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The Carnivore Diet: A Doctor Reacts

Hey guys, Tom Hinueber is asking me about The Carnivore Diet
and look, we’ve talked about vegan and keto
and all of this stuff. I have got to be honest. I have no clue what The Carnivore Diet is. Tom says it’s like all
you can eat is meat. Shawn Baker and other
people, Jordan Peterson have all talked about
this diet on Twitter. So I am going to work out
for you from first principles as a doctor, the benefits and
risks of a Carnivore Diet. Okay, having done none of
the research, you know why? Because the research is
all bull shit (laughs). Because all nutritional
research is garbage for reasons I have talked about. All right, so this is what I think. You are eating nothing but meat. Already you’ve put this
diet into the category of what we call elimination diets. You’ve eliminated a lot of food and you’re narrowly
restricting what you eat to a certain class of
macronutrients which are meat. So what are you getting rid of? I imagine you’re getting rid
of refined carbohydrates, most carbohydrates for that matter. Vegetables, you’re getting
rid of sugary drinks probably. You’re getting rid of processed food and you’re eating nothing but meat unless you’re eating
just pure processed meat which sounds delicious. All right, so Carnivore
already has an advantage because you’ve cut out a lot of what the standard American
diet is known to be bad for which are processed, high
sugar, high salt, garbage foods. Now you’re left with high-protein,
high-fat, meat products. Now from first principles,
there’s some very soft it’s very hard to imply
what’s actually causing versus just correlated with. So red meats, heme-containing
meats have been correlated with higher risks of
things like colon cancer. Now nobody knows if that’s
actually causing higher rates of colon cancer or if there’s
some other confounding factors which we’ve talked about before. So could it be that you
might increase your risk of cancer in an absolute
sense not that much, right? Now the other down side
is there’s no fiber. So you’re going to be
like hella swole, bro. And I don’t mean muscle wise,
I’m talking about your colon. And that can go with another risk which is something called diverticulosis which are little
out-pouchings of the colon from high pressure associated with potentially a low-fiber diet. Now again, we don’t know but
these are kind of associations and I’m working this out as
a doctor having seen a lot of patients and kind of
understanding basic physiology. So, in that case, a Carnivore
Diet which is all the rage now among the people who are like bro. I don’t know why I did that, but I pulled something
very painful in my side, Tom Hinueber. I’m not even joking (laughs). I’m in spasm right now. So I’m going to continue
talking while I have this spasm. (Tom and Logan laughing off camera) The elimination factor may
actually help a lot of people to feel better if they maybe don’t tolerate refined
carbohydrates that well or they have some other intolerances in terms of digestion like
beans and things like that with fiber that cause bloating
and gas and uncomfortable. So maybe they feel better. Combine that with a really
powerful placebo effect that goes with food
because food is a religion for a lot of people. For vegans, for keto people,
for Carnivore Diets, okay? It’s a religion. In fact, for people who love
the standard American diet, it’s a religion. Don’t take my Carl’s, Jr. Happy Star away and yes, I know what the Happy Star is because my mom used to
get it for me quite a bit when I was considerably fatter. (people laughing off camera) Correlation? Causation? You decide. Anyways, that’s a real doctor
figures out the Carnivore Diet from first principles. Deal with it. Share it or don’t. I’m going to go eat some meat and then also some vegetables
because I like vegetables. All right, guys? We out. – [Guy Behind Camera] Paleo. – It’s what’s for dinner. Or not. – [Guy Behind Camera] How’s your side? – Dude I was like (laughs).

55 thoughts on “The Carnivore Diet: A Doctor Reacts

  1. Nutrition Guidelines tell us the carnivore diet should be the worst for human health, but we see many people with improving health markers on the diet. This is in effect a null hypothesis of the current standards. If the whole foods plant based diet were as efficacious as its advocates claim, then people on the carnivore diet should be having disastrous outcomes within a short time.

  2. We don't need fiber to poop. Do some research, ask some carnivores. Hey, I have an idea, do it yourself!! 30 day challenge!!! (you can do anything for 30 days..right?!?)

