehow, doesn’t
actually work here. Sure, sausages and bacon work great on a breakfast
plate, but contained inside a sandwich it just feels like a little much. It’s also, again, a massive salt bomb, which
goes some way to explaining that high sodium count. Honestly, it’s just not worth it. Bagels may not have been invented as a breakfast
food, but they’ve still become one of America’s most quintessential morning snacks. And why not? They’re awesome. “Bagel?” “Don’t mind if I do!” So maybe that’s why it’s such a shame that
the Bacon, Egg and Cheese Bagel kinda misses the mark. The toasted bagel comes topped with butter,
bacon, a folded egg, and American cheese. Luckily, the addition of another slice of
cheese makes this breakfast sandwich a bit more flavorful, but overall it’s lacking. The bagel is pretty large too, and not really
the best bagel we’ve ever tasted either — but where this really falls apart is with the
toppings. There just isn’t enough bacon or egg to make
this sandwich feel like enough. Okay, let’s be honest — if you’re ordering
oatmeal at McDonald’s, you’re only doing it because you absolutely have to. Most likely you’re a healthy eater who didn’t
have time to cook an actual breakfast, so you decided you needed to grab something healthy
in a pinch. After all, surely nobody actually goes to
McDonald’s for the oatmeal… right? Well, either way: the Fruit & Maple Oatmeal
debuted in 2011 and contains a mixture of oats, light cream, diced apples, cranberries
and raisins. All of these items together may sound delicious,
but overall it just comes across as boring. Weirdest of all is that there’s no actual
maple syrup in this oatmeal. It’s in the name, but certainly not on the
ingredients list. Sadly, if McDonald’s had included it this
dish would have ended up tasting so much better. The oatmeal is wildly bland, and the so-so
toppings don’t make it any better, either. It’ll work in a pinch, but there’s a reason
McDonald’s aren’t famous for this. McGriddles debuted back in 2003, and truthfully,
they’re just okay. The McGriddle is centered around a mushy,
soft griddle cake, which McDonald’s says features the sweet taste of maple. And in a perfect world, that’d make a great
pairing with the sausage, folded egg and American cheese this sandwich also contains. But there isn’t actually any true maple flavor
to be found in McGriddles. There’s just sugar and caramel color, which
might give the illusion of maple, but really just adds up to a pale imitation of the real
thing. On top of that, there are way too many flavors
going on in this sandwich for it to really work. Plus, the texture is kinda squishy, what with
the grease from the sausage and the super-soft textures of the McGriddles cakes. Truth is, there are better sandwiches than
this. Yeah, we’re back in McGriddles town again. But this time, it’s with bacon! This McDonald’s McGriddles sandwich comes
stacked with griddle cakes, applewood smoked bacon, a folded egg, and a slice of American
cheese. Sounds amazing, right? Well, the sweet flavor of the McGriddles does
overpower the smoked bacon a little, but at least the texture is spot on. It’s a soft sandwich with a bit of crunch
from the bacon, all paired together with just the right amount of melted cheese. It often seems like the texture of folded
egg can throw off a breakfast sandwich, and honestly, this is one of those options that
could be made so much better if it used the same round eggs as the Egg McMuffin. Something to think on, Ronald. With just a sausage patty and a folded egg
sandwiched between a biscuit, the simplicity of the Sausage Biscuit with Egg is certainly
its downfall. After all, who orders their McDonald’s in
half-measures? Honestly, this sandwich isn’t awful. The sausage gives it enough overall flavor
for it to hold its own, pairing well with the buttery flavor of the biscuit. But it’s hard to get over that lack of cheese
— especially when, at 530 calories, this sandwich clearly isn’t intended to be a healthy
option. So why not throw the cheese in anyway? Isn’t everything better with cheese? “I can ignore the cheese… sorry I can’t
do it.” The Fruit ‘N Yogurt Parfait is definitely
one of the better options on the McDonald’s menu, especially for those looking for a decent
breakfast or a quick, sweet snack. Registered Dietitians have even agreed that
it’s one of the less nutritionally offensive items the restaurant sells. The parfait is made up of low-fat vanilla
yogurt, blueberries, and strawberries, and it’s served with a little packet of crunchy
granola to go on top. The strawberries are pretty sweet too, with
the addition of Konjac Flour acting a little bit like cornstarch to create a sweet syrup. Unfortunately, the granola throws things a
