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80 thoughts on “The Effects of Hormones in Milk on Infertility in Women

  1. At 0.22 it's like the website coming from below is hitting his face! hahah Amazing doctor! Go vegan folks! Also, fight against imperialism by supporting degrowth and gift economies, by being wise and loving nature and people around us as much as possible for stronger communities, love global, live local, live simple with wisdom with necessities!

  2. 1:22 so when you want something healthy, it is better to opt for a doughnut than a yogurt. Sweet …. Very very sweet!

  3. We've got a webinar coming up on January 24, 2020 – What Triggered the Obesity Epidemic? For more information and to register, go to: https://nutritionfacts.org/webinar/obesity-epidemic. -NF Team

  4. Someone should study what the bombardment of women’s reproductive organs with these hormones and synthetic hormones from plastics and chemicals is doing to them. There seems to be an epidemic of gender identity confusion including homosexuality and transsexualism . Not putting these confused people down, you are what you are. It would be interesting to find out why this is occurring.

  5. The number of commenters here who do not know basic mammalian biology, and are therefore shocked by these findings, kinda blows my mind. TFP, NF!

  6. Very interesting video Dr. Greger. I find It so interesting that people are afraid of soy and yet milk (what people usually have instead) is the one that has issues with it. Thank you for the research! Your videos always inspire me to keep posting on my channel.

  7. Incredible and insightful review of the scientific studies showing the effects of consuming another animals body fluids. I wonder, Dr. Gregor if there have been any studies on the effects of (say) milk on damage to the protein P53, the guardian of the genome?

  8. Isn't there enough evidence by now for class action lawsuits against the dairy industry for damages to our health?

  9. Thank u for posting this!!!! Please post more regarding raising AMH levels via plant based foods & increasing fertility 💚💚💚

  10. Since when? We've been consuming dairy for decades and now its an issue with fertility. I don't buy it. I see your not talking about how many young women are losing their periods on plant base/vegan diet. Not getting your period causes infertility.

  11. What are the effects on males? I assume nothing positive. Also what are good alternatives for milk? I read that soy milk also has alot of estrogen. Maybe coconut milk? Thats quite abit more expensive here.

  12. 0:32 Are you sure about that, Mr. Greger? This may be true if the participants took the estrogen by injection but you say drinking milk can also cause estrogen spikes. Sounds non-scientific

    Can I ask you a question about Alzheimer's??? I fear I'm losing my dad…

  14. I once saw a video of a teenager drinking (on a bro-dare, no doubt) a glass of horse semen. Yep, blech. Anyway, I was grossed out by it, but upon thinking about it, I realized that cow's milk is basically the same thing. GOT MILK?

  15. did the study take into account for lactose intolerance or antibodies? it is known that even in individuals without lactose intolerance, that dairy can be seen to the body as a reason to cause inflammation. i love cream, cheese and yogurt so this is super scary news!

  16. Thank you Dr Greger, you are the king of epidoodiology I will pass the information onto my Swiss Grandmother who couldn’t have children because of her milk drinking culture. I’m going out now to buy some of this pant milk which has flooded the shelves in supermarket just in time of you telling us milk is bad.

  17. Women currently struggling with fertility might want to stay away from these comments. This video in general is going to be hard, since they don’t know enough yet to help.

  18. Makes me laugh when people won't drink soya milk because of the hormones,which are only plant ones and have a protective effect.Dr Greger has a video on this topic too.

  19. Are there any links between animal products and hair loss? If so, could you do a video on that?
    Thank you for the amazing work, Dr. Greger & the team!

  20. I have a friend whom I suspect is sensitive to the hormones and estrogen in dairy. I became suspicious when she said one of her daughters has debilitating menstrual cramps. I remember a video where Dr. Barnard said milk and animal products can increase menstrual pain. Now I find out my friend hasn't had a proper menstrual cycle for about a year and a half. She's 48 so maybe that's normal? But when she goes to the doctor and asks if she's in menopause, they claim she isn't. So I'm wondering if she's getting a false positive because of all the junk she eats.

  21. Red blood cells like sugars
    Unlike white blood cells and other cells, red blood cells lack mitochondria. Because of this, they can only utilize glucose for energy.

  22. So if you go all your life drinking cows milk then switch to being vegan and drink soy or other plant milk can you get pregnant then after stopping birth control pills and then having irregular periods to hardly any at all but no other diseases just diabetes and high cholesterol then and losing some weight slowly and being 34! Could you still have a baby then and father is healthy and 42 but both people on anti depression medication! And woman on insulin and diabetes medication!
    Asking for friend here not myself!
    Everything else on them as far as know is fairly healthy!

  23. Growing up and into my early 30's I prolly drank about a gallon of bovine secretions, most weeks, myself- because that's what we do right- omg… always had bad/horrible cycles and now (vegan7 years) no cow hormone intake plus hormones are naturally dropping as I age, so now I suffer from horrible HORRIBLE menopause symptoms hot flashes and night sweats so bad I feel like Im in an oven wrapped in plastic – like all day long flashes and heart palpitations and panic attacks and gut issues from hormone imbalance- I swear it's a disability! I have to get hormone replacement therapy just to be able to walk around not drenched in sweat. .. oddly enough it didn't help me loose weight either lol. I always assumed I was infertile… from the awful Menzies I had, I wanted my lady bits removed in high school. I mostly have bad stories of doctor visits… Thankful for someone looking out for the actual greater good and sharing it. Thanks Dr. Greger.

  24. Interesting video Dr. Greger! I’m wondering a video about the connection between Alzheimer Disease and Diabetes. Someone else?

  25. Please debate Dr. Paul Saladino live, it’ll be great viewing and a great way to demonstrate cognitive performance. Let’s ‘put it to the test’

  26. I seem to recall reading a previous study that stated that women who consume dairy products are more likely to conceive twins/multiples than women who abstain from dairy products, due to the hormones in milk. Is that shown to still be the case? This study seems to imply the opposite. Great video!

  27. plant based, and "organic, " (preferably naturally grown ) is a suitable diet and drinking animal breast milk is detrimental to male and female sexual development.

    most vegans are eating synthetic EDCS every day in their gmo and non organic products without caring.

    even organic isnt always free of chemical input , but synthetci herbides are highly toxic to sexual development, they are basically synthetci female hormones

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