  3. Colon cancer and diverticulitis studies (which you correctly state are BS) do not distinguish between sources of meat or it's preparation. You seem to be allowing "conventional wisdom" to creep in here.
    – It's not "elimination" if you're going back to where we got off track. It's a reset to our requirements of evolution.
    – There are no essential carbohydrates (including fiber). Check out Low Carb Down Under for more info.
    – Any assessment of the human diet should factor in the microbiome and the epi/genome.
    – Animal defenses are experienced before consumption (teeth, claws…), plant defenses occur after ingestion 😉

    My take at present: Meat (properly sourced) is food (thrive), plants (properly sourced) are medicine (if required) and a backup for survival if meat is not available.

  4. As a chemist/microbiologist I find the Carnivore diet quite intriguing! I've tried it for about 6 months with amazing results, and I've looked into the matter a bit. I have a playlist called "Meat" on my youtube-channel with over 200 videos regarding the topic, mostly either lectures from phd/Md's or peoples personal journeys. I highly recommend the channel "Low carb down under" and Dr. Ken Berrys channel for more scientific content (with attached sources etc.).

  5. Fiber is not needed for the digestive tract to work properly. However, there will be an adjustment period as the body acclimates to change in nutritional input.

    Here's a link to an interview of an ophthalmologist who has been carnivore for eleven years. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UqPhtwVeMlM

  6. I think the purpose of diets like ketogenic and carnivore is to reduce the cravings caused by consuming junk food, thereby allowing one to reduce total caloric intake, while ensuring that most of the calories are beneficial (protein). The solution to health is eating less; this is a (good IMO) way to get there.

  7. LMAO – The guy promoting the Carnivore Diet (Dr. Shawn Baker) had his medical license suspended (in NM?). Just an FYI …

  8. Good stuff. I do greatly appreciate just hearing you talk out the fair thought process based on facts we do know. <3

  9. Disappointed that you didn’t mention that elimination diets could be creating a caloric deficit which could potentially have a whole host of benefits.

  10. From one doc (that's me! 😉) to another, about the fiber issue: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3435786/

  11. Bro, you need to warm up and stretch before you shoot your videos! Seriously though, don't you hate when you do something perfectly reasonable and some random muscle goes, Nope! Not doin' it?

  12. I know it’s counterintuitive but as far as bowl movements are concerned you surprisingly find on the carnivore diet you don’t need fiber! The other surprising thing is the loss of cravings for crappy foods while on the carnivore diet! I did it for about 3 months. Felt great. Started eating meat and veggies only now absolutely no carbs or sugar. Still feel great with a bit more variety. It’s now been 1 and a half years. Don’t miss anything with the exception of pasta on occasion. There are no vitamin deficiencies on the carnivore diet. The same can’t be said for plant based, many supplements have to be taken.

  13. I recall years ago high protein diets are not good for the kidneys! There was a Cambridge diet of about 330 calories a day that I believe was part of that data. But like you said, nutritional studies aren’t the best.

  14. Hey colleague, just try the carnivore diet and come to the conclusion that something which is common knowledge that we need fiber for good bowel movements is completely and utterly wrong

  15. I need to rebuild my blood supply from some massive posterior nose bleeds, over the past three weeks. I keep having spinach and kale, but realized I needed iron at some point because of losing so much blood the first time. I cooked all the meat I could find in the freezer, and then figured out I had some cereal fortified with iron, which helped me to hike out for iron supplements. I did eat some oranges to try and help absorb. About to hike out for more leafy greens. Hopefully the repair of the water leaking into my ceiling will help end this. I hear some more work going on upstairs while I type this.

  16. Well, no. First principles didn’t work for me. I ate an organic, local diet according to the AHA guidelines for DECADES. I grew my own veg, and I did patient education as a cardiac nurse for 15 years. I ate clean….and ended up with anaphylaxis and angioedema that ramped up over the years, made me hella sick, and cost me more than $100k out of pocket for ED visits and hospitalizations over ten years. Having my face swell up like an African death masque without warning was peachy fun; having my throat swell shut and passing out…the attendant syncope, tachycardia and never ending issues with urticaria. Bullshit! And it got worse over time. I couldn’t even go outside anymore and sit in our unsprayed, unfertilized grass because my ass would swell with massive, burning, slow-to-resolve hives.

