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41 thoughts on “The Consequences of an Eating Disorder

  1. caption contest
    Kati oh yeah oh yeah
    Kate what are you doing
    Kati dancing of course. Can't you tell.
    Kate well its good to know you can move an groove.
    Kati Yup. my best move is the rock the boat
    Kate Yeah I don't think I could do that
    Kati are you kidding me. oh my!

  2. Fantastic video!! 🙂 When I was deep in my eating disorder, health professionals told me what could happen but I brushed it off thinking, it will never happen to me. But the reality is it will and it did!! Don't think you are invincible because your body is no unique design, we are all the same. xoxo

  3. Slightly off topic but whats the difference between a dietitian and those weight watcher programs and people and whatnot?… since the ww has weigh ins and stuff too, right? Just curious- someone suggested I try it but I'm just like…yeah I so won't stick to that. ha.

  4. Great video, Kati. I went to my doctor to get a check up because I was having a lot of stomach pain and discomfort. I told him that I had been restricting my food, but was back to eating normally. I made it sound more like a diet because I was embarrassed and scared to talk to him. I don't think he took me as seriously because I didn't explain all of my behaviors. It's good to be reminded that its really important to be completely honest, even if its scary. Its worth getting better.

  5. I love your video series with Kate; they have really helped me understand where I am with my eating disorder and what I need to do and what it will be like to get better. Thanks!

  6. Hi 🙂 so I've talked to you before about telling my parents but I didn't end up doing it. I just started thinking, talking to my friend (who has an ED) and going back to the chat sites. In other words I failed at telling them. Mainly I started feeling like I didn't have an ED because my friend is completly anorexic and my other one is completly bulimic and told me I don't have an eating dissorder at all. Now I just don't know who to believe; your videos, my friends, my other friend or my mind.

  7. (Continued) Also I was going to get your work book but couldn't download without parents knowledge so is it on Androids? Just wondering 🙂 thanks for the videos!

  8. This was such an informative video, thank you so much! Something really really annoying that happens to me after every single time that I purge is that I get these, I don't even really know exactly what they are, kind of like blood pimples on my face. I think they are burst blood vessels or something… they go away. They're just ugly. You would think it would be an incentive to stop me from purging the next time, but *sigh*….

  9. kati, i have a wedding to go to in a few days.. i'm dreading it – never been a fan of weddings or any kind of social occasions.. i get really bad anxiety when i'm around soo many people i dont know why, even when its mostly people i know. how do i stop from feeling like that? usually i try getting out of these kinda things but this time i cant. please help 🙁

  10. ugh.. n i dont know whats wrong with me.. i either dont eat much at all or i eat my 'normal' meals but eat like 5 chocolate bars everyday.. y am i a pig? y am i scared to go without it or only have one?!

  11. how long does it take for your body to start eating your muscles?
    how would you know if you were going to die soon?
    I was in the ER for SVT/hypokaelemia twice recently…

    I am afraid I am going to die…
    my treatment team is scaring me.
    afraid every night I go to sleep….
    I feel so stuck.
    paralyzed in this disease.
    I go to appointments with my therapist, group, nutritionist, doctor, etc 5 times a week.
    I dont know what else to do….

  12. Caption Contest!!
    Kati:______, it wont
    Kate: haha oops
    Katie: yeah
    Kate: ____Be strong
    Katie: ___keep… working
    Kate: even if you dont want to work, I don't care
    Katie: Oh ____, so stupid!

    This is SO hard! I'm probably not even close…. Oh well. You two are so funny haha!

  13. I was just in the er again last night…. xmas eve…for the same thing. its more serious each time. I am trying to get a treatment scholarship for inpatient but I don't think its going to happen. Soon I will have to stop seeing my doctor and treatment team because I've run out of money. I just want to give up right now, even though all I want is to get better :''(

  14. Hi Kati, I just wanted to let you know that I got a scholarship!!! It is only for 30 days but I am going to make the best of it. I start tomorrow and I am both so relieved and so terrified. I need to surrender to this process and have this work SO badly. I know it will be hard but right now I just need someone else to call the shots, not ed, I am so tired of fighting alone. I feel so lucky and blessed to have this opportunity. Thanks so much for your support <3

  15. Would you recommend taking vitamins? x i dont have an ED … but my diet consists of only really toast . and its not a balanced diet.

