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100 thoughts on “The First Studies on Vegetarian Athletes

  1. This is bullcrap. Come on, if a vegan diet was best for athletes every fucking top level athlete would be VEGAN! Why? Because there is money at stake and performance is everything.

  2. As an aspiring vegan bend on endurance training, i can't wrap my head around on how could a sedentery non flesh eater make more than 1000 full squats.

  3. My friend keep telling me that however vegan body builders eat, they can never/ will be so much harder to become massive and huge as meat eaters. Thoughts?

  4. An interesting video as was the previous one on the diet of the Romans. Given the points made I'd expect the defense department to have studied this seriously. Is this the case? If so has this changed the way soldiers, sailors and airmen are fed? I know from the Ted Talk given by Lt. Gen. Mark Hertling that the diet, and lifestyle, of the potential recruits is a serious cause for concern. From what he said he was trying to get his 18 year old recruits to load up on "Soldier Fuel" which looked suspiciously like trays of vegetables. A sign of things to come?

  5. The idea that meat eating is wrong led me to research whether abstention from meat is healthful. The default belief in our culture is that meat eating is needed for optimal health. It seems like this taboo is not questioned by most.

  6. Would have been good if the study separated males and females results. Women often win endurance competitions on shows like big brother, so would have been interesting to know the amount of men in the flesh abstainers.

  7. But is there a relationship between a plant based diet and development of type 1 muscle fibres, versus a carnivorous diet and type 2b muscle fibres?

  8. (I’m posting this in the comments for this video because this is your latest video and I want you to get the message.) this latest article needs to be debunked: http://time.com/5469246/eggs-nutrition-healthy/

    You probably already addressed this issue back when this article came out: http://time.com/3705734/cholesterol-dietary-guidelines/ but I think it’s time to reiterate this important information!

  9. So much for the earlier golden era enlightened thinkers. Many of them were veggies, possibly from their exotic travels to lands where flesh eating was celebrated by the barbarian ones! Who knows, but I'd like to know when meat got started as a movement by government subsidies and pop culture in N America. I've heard that soy was a big threat in the 70's

  10. Did any of these studies account for bodyweight? I'm willing to bet that the vegetarians were all leaner which made it easier since they had less bodyfat to lift.

  11. I've been vegan for 5 years and I can't say it's made me a better athlete, I was fit before and I'm fit now. It definitely didn't hinder my fitness in any way.

  12. Hi Dr. Greger,
    Could it be that the meat eaters would have more bodyweight than the vegetarians (mostly from fat) and that, therefore, they were doing the knee bends with less weight, resulting in more repetitions?

  13. Somebody was writing about vegan athletes and the subject came to Kyrie Irving of the Boston Celtics. The commentator mentioned he looked thin and gaunt and that his diet was fine offseason but he would not thrive during the long basketball season ahead. This is the massive naive stupidity we still have to deal with. The ignorance is still strong when it comes to plant based diets. I hope with the trend of vegan athletes the word gets out much faster than ever and we break through to the next level of public awareness.

  14. I wouldn't bother arguing with Mello.B33. That person has decided what he/she/it believes, for the time being. If you have decided plant-based – go with it and focus on "low-hanging fruit" (open people) to discuss with. There is work to be done to raise awareness and time isn't infinite although ego often strongly wants to be right and correct others 😉

  15. Fantastic post! I can’t understand why the world doesn’t wake up to the obvious. How enlightening to realize that the superiority of a vegetarian diet has been known forever, so why is whole-food plant-based eating considered so radical to the larger world? I’ve been eating a whole-food plant-based diet for 10 months and have been utterly transformed for the better. I went from barely able to walk to now jogging regularly. I’ve lost 30 pounds and have never felt better and I’m 61 years old! Everyone at church is worried about me, apparently. To me they say that what I am doing obviously works for me, but could never work for them (?!). Others pull my husband aside and ask if I’ve been sick because I’ve lost so much weight. They say “aren’t you feeding her?“ The truth has a way of asserting itself, though. Eventually, I trust that the world will come around and finally get off this meat-eating craze we’ve been on since the beginning of recorded history. What is the world waiting for? Why can’t people accede to the obvious?