    A few years ago, someone I lived with made a comment about all the kale we ate at community meals. I’d been to the ED six times in a two week period. Sure enough, looking at my journal, every single time I’d had a hospital run, it was preceded by beans, lentil, kale or spinach in my meals. I started a 40 day fast after that. The first food I added back was beef and beef stock from the local phô restaurant (I was taking care of my dying sister at the time). I lost about 40 lbs during the fast, then I started adding in meats, then eggs, then dairy, then veg one at a time. The results of these experiences were clear: I’m fine on a traditional, high fat, seasonal agrarian diet; I am not fine on high oxalate foods. Period.

    I haven’t been to an ED in two years. I left healthcare because healthcare as an industry sucks, and I went back to farming. I eat what I raise, I have no bowel issues, and I lost half my body weight without trying. Is this a religion for me??? Nope. This is about never having a life threatening anaphylactic or angioedema attack again, never being afraid Im going to die because I ate a salad, and never again being obese. I save the fiber shit to sell at the farmer’s market. And I’m back to my childhood eating butter that I make in my own kitchen by the spoonful just for fun, and I’m the strongest and healthiest I’ve been in my entire adult life. First principles can suck it.

  17. I have no clue what to eat anymore. I'm going crazy reading study after study, anecdotes after anecdotes! It's especially tough with an autoimmune disease. FUUUUUUUUU-

  18. A pure meat diet will probably be hard on the kidneys.
    Our mothers were right, a well-balanced diet is the way to go. Buddha found that out too.
    Just eat right.

  19. The studies about cancer and meat, do not control for ANY other lifestyle choice like drugs, medications, processed foods, weight, activity, preconditions etc.
    They don't even control for the quality or type of meat product…
    Imagine having a study about the effects of water, giving the participants contaminated water and concluding Water causes death… That's exactly the level of research and it's horrifying that global medical organizations push this type of research as definitive in decision-making… Stephen King can't make this up!

    Carnivores DO NOT eat or advocate for processed meats – only raw cooked quality meats and organs!

  20. Plants are devoid or have really low bioavailability of micronutrients, where animal foods are plentiful and bioavailable almost to perfection.

    This is the strongest and most important argument, not about the meat only diet, but in ANY diet!

    Survive on plants, thrive on animals. That's just our nature.

  21. Food is not a religion to me. I'm allergic to gluten and a few other proteins in foods. I gave up reading labels and went keto and now I'm carnivore. My food budget is reduced and my health is fantastic!!

  22. Carnivorous Lifestyles & Mentors
    Brand new group, come populate this group with your knowledge!

  23. Well you kindly demonstrated how badly doctors knowanything about nutrition, if this is all you can come up with.

    What is it wirh you americans and your holy meat that you like the idea of eating nothing but meat when cultural history and human physiology clearly shows we aren't meat only eaters. 🤦‍♀️

