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The Dangers Of Baked Potatoes? Dr Michael Greger

[Music] when we fry roast bake or toast starchy food a substance called acrylamide is formed and it forms due to a chemical reaction between certain sugars and the amino acid asparagine in the food animal studies have shown that high levels of acrylamide can cause neurological damage and cancer while studies and humans have proved inconclusive experts believe the compound has the ability to cause cancer in humans this is because in the body acrylamide is converted into another compound by sid amide which combined two DNA and cause mutations however boiling steaming and microwaving starchy foods appear far less likely to cause the reaction however for those who do still want to fry or bake it’s been advised that people should aim for a golden yellow color or lighter when frying roasting baking or toasting starchy foods cookies potato chips french fries breakfast cereals toast crackers etc contain high levels of acrylamide but what about healthy foods such as baked sweet potatoes and baked white potatoes well let’s hear now from dr. Michael Greger as he talks more about this this clip comes from dr. Gregers latest Q&A May 2017 I highly recommend watching his video in full links will be in the description below the noise you can hear in the background is dr. Greger walking on his treadmill desk but hopefully it’s not too loud what happened when you make a sweet potato is that the inside cooks through steam actually the water in the potato you know you cut open that baked potato make sure you take all the steam comes out it’s actually being cooked by steam so it’s actually cooked below the temperature is exposed to on the outside what I would do however is not eat the skin now if you microwave there’s something you need to spin but if you bake this you don’t get all brown crispy I would not I would scoop out and not either skin or on that so out of concern of chrome IDEs and should anyone be can think about achromatic as a possible human carcinogen but like all other possible human carcinogens until we know more we should try to reduce our intake interesting a at low temperatures an enzyme called invertase breaks down the sugar sucrose into glucose and fructose which can form acrylamide during cooking so it’s been advised that you don’t keep raw potatoes in the fridge frozen food doesn’t carry this risk though as sucrose doesn’t get broken down at very low temperatures you can also try blanching potatoes before cooking as this seems to remove half the sugar resulting in lower levels of acrylamide thank you so much for watching if you liked the video please give it a thumbs up leave a comment below and subscribe for more upcoming videos [Music]

100 thoughts on “The Dangers Of Baked Potatoes? Dr Michael Greger

  1. I'm sick of geeks in white coats trying to scare everyone if we listened to everything we will be living on fresh air and grass

  2. Thank you so much for this information. After several of my friends and family members have recently died of cancer and I see and hear of more and more people getting it, I prefer to be on the safer side. I lost my sweet brother-in-law to pancreatic cancer Dec. 5, 2017 and another health conscious friend the 31st. My sister-in-law, who was a careful plant-based vegan for many years, may now be in a coma with her brain cancer. Cancer is nothing to take lightly! It's difficult enough to avoid certain cancer causing food when we eat out or at church, etc.! The least we can do is to be more careful at home, so I am so thankful for this information. I wish I would have known about it years ago! I have consumed so many baked potato skins, oils, fried foods, etc. that are not at all healthy to eat! Thank you for waking me up! I suppose if I bake potatoes I can bake them in a covered dish so they don't brown. Right? If that doesn't work I can just discard the skin. Some potato skins are bit tough to eat anyway. I'm sure there are ways around some of these worries.

  3. Why eat the potato if you remove the skin , the vitamins , minerals and fiber are all in the skin.If you eat the potato without the skin the blood glucose will spike along with insulin , so the calories will be stored as fat .Oh for the love of Pete oh the humanity oh !

  4. It seems there is a lot of misunderstanding about why we should eat healthier diets. It isn’t a matter of living longer, people are living roughly the same length of time regardless of what they eat, but those who don’t eat healthy foods, live those last years in a miserable state due to chronic illness and a damaged brain from strokes, usually in a nursing home while someone else wipes your butt and feeds you. People who eat a plant based diet can live independently, still walking upright, and still very aware of what’s going on. That’s the importance of eating healthier. Medicine will keep you alive but not keep you lively.

  5. Everything toxic because of testing of weapons radioactive and lead it gets in the air and soil and we breathe and eat it. Also animal waste and people waste and diseases that is dumped into water and ground. Darn! Never ending story.
    Everything sounds good at first then later when you think about 🤔no thanks.

    We all live to die. Im not going to be worry about eating fruits and vegetables it is suppose to be more healthy. I will eat my bake potato with a grain of salt…
    Banana’s 🤪

  6. To the people who are missing the point…They're not saying don't eat potatoes! They're also not saying you can't eat them.

    You can eat whatever you want, they're just trying to give you a heads up so you understand the risks. See, now you can make a conscious decision on what food you're going to put into your body and by what cooking method you'll prepare them by. Knowing about this stuff is a lot better than not knowing.