  16. I really like the pieces you do about vegan sportsmen, you may not be aware that Indian cricket captain Virat Kohli went vegan 4 months ago with positive effects. Cricket isn't high on the radar in the US but it's HUGE in Asia, and reasonably big in England, Australia and the Caribbean. Kohli is the best batsman in the world across all formats and many believe (myself included) the best ever. Would be great if you could report on this!

  17. This is game changing if it holds true in tests done now. Write a paper yourself Doc! (In the meantime, I'm gonna challenge my meat eating family to the horizontal-arms test).

  18. The table at 2:15 is miscalculated. I have a funny feeling about this study. I would also like to see it replicated. I think there may be other things at play other than simply not eating meat. Also, the whole tone of this video is a bit too rhetorical for my liking – that's usually a pretty clear sign to keep an eye out for bias.

  19. Let me lay it out to everyone.

    1) Humans are Omnivores.

    2) The study shows we perform better on a vegan diet with respect to ENDURANCE.

    3) if you’re a fat ass, you’d do better eating like a vegan

    4) if you’re skinny as fuck on the brink of starvation, some meat would be good for you.

    5) there’s a balance between meat/plant diet and health/performance. Find what’s best for you and don’t shove your beliefs onto others because what works for you may not be what’s best for another.

  20. Quote from that same study:

    "In their analysis of 11 amenorrheic and 15 regularly menstruating runners, runners with regular menstrual cycles ate five times more meat than the amenorrheic runners. Of the amenorrheic group, nine (82%) were vegetarians (< 200 g

    meat/wk) whereas only two (1 3%) of the regularly menstruating runners were vegetarians."

    Let's ignore that, right?

  21. Yeah I'm sure the researchers who did this study were 100% unbiased. "Flesh-Eating!" is definitely not a dead giveaway that they were ideologically possessed. Anyone who believes there there would be this much of a physical disparity between omnivores and vegans, with no selection bias, is willfully ignorant. Don't you think that if the vegan diet could achieve these results it would have been adopted by all professional athletes and olympians already? I have nothing against vegans but this study is BS, in my humble opinion

  22. Many years ago I was at the thrift store and found a book on health from 1900 or so, and it strongly recommended limiting your meat consumption to a few times a week and NEVER giving meat to children under 5. I wish I'd bought that book!

  23. "What could account …" – Weight is obvious in the knee bends.Maybe they also had short arms from a lack of milk.
    When it comes to muscle strength vegetarians lack behind.

  24. Nobody who isn't already a vegetarian is going to care if they'll be better at sports that require you to have less muscle. This attempt is failed on so many levels.

  25. Have you guys tried to hold your arms straight forward? I'll give it a go.
    Edit: i did it for 15 min while listening to an audio book but i got bored real fast XD it hurts but if i really wanted i could have made it to 20min if not more.

  26. The recovery and strength gains are surreal. Literally every athlete that goes vegan surpasses their plateau, and I can personally confirm. Can't wait for the Game Changers.

  27. A bunch of people are finding a beef diet makes them feel better. I was vegan for 4 years. Went back to having meat. I think the body knows. Meat = party and plants = hard time. Look at gordon maxwell. Diff people diff bodies

  28. Is it harder to these exercises if you have more muscle mass? They should have also included that. I am also vegan and got some muscle mass. However, despite my diet I feel like a skinny meat eater would outperform me in these exercises. That’s why I believe this study doesn’t tell us much.

  29. This guy is a bullshitter. There is no study on people who eat meat and not processed food meat, and vegetarians. Search the history of the daughter of professor Peterson, how she only got well after eating only meat

  30. Anyone that's on a plant based diet would already know this. I also found I need less sleep since I switched.

  31. Did they control for BMI and other health factors that could affect performance? If you're passing out after a couple hundred leg raises, somethings wrong. Sure, veganism affects those things, so ultimately the answer is "yes" either way, but you have to leave no room for the unreasonable doubt of the fanatical.