little off-kilter. It has an overpowering cinnamon flavor, which
doesn’t pair well with the rest of the ingredients. Still, it’ll do just fine — and at only
210 calories, it’s not gonna kill you, either. Ordering a cinnamon roll at McDonald’s seems
like it might possibly be the worst idea ever. After all, what can McDonald’s do that a proper
bakery can’t? Well, be prepared to be surprised — because
these really aren’t that bad. Obviously you’re not getting the real bakery
experience here, but the McDonald’s Cinnamon Melt is still pretty darn good. The cinnamon flavor of the soft, fluffy roll
is spot on, and the texture is nigh-on perfect. The Cinnamon Melts are also topped with a
light cream cheese icing, which pairs nicely with this treat. To be fair, however, more of this topping
would have been nice — when warmed, the icing tends to melt, leaving you with more
of a drizzle than icing, but this is a minor complaint. Definitely a great choice, this. Considering they’re pancakes made in a fast
food restaurant, Hotcakes are surprisingly delicious, mostly thanks to the texture, which
is pretty much spot on. They’re not overly fluffy but still have the
right consistency to make for the perfect on-the-go pancake. These hotcakes are also served up with salted
butter, which may seem a little strange, but it really does work. The only thing that would have made this item
better is an upgrade in the syrup department. Hotcakes are served with something called
Hotcake Syrup, which is nothing even remotely close to maple syrup. It’s a mixture of corn syrup, sugar, and water
with the addition of caramel color to trick you into thinking you’re eating the real thing. “Do you smell maple syrup?” “Yes!” “Don’t panic, Lemon. It’s probably not a chemical attack.” The Big Breakfast comes with every single
thing you could possibly want in a breakfast. First, you’ve got those soft, fluffy Hotcakes,
complete with butter and syrup. And then there’s also scrambled eggs, a sausage
patty, biscuit and, of course, hash browns. The Big Breakfast is basically made up of
all of the best components of the McDonald’s breakfast menu, piled high on a single plate. This item does definitely come with one drawback
though: this breakfast packs on 1340 calories and 64 grams of fat. So, while it is delicious, it’s gonna require
a heck of a workout to burn off. The Egg McMuffin was the original McDonald’s
breakfast item, and honestly, it’s almost the best, too. It’s a simple concept, really — English
muffin, slice of ham, eggs, and cheese. Wrap it all up and you have the perfect hot
take-out breakfast. The McMuffin is also the only item on the
breakfast menu that uses a freshly cracked egg in its recipe — which is a real shame,
because it’s so much better than the folded egg used elsewhere. And that egg paired with Canadian bacon and
cheese is the most magical combination, especially if you let it sit just another minute after
it’s served to let that cheese get a little meltier. Heaven in a muffin. Just as McDonald’s is widely-renowned for
their french fries, so too are its hash browns loved around the world. These little potato pillows are the quintessential
comfort food from McDonald’s. Once you bite into that crispy, golden shell
you know you’re in for a real treat, and the experience is made that much better for those
fluffy shredded potatoes on the inside. Piping hot, a little greasy, and ridiculously
delicious. No wonder they’ve been holding strong for
more than 40 years. Well, here it is — the best of the best. What is it about the Sausage McMuffin Egg
that works so well? Perhaps it’s that delicious fresh egg, or
maybe it’s the wonderfully greasy sausage patty on top. Or maybe it’s all about the cheese, which
melts almost immediately on top of that hot English muffin. This savory sandwich is the ideal balance
of breakfast flavors, with the slight sweetness from the sausage pairing perfectly with that
round egg. And that soft, buttery English muffin rounds
out all those flavors into the perfect little bundle of breakfast magic. It may not have been the first McMuffin on
the menu, but it sure is the most delicious. “Hey, Yappie! If you end the conversation, I’ll get you an Egg McMuffin.” “How bout a Sausage McMuffin with hashbrowns…” “You got a deal!” “Look, look, look, he fell asleep!” Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more Mashed videos about your favorite
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  2. I actually “Love” the Triple Stack(like it can hit #1 on the list)and it fits perfectly when I take a bite, still not healthy, but I reserve it as a treat to maintain my slim-ish appearance.

