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54 thoughts on “The Cilantro Gene

  1. I believe that there has to be a gene on whether or not people like cilantro. I haven't found a food I can't stand. I even like the taste of salmiakki which my Finnish friend found strange as I'm an American that never tried it.

  2. The cilantro gene: why some people love it and others hate it.

    Watch below or click the link to watch on NutritionFacts.org: http://nutritionfacts.org/video/the-cilantro-gene/

  3. I think it smells and tastes moldy and extremely like old people and old people body odor. I still juice it all the time though and down it fast. The stuff is bad and I drink straight up wheat grass juice and tons of other stuff.

  4. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE CILANTRO!!  I've never smelled a stink bug (thankfully) but someone recently told me they smell like cilantro.  Ha!

  5. excellent vids these are. wondering if parsley and cilantro (Chinese parsley I've heard it referred to as) are similar enough for the benefits of arthritis? just curious…I use lots of parsley.

  6. seriously interesting first off because a coworker recently declared his hate for Cilantro…stating that it tasted like soap… with I never heard before .. and secondly because I love the stuff and suffer from a type of Arthritis Called Ankylosing Spondylitis…I'm going to eat it by the handful now
    Another thought provoking video for me… thanks 

  7. Take a sweaty, moist old latex halloween mask. Melt it down and put it inside a blender with bits of cheap soap. Throw in orange flavored Children's Motrin. Mix.

    That's what cilantro tastes like when it enters my mouth or the aroma passes my nose. Not citrus. Not fresh. Not this mythical sweetness that everyone raves about. Garbage.

  8. I have heard of people not liking cilantro, but I thought it tasted soapy to everyone. I love cilantro and also think it tastes like soap. Delicious fresh grass and soap. Do I have both genes or just bad taste?

  9. I mostly love coriander but sometimes it seems overpowering. My daughter can't stand it. Thanks for perusing the journals, carefully reading those papers takes time.

  10. I wanted to eat it for it's health benefits, I was shocked and disgusted by the taste. It tasted like stink bugs!

  11. Yes! Finally a cilantro condiment!

  12. So my genes must have changed. Cilantro used to smell like stink bugs to me when I was a child. But as I get older, it smells a bit like citrus and I like it more and more as I get older. That said, when I buy seeds for cilantro, there is a variety that is said to have a lemony flavor. So may be there's less of the stink bug smell and more of the citrus fragrance. But now as I grow older, I love it, and certain dishes without it will taste really bland without it's refreshing flavor. Cilantro pairs with shallot like a man to a woman. It just works. I think durian is the same. Some love it to death. Some fear it to death.

  13. apparently I'm a cilantro hater, because it does smell like bugs to me but I learned to appreciate it's (at least to me) weird taste in salads…

  14. I definitely am one of the odor-smeling ones. The problem with this video is it doesn't tell us what else to use if we don't tolerate the damn plant.

  15. Finally! The smell of a stink bug has always been the closest thing I could compare to the taste of cilantro to. I've never tasted soap so I don't know about that, but stink bug smell is what cilantro tasted like to me.

  16. I would be interested to see the same test done on parsley. I absolutely love coriander but CANNOT STAND parsley. Parsley tastes so pungent and disgusting to me that I start to feel nauseous even if there is only a few leaves in a dish. I don't know anyone else who gets the same reaction as me.

  17. Hat the fruck are ya'll talking about??? It's called CORIANDER in civilized world and is super healthy and even superer tasty!

  18. Tasted it for the first time this week and immediately told my friend that it tasted like millipede. He asked how I knew what that tasted like and I responded that 75% of taste is smell.

  19. Cilantro straight up tastes like poison. I get sick just smelling it. But I love other 'healthy' food tastes, like kale, spinach, and quinoa.

  20. ill eat a pound of parsley and feel like a million bucks
    one flake of cilantro and I am deathly ill I think it's cuz I got Ashkenaziness in me

  21. I thought I brought home a brussel of parsley, I saw it was cilantro and was like ok, ate a piece, and then I felt like I was going to die, my instincts told me to Google ''cilantro evil'' and then I found out it's called the devil's herb

  22. What if you don’t absorb all these wonderful stuff. I feel like my body is so stupid it doesn’t absorb all this stuff

  23. The same effect as durian fruit(best tasting fruit ever IMO). Cilantro has a smell/taste of stink bugs first time I experienced cilantro..only because I was exposed to similar bug odors, so it grossed me out at first. I tried it with pico de gallo. It taste great and can eat it by itself no problem. I do not experience the taste differently since I've been on both sides…It taste the same as how stink bugs smell but have been exposed to cilantro more than bugs. Now it is more like Stink Bugs smell like cilantro than the other way around. Our environmental experience pre-post cilantro encounter which dictates ones adversion. Adversion to its taste smell can be overcome/deleted quite easily with a logical open mindset. People can miss out on a variety of great experiences/flavors just by allowing your initial knee jerk/gut reaction to control your choice.

  24. Cilantro ruins every dish. Its not just bitter, i dont mind some bitterness, but its just nasty. I've tried, I've used much smaller quantities and it still just ruins everything. I have wondered if I will have the same reaction to dried coriander seed but haven't taken the risk.

  25. The smell of cilantro makes me instantly sick to my stomach and it definitely does taste to me like a stink bug smells. Somehow coriander seeds don't bother me… I really tried giving cilantro a chance and eat stuff that has it in if it's not to noticeable but I can't stomach the smell so use parsley instead. Last time I bought premade hummus with cilantro because it was on sale I couldn't force myself to eat it and had to throw it out. I didn't even know what cilantro was until I worked in a wfm and had to wash my hands after touching it cause it made me so nauseous and i thought I was sprayed by a stink bug. Guess I don't have the genes for enjoying cilantro just think it's od that coriander seeds and oil don't smell as bad to me as the fresh plant does

  26. There is a real reason why cilantro tastes bad for some people. It has everything to do with it binding with toxic metals in the saliva, since its a heavy metal chelator. The worse it tastes the more metals you have in you.

  27. That’s amazing. I’m Ashkenasi and love Cilantro. I just bought some yesterday and couldn’t stop sniffing it…

  28. Interesting to note: I have arthritis in my hands & I hate to no end cilantro! I'd rid the earth of it if I could,… But maybe I'll see if it helps in mynute amounts.

  29. When I was younger I loved Cilantro, but now it tastes like soap. How's that possible if it's genetic?

  30. If you're from India and don't consume Coriander (as we call it) sprinkled on your lentil soups, bean curries, pulaos, stews, meat or even noodles, then you're either 1) poor 2) lazy 3) shameless to offer a meal without its garnish for which you may be criticised.

    This applies to most ethnic. , lingual, racial, religious, groups irrespective of where we are !

  31. when we mean how the bug taste like is not when u consume a bug literally but the odor that the bug itself when they use their chemical to get away from predators

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