  7. Microwave radiation is generated by satellites in space around the earth, radio stations, cell phones, cell towers, radar (military and civil) on cars, ships, planes and airports. It is also generated by baby monitors, cordless telephones including the base that radiates continuous radiation. Never give a cell phone, iPad, or other WiFi type device to babies until age 18. In fact, our bodies only stop growing by around age 28. Numerous scientific peer-reviewed papers have clearly shown the toxicity of microwave radiation including from Microwave Ovens. Our own body generates a magnetic field and operates on electricity. We are deeply affected by microwave radiation that should be banned worldwide. In your homes, get rid of smart meters, cordless telephones, baby monitors, all cell phones must have airport mode on, WiFi turned off, internet turned off, etc., it is not enough to just turn the screen off. Many people have had brain cancers from using cell phones. Do not believe me, do your own research. Educate yourself and be wiser. Do not believe anything the cell phone industry tells you. According to the cell phone industry you should never hold a cellular phone in your hands while using it; WHAT? Unbelievable, but true.

  8. I have heard that potatoes which are cooked and then cooled contain a type of starts that is beneficial to the large intestine. What is this and how does it work? 🙂

  9. Today, March 2, 2018, I am celebrating my first year anniversary as a vegan. One year ago I was 235 pounds with a bmi of 37 (obese). I had diabettes and high blood pressure for which I was taking drugs. On the last day in February 2017 I watched Forks over Knives, a documentary on how our food is produced and how harmful it is. The next day I went to an all-you-can-eat restaurant (golden coral) and ate every vegetable or whole food I saw. During the next 60 days I lost 33 pounds, stopped all medications as my blood glucose was normal as was my blood presssure .I had stopped eating all animal products – beef, chicken, eggs, diary, fish, butter etc.etc. I did stop losing weight but saw in retrospect that I was still eating processed (packaged) foods which I cut out and lost another 22 pounds in the following two months. I had gone from 235 to 170 – a whopping 65 pounds. It had been a decade or longer since I was below 200 pounds. I am 77 years of age.
    As I live alone in the Oregon outback in an off-grid home I built myself I used videos like this as my support group. There are at least a dozen doctors posting videos that recommend a plant based "diet" and cutting out processed foods because they are loaded with addictive substances like salt, sugar and oils. At every meal I would go to youtube and select another of these videos as my support group. (Google plant based doctors – Neal Barnard, John, McDougall,  Michael Gregor, Michael Klaper, Joel Fuhrman, Dean Ornish, Kim Williams, T. Colin Campbell, Caldwel Esselstyn, Alan Goldhammer, Doug Lisle, Matt Kedernan, Alona Pulde, Thomas Campbell, Garth Davis, Pam Popper, Jason Fung, Anthony Lim and so  many more. 
    Today, I have actually modified my eating habit by including a two day water only fast once every week which gives my body a chance to heal itself. What the Doctor of all doctors wrote: "Let food be thy medicine" is so true (Thanks Dr Hippocrates.) Another important message can be found at abolishchildsexabuse.com Thanks for reading.

  10. ok, now I think I've had it! now we are not supposed eat potatoes too??? what ISN'T going to kill you now? I think today, i'll go out and eat all the potatoes I want: any kind, anyway I stored them, etc,etc,etc. and If I die: AT LEAST I WILL HAVE DIED HAPPY!!!

  11. Thank you for this video – it is interesting. I like boiled potatoes – win! Also, I always wondered if it was OK to eat the browned parts of my sweet potato skins. Just got an InstantPot and I'm going to go steam some potatoes. I appreciate Dr. Greger's summaries of research!

  12. It's Okay, let's not freak out, just Boil them that's All!! Trust me they tast even better than baked, I some times eat boiled potatoes with out even salt since I was a kid, also lets keep in mind that food production companies have to feed many Billions of people world wide, so they cut corners to mass produce. We are already at over 7 billion of us in this planet.

  13. OMG people, stop listening to this stupidity, the one last decent source of potassium that Americans still eat and you are tying to scare them off of it. Yes I know they clarify the point in the video, I did actually watch it but that title is freaking stupid. The warning about a possible carcinogen is silly, we need to remove the 900 other KNOWN carcinogens from our diet before we loose any sleep over something that might possible have some kind of link to cancer, that said I boil my potatoes I have always liked them better that way. Potatoes one of the few carbohydrates that I can still enjoy, stop trying to ruin them for me please.

  14. Your ancestors, my ancestors and everybody else's ancestors have two things in common common.

    1. They are dead

    2. They ate food, (quite probably including baked potatoes).


    Hardly – not a single one of them survived. The conclusion is inescapable – food kills…

  15. The potato originated in South America . In Peru the poor live mainly on potatoes . The average age of Peruvians is 75.5 years . Since health care for these people is little to none……………Sir your article about the deadly effects of potatoes indicates you full of shit !!!!!!

  16. I avoid all starches now, especially Potatoes, which are a Nightshade plant and HIGH in Oxalates. Even the Sweet Potatoes are high in Oxalate & can trigger anxiety, severe joint pain, fatigue & bladder spasms, vulvodynia in oxalate-sensitive people. I used to love them, but give me too many symptoms.