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    Something everyone who may read this needs to think about.

  4. Can they make the parfait yogurt any smaller? There is too much egg on the bagel especially the steak egg and cheese one. McDonald's needs to fix their biscuit recipe, they are simply way too dry and a bit flavorless. I guess you believe you sound intelligent saying sodium instead of salt but it's the chloride that makes it a salt not the sodium.

  5. I love the burrito, it’s great with a little grape jelly. I order the two burritos and eat them down. Love me some Mickey D’Souza!

  6. In germany about a year ago the Mcmuffin Sausage & Egg (my only reason i go for breakfast at McD) has been removed from the menu. They replaced the sausage patty with beef patties. It tastes bland and i didn´t like it. Guess whos not coming for breakfast anymore :/

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  8. McDonald's used to have a bigger breakfast burrito. Like I think it was called grand burrito.

    It had a hash brown inside. It was amazing but they got rid of it

  9. The chicken micriddle is good but weird although I agree that they need to take out the pepper
    Ps.dont complain about Macdonalds

  10. In Germany we have the McMuffin Fresh Chicken: Englisch Muffin, breaded chicken patty, cheese, lettuce, tomatoe and mayo. Best item they sell imo

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  12. I'm gonna stop you right there. Why pay for a HORRIBLE breakfest experience from mcdonalds? when you could get their lunch items for LESS MONEY! Mcdonalds is gross ok but their breakfest?! EVEN WORSE! seriously if you eat breakfest there, you are a terrible disgusting self hating no morals no dignity type of person.

  13. The chicken McGriddle is the most flavorful breakfast sandwich they got going right now in my opinion

  14. Yeah, KFC could come up with a better Chicken and Waffles than the McGriddle Chicken…don't think I'm incinuating KFC should get into the breakfast industry, however.

  15. I wouldn't eat at McDonald's if you paid me . Them Aborigines that works there spit on your food and who knows what else they do to it. They are disgusting nasty people.

  16. Fucking mashed.

    Them: "We don't know if this biscuit needs extra meat, or cheese, but they need to figure it out, 'cause this is dissapointing."

    Them very next item: "This biscuit has extra stuff and we don't like that. Too many calories, too much sodium. Wah!"

  17. I am a type one diabetic and I love the big breakfast from time to time and my first girlfriend pointed me to the sausage mcmuffin for the day after a night of heavy drinking hits the spot and settles the stomach, I don't know why but it works.

  18. Honestly I mainly wait for lunch when it comes to McDonald's, but theres nothing wrong with the taste its convenient but also kind of pricey for a small portion

  19. For all the complaints about Mickey Ds breakfast sandwiches here, it’s a wonder they haven’t gone out of business. Oh wait…

  20. I love the Mcgriddle. I tried it for the first time yesterday and it does taste maple. I only tried the bacon,egg & cheese one. So good❤

  21. The person who made all these comments on these items must have been "too good" to eat mcdonalds and just bitched about everything they ate because most of these complaints are bullshit. "Too much" black pepper? I've never even noticed black pepper on any Mcdonalds food. I know its there but its not powerful at all. Nothing there is amazing but its all pretty ok. The thing i have to complain about is the periodic dumb price increases. $2 for a hashbrown?….they used to be 2 for $1….

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  24. I’m confused on what you thinks best….seems everything is worst according to the commentary. Besides that their sausage by itself or combined with anything is the best

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