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23 thoughts on “The Best Way to Boost Serotonin

  1. What is the recommended amount of Butternut Squash seed one should take? Which carb is best to take with it? How do they compare to pumpkin seeds for raising serotonin? Also, does one get the same benefit from Pumpkin Seed Oil as from the pumpkin seeds?

  2. go see a psychologist. learn some autogene training or techniques to calm yourselft down. i recommend a behaviorist.

  3. yes i can swear by this vegatable diet no more pills for me stir fry veggies in coconutoil or jusy water with tomato sauce or fresh toatoes cooked with the veggies some cayenne pepper too also my arteries are clean again as a side dish use organic spinach with applecider vinegar and olive oil slanie good health

  4. My classmates laughed when I told them I was going to get rid of fat with "Windy Fat Loss", but then they saw the results. Go and google "Windy Fat Loss" to see their reaction.

  5. What are some other plant based foods that have high tryptophan? Your video was good , it brought to light something i was doing in my diet to increase seratonin naturally.

  6. feedback on this issue is sought: chronically taking Luvox for 20 years after unrelenting panic attacks after cocaine and psychedelics. sober but "stuck" in the antidepressant cycle. exploring alternatives to SSRI. peace and harmony to all.

  7. Could you provide a table showing the levels of each amino acid [and their ratios viewing ease] for a range of seeds?

  8. So just eating butternut squash seeds works? Or do they have to be deoiled??? And how does one even deoil butternut squash seeds?

  9. Doesn't the last graph show that actually it was the mixed diet that worsened their mood and not that the vegetarian diet improved theirs?

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