  17. So, he's saying that baking a potato is bad, but to throw it in the microwave is ok? WTF?
    Who on earth is actually telling us the truth about what to eat and what not to eat? They all seem to contradict each other.

  18. You can reduce acrylamide levels by wrapping your spuds in bacofoil before baking : https://www.consumerreports.org/food-safety/how-to-cook-potatoes-correctly-to-avoid-cancer-risks/

  19. Ok. So what’s next. Don’t use the stovetop. Build a camp fire in your back yard and cook there??? You’re killing me Doc!!!

  20. good grief…im a whole food vegan..i dont consume nuts nor grains..i love directly on the rack crispy skinned baked potatoes…i dont like putting my potatoes in the microwave…geesh…i do boil them sometimes..but i really love the crispy skin and taste of OVEN baked potatoes…soon i will only be able to eat air but too much of that may cause excessive bloating then I will die of toomuchairatoesyeah..smh…im not a vegan evangelist shucks at the rate of whats unhealthy ecoli this and that..my carnivore friends and peeps may out live me..i thought for sure my life expectancy would be at least 100..at the rate of what was once good and these man made diseases…i will just live until I die…Glad Jesus is my Lord and Savior!!Peace

  21. Meat and Dairy funded? LOL what a joke people have been eating potatoes for hundreds of years. Try looking at man made poisons that are the cancer causing reality…………..herbicides, pesticides, foam materials, plastic to name a few. I think these guys are counting on the masses to be stupid enough to believe them.

  22. Thanks Dr. Greger….I intuitively stopped baking potatoes and now only eat steamed.  And in a soup or stew, aren't they yummy.  I may have misunderstood, but I didn't hear you say to NOT eat potatoes.  Commenters below need to get a grip.

  23. From what I know, fiber is important in starchy food as it prevents the body more from ingesting fructose. And fiber in potatoes (which is a highly starchy food) is mainly contained in the skin, so if I peel of the skin to avoid acrylamides I won't have the nutritional fiber. So does that mean that if I want a good health I should avoid these? please gimme your opinion

  24. Is there any good food these days? Luke 23:29
    Look, the days are coming when people will say, 'Blessed are the barren women, the wombs that never bore, and breasts that never nursed.'

  25. they talk about how bad potatoes are for you but people lose weight from these potatoes hack diets oh wait that must be cancer know it's called resistant starch which doesn't break down in your digestive system. which is formed in the potatoes after cooking them after you boil them. then you eat them. after they cool for 2 hours.

  26. Actually: "Potatoes that are not green and have had any sprouts removed are safe to eat.
    Source: https://medlineplus.gov/ency/article/002875.htm

  27. common knowledge.. don’t be gullible and let a lad in a lab coat convince you otherwise.

    not to mention on YouTube

    select whole foods and don’t allow stress to stifle your lifestyle

    society has a way of persuading our decisions and controlling our actions.

  28. I suggest not to trust people with stethoscopes, because doctor are not trained for research. And they have no idea about what they are saying.
    But its easy to trust Long-term effect of baked potatoes on groups of people. And multiple such studies. And these studies must not be funded by Pharma. and these must be long-term results. Are there any such studies with long term effects ?

  29. Humans all around the world have been surviving and continue to survive off of potatoes and have lived past their hundreds. I’ll keep eating my oil free baked potatoes thank you very much.

  30. “Experts” are always saying things cause cancer, If we didn’t eat or drink or eat anything they said caused cancer we’d die of starvation and thirst, not a week goes by without some “expert” coming up with some nonsense, Just eat what you want when you want just in moderation an you’ll be fine.

  31. What about using an Instant Pot? I use it a lot with idaho potatos and mash them up (yes…with the skin always thought it had the good stuff in it)

  32. People have been cooking food for thousands of years by baking bioling roasting and frying. its fine. I have more issues with the spraying of pesticides on all our foods etc etc.

  33. WOW ! It seems that most everyone is flawed . Microwave is OK ? NOT in my universe. !!! I ‘d rather eat food raw .

  34. This time I gave the post a thumbs down and my annoyance is based on multiple studies on the questionable nature of microwave cooking.

  35. Oh please, now don't eat the crispy delicious skin? Come on. A vegan diet is restrictive diet as it is, now you want to tell people not to eat the skin, we need to be realistic of our expectations.

  36. I eat all things I want. Always have. Not healthy, but 83 years old. One day they say don't eat this or that, don't drink this or that. Then they say it's OK. I believe in using common sense. Not a lot of fatty foods or fried foods. No sugar free with Aspartame ever, ever, ever! I ate desserts, colas a lot, then had strange result from brain.

  37. I think the trauma of giving up baked potatoes would be more detrimental to my mental and physical health than eating baked potatoes with breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

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