  24. Cancer is more likely due to the hormonal agitation from insulin resistance caused by fruit and sugar combined with so called "healthy seed oil fats" which are anything BUT healthy. Seed oil fat is readily stored but is poorly available for metabolism so you wind up storing pounds of fat that are not available to the mitochondria in times of need and just sit there are pounds of lard. The same with cardiac disease which is more an inflammatory vasculitis. Metabolic syndrome is what is killing America. The carnivore diet is the cure for metabolic syndrome. Te carnivore diet can take your A1c from 12 to 5 in just months. You don't need "fiber" if you are not eating stuff that turns into inspisated rocks in your colon as the water is resorbed. The carnivore diet is a high fat moderate protein diet, not a high protein low fat diet. As such the stool is low residue and well lubricated by excess fat for elimination. An all meat diet completely changes the microbiome to more healthy microbiology which allows for gut and villus healing and a reduction in gut inflammation. One of the first thing that happens is you poop out all that sugar loving candida you have living in your bowel. Stick that in your first principals and smoke it. The majority of calories in the form of acetyl's and ketone bodies are provided by animal fat. Animal fat does not spike insulin. The lack of insulin spike allows glucagon to turn on lipolysis, a catabolic process, and hence weight loss follows. Sugar forces insulin which forces fat to be stored. Red meat actually contains all the nutrition needed to sustain life. If you're worried about vitamins eat some liver or eggs once a week. If recovering from surgery I suggest adding some small does of vit C and Zn to allow you to make scar, but only while actually healing. Quite a bit is actually known about this diet from "first biochemical principles", as well as from medical anthropology which looks at diets and diseases of grain based societies like Egypt vs hunter meat eating based societies. There is more than adequate glucose available from gluconeogenesis, another byproduct of a low insulin high glucagon state. The brain also loves lactate as a food source as well as hydroxybuterate. There is a period of enzyme induction when the enzymes of starvation need to ramp up and the brain switches form being a glucose only hog to living off ketones. Another advantage is low glucose yields a low respiratory quotient meaning your muscles are burning energy more efficiently. I've noticed a 15% reduction in minute volume in carnivore vs standard american diet for the same cardio exercise regimen. There is plenty of glycogen available for anaerobic exercise as well since once glucose enters the muscle it can't get back to the blood stream and is stored in the muscle as glycogen. Liver glycogen can be stored and released into the blood as needed depending on the hormonal environment. Carnivore is by nature low in inflammation and many of the physical markers of inflammation like acne, rosacia tend to disappear also likely related to the symptoms of metabolic syndrome. Some circles think Alzheimer is metabolic syndrome of the brain and evidence exists ketogenic diets (anti metabolic syndrome diets) help in Alzheiner and other NDD. Diet is not religion, but it is highly political, and everybody is an "expert" since everybody eats, and any swingin pecker (male or female) can write a "guru diet book" and try to make a buck, which is why the field is so rampant with misinformation. There is a ton of evidence based not just correlation based data that has been researched in the past decade or so, but the evidence dates back 3000 years. There is a ton of liturate but a good author is Ben Bikman. Another is Mike Eades who has a fascinating talk on the anthropology. Nina Teicholz is superb on the politics of how the Amarican diet came to be.

  25. You don't need fiber. Please watch Dr. Paul Mason explain why.
    Also Carnivore diet is great for depression.

  26. 2 years carnivore. Weight dropped 80 lbs, but i do it for mental health. I feel mentally the best I have ever felt. My anxiety has gone to zero. I have seriously mellowed. My stress and systemic inflammation are all very low.

  27. Balanced take. People hate it when you say nutritional research is hard to draw conclusions but it’s the sad truth though.

  28. So I eat only meat but with every meal I eat 3 to six chili peppers. Chili’s are my favorite food and I’d never give that up also very healthy. I’ve had amazing results so what does anyone think about this elimination diet?

  29. no constipation here, in actuality, no gut irritation, and as an ex-vegan, I can tell you its the best thing. Now correct me if I am wrong, doctors typically don't have any training in nutrition? So, you feel that the research that is being done is bogus? You know what is based on religion? Veganism, Seventh-day Adventists pushed the diet on the world before it became so popular.

    Knowing that plant-based eating has lots of issues to include oxalate and other toxins, not to mention, grains and sugars, are the leading cause of diseases, this way of eating may not be too bad. Many swear by it.

    There are many who are turning to this way of eating, which I believe was the way we evolved as a species. I would do more research on it before you knock it down, just my 2 cents.

  30. Nope. Carnivore is not just meat. It's broth, eggs, dairy, seafood, organ meat, and you don't ever become constipated.

  31. Started carnivore/keto about 5 months ago and feel like 19 again heading to 52. 155lbs, 12% bodyfat and have never been more regular. Athletic performance in basketball and biking is off the charts.

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