  16. I'd make sure even if you go low calory that you make sure you get proteins(and omega 6 fats) in your system, if you exercise you break down certain muscles and to rebuild those your body will break down unused muscles as a protein source. (I have strong legs but a horrible back injury due to it.) Also the sweeteners in diet coke make your brain think you're getting something rich in energy, when it doesn't it will make you crave for food. (so less kcal, but more craving) Great video Kati! 🙂

  17. I completely understand, I know what it feels like not to feel worthy of recovery but you are. You are completely worthy of every good thing the world has to offer, and recovery is one of those good things.

  18. Hi, Kati! I just wanted to tell you how much I love your channel. You are so much fun and get to the point! Thank you so much 🙂

  19. I've been told I'm beyond help & my eating disorders have actually killed me 6 times and I'm lucky to be alive, it's literally a miracle, but now I've been left to fight this on my own at home with no help as they believe I'm not going to live much longer. I've recovered once before but had relapsed almost 2yrs later and had gotten to the worst I'd ever been. I'm so scared and literally don't eat anything but a couple of spoonful of low fat yoghurt a day & it's been like this for about 3-4years now and I'm super scared of Refeeding Syndrome which is why I'm too scared to increase food as I know by doing so it can be fatal and I can die. Please please please HELP ME!! :'( I don't know what else to do but I cannot live like this anymore.

  20. I'm confused about the part, where she said it can affect your heart even if you're not underweight? I thought the body would use available fat before it starts breaking down muscle for energy?

  21. I wish she mentioned teeth. After being bulimic for 14 years in now realising how permanently damaged my teeth are.

  22. WOW ive been restricting my diet for about  yr and a half now. if I allow myself to get full, I get horrible cramps (followed by the runs)  I literally cant move their that painfull.  I never knew it could be ed related

  23. Hey Katie! I need your help. So, a brief history of my ED is that I’m bulimic, and have been since I was 13 (now I’m 16). I’ve taken on anorexic behaviors but I often switch between purging and restricting. I was diagnosed back when I was 13 and now I’m purging. It’s become a weekly thing. I need help. I know I do. I saw my doctor in December and he noticed me asking about my weight.. (I dropped 9lbs) he wanted to see me for a weight-in and to see the nutritionist 4 weeks later but my mom didn’t schedule the appointment. I want help from my doctors but I can’t find a way to schedule an appointment. My mom does all the appointment things. I was thinking about emailing my doctor and asking him to schedule an appointment for me, so my mom will think we just had an appointment that we need to go in for. Should I do that? My mom doesn’t know I’ve been purging all this time, all she knows is that I lost 9lbs.

  24. By age 25 I had osteoporosis, heart failure, adrenal insufficiency, kidney failure, mitral valve prolapse, and other less significant long term complications. I'm not sure I would've stopped at the time even knowing what was in the near future, but damn. I'm on medication for the rest of my life for my heart, kidneys, and intestines. I don't absorb nutrients effectively anymore and have a port for infusions. I'm early 30s with the body of an 80 year old, and even though I'm in recovery now, the damage is already done.

  25. I just rewatched this series w/ kate b/c I am having a TEAM mtg w/ my therapist and dietician after 3 yrs w/ them. My dietician focuses on eating or what I am not eating and my therapist focuses on my repeated "youre not good enough from my mother then my husband of 23 yrs, you should have done this or this. I asked for a joint mtg b/c my dietician focuses on my food and my therapist focuses on my "youre not good enough" but left in a learch ..eat more but no one to process w/. My dietician says review w/ your therapist and my therapist does not address my eating or not at all….HELP!!! My dietician says increase & then processs your feelings w/ your therapist. NOT happening…my ERC/VIOP focuses on intentions and goals but no time for feedback.

  26. I was diagnosed with gastroparesis, I have heart disease an developed a heart disorder that sent me into Cardiac arrest. I now have a pacemaker. Doctors have “no idea” why any of this why.

    I am finally getting treatment and asked for help.

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