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The Candida Crusher Diet May Cause Weight Loss

Greetings. It’s New Zealand naturopath, Eric
Bakker, author of Candida Crusher. Thanks for tuning in. I’m going to talk about weight
loss today and the Candida Crusher diet. So I’ve had a few emails from patients and
also spoken to patients during consultation time that they’re concerned that they’ve lost
weight when they’re on the Candida Crusher diet approach. That’s a worry for some people
losing too much weight. Now for a lot of people watching this, they’ll
be thinking, “Wow, that’s what I want! Weight loss.” Now when you think about it, the ideal
body fat composition for males can be anywhere from 10 to 15 percent and women 15 to 18 percent,
I’d say on average. And lots of us just carry too much body fat. If you don’t really do
much exercise, especially when you get to your 50s like me, you can easily replace muscle
tissue for body fat. And as you increase body fat, you get more tired. You’re going to crave
more sweet foods, and so the weight merry-go-round continues. You just get fatter and fatter,
like a lot of us are too fat, way too fat. If you look at obesity now in the U.S. and
Australian and New Zealand and many other countries, half the population almost are
obese. So if we look at the foods that make us fat, these are often the foods that give
and maintain Candida in people for years on end. These are the sweet foods, the carbohydrates.
These are the foods that people love to eat, cookies, cakes, biscuits, breads, candies,
ice cream, all these sorts of foods that people really like to eat. These are the ones that
will help and encourage a Candida yeast infection to thrive in the body. So by cutting these
foods out, we’re not only going to help reduce our incidence of Candida in our body and all
sorts of intestinal bowel overgrowths or bad bacteria, we’re also going to lose weight.
Isn’t that wonderful to be able to lose weight, maintain good bowel function, and get rid
of Candida all at the same time? This is what the Paleo diet is all about.
The Paleo diet is all about high protein and low carb. This is what the GAPS diet’s all
about. This is what all of these diets are all about, and I’ve been talking like this
for 25 years. This is the right kind of way to eat without even like devising a particular
kind of diet. I’m not a diet kind of person. I really believe that the best approach is
for people looking at the kind of foods that they like to eat and picking out the healthiest
foods of the ones they desire. It’s important for you to bear that in mind
that some foods you like, I don’t like or another person doesn’t like, so devising a
very rigid diet for a person or for a lot of people in general doesn’t work. Because
most people will gravitate back to the foods that they like to eat the most. Well, I can
tell you now, the sweet foods are the ones that are going to help you maintain Candida,
particularly if you have a high stress lifestyle, taking pharmaceutical drugs, and eating at
weird hours and eating incorrectly, not chewing food properly, these sorts of things.
I’ve written about this at length in my book, Candida Crusher. You can read all about this.
Think about it. Weight loss. No Candida. Reducing your risk of the top three, cancer, diabetes,
and heart disease, can all be achieved with this Candida Crusher approach. Meat, eggs,
vegetables and yogurt or the MEVY diet, which has been around now for about 30 or 40 years.
It’s a great way to eat. But I don’t really like to call it a diet. To me, it’s common
sense. Eating healthy is common sense. It’s simple. It’s common sense.
Check out yeastinfection.org and also please don’t forget to have a look at Canxida.com
for the best Candida dietary supplements. Do my yeast infection survey to see if you’re
mild, moderate, or severe and you’ll see that at CandidaCrusher.com.
Thanks for tuning in.

6 thoughts on “The Candida Crusher Diet May Cause Weight Loss

  1. Thanks a lot for the great information and your dedication to this widely misunderstood and diagnosed disease. I have suffered decades i believe and have been through the gamut in CAnada. Gastrinologists are not functional and system is terrible. I have had to eliminate gluten with small reintroduction, dairy big problem, intolerances so a probiotic is a big issue. Is Lacto-bascillus similar in proteins and likely to cause any of the reactions that dairy does? My experience with this probiotic was not nice so i discontinued. May have been "Herx" reaction? Thanks a lot again.

  2. I'm a little bit afraid. As I was doing the diet I started some very terrible pelvic pain. And by week three is got worse.Β  I never went off the diet once for 3 weeks. Finally I ate some normal food and I noticed my pain was starting to go away.Β  Does this sond consistent with anything?

    I appreciate everything on this youtube and recommend it to others with simialir problems.

  3. yeah definitely lost weight on the diet. how do you feel about the state of ketosis doctor? Mevy kind of puts you into ketosis. i do feel a little low on energy sometimes. I tried adding back brown rice and oatmeal but it gave me gas so i'll try again later. maybe after the full one month marker. but is it okay to be in ketosis for a long time, again I can't trust the internet opinion because depending who you talk to it's the greatest thing in the world or i'm going to die from it tomorrow… lol

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