  32. When professional sport teams who pay millions to their players find out about this recent revelation veganism will become massive..
    Can you imagine it? For the investors and the players, performance means money.. I get that it's only been a century and it will take some time until it starts trending on Twitter but hey, they have doctors and researchers who's only job is to make the players perform at their best.. this revelation will definitely not go unnoticed!

    Once every major football team in Europe goes full vegan, which I assume it's going to be next season, the entire world will begin to see the truth!

  33. This is a very profound video, but not for the main topic at hand. Yes the result from the tests shown were remarkable evidence, but the truly profound issue is what was stated in the second half. Vegans and vegetarians really are their own worst enemies. Most most outspoken vegan activists really are as zealous and dogmatic as the most obnoxious of evangelist bible thumpers. If vegans really wanted to make whole food plant based diets more popular, they would be better off going with a factual science based rational of explaining things.

    If they explained that WFPB diets could save them money, make them healthier, feed more people and help the environment while still tasting good and being filling I think more people would be receptive.

  34. Doesn't surprise me. I never feel fatigue that bad and can exercise day in day out during long endurance adventures. https://youtu.be/GT516I6LegM

  35. Going to binge watch your videos over Christmas break. This is a breath of fresh air. Thank you for not being a traditional doctor and dropping this knowledge on us! How to eat healthy is a definite need-to-know topic!

  36. I really want to be at least 60-70 % vegetarian or vegan. However, it’s so hard to find a protein source I WANT to eat that is vegan, regularly. I can only have beans and soy so much before I am totally tired of it. Also, getting in a lot of calories is tough for me.

  37. The athletic performance gain is great, but the mental improvement, plus clarity boost is still a greater gain. All the meat eating is dumbing down our communities, and children of parents eating a SAD are often being born slow or with disorders. A plant based diet creates a superior genetic pool of people, pretty much all around. It's almost as if a meat eater evolves more into a beast, and the plant based diet helps to make a man as he was meant to be.

  38. There's so much anti-vegan and anti-vegetarian angst out there. I came to the plant based eating plan for health so, even tho I've been enlightened on the animal cruelty and environmental parts of veganism. I still just talk about being plant based, if I'm asked. Most people just want to know how to get good nutrition and not eat animal products. That's why they always ask, "where do you get your protein?" It's an easy answer… I just say, "It's all in there." If they ask further, I can say what I eat which provides a healthy nutritional plan. There are a lot of unhealthy vegans, eating a lot of vegan junk, and I don't want to have anyone think that I'd recommend that, and I say that. It's nice to have a sensible discussion with someone who asks. I don't take it as a conquest that I have to prove that my way is best… And I don't think it helps to point out these strength tests to them but, I do say that regardless if you exercise or not, the food will make a big difference in your overall health, and it tastes good. It IS good for me to see that studies have been done for years on vegans and vegetarians showing their strength. I love seeing this stuff. Thanks for posting.

  39. NFL players' surprising new performance hack—going vegan https://www.cnbc.com/2018/01/31/why-nfl-players-and-other-athletes-are-going-vegan.html

  40. This makes me wonder, though, and I don't mean this in a trolling way but in a curious way. Why don't vegan athletes dominate international competitions?

  41. Yay to the vegan athletes. However, my husband, meat eater, electrician, can hold his arms out for over an hour and above his head for a very long time. This didn't sway his opinion, unfortunately, lol.

  42. My name is Maximus Decimus Meridius, commander of the Armies of the North, General of the Felix Legions, loyal servant to the true emperor, Marcus Aurelius. Father to a murdered son, husband to a murdered wife. And I will have my vengeance, in this life or the next.

  43. It makes sense because herbivores are better at endurance tests (running away from predators), but carnivores are better at quick but short jolts of sprints when chasing prey and subsequently catching the weakest, oldest, or slowest prey.

  44. I know it's a way of earning a living. Just tell the public it has nothing to do with eating or not It's all about blood type and leptons and enzymes. The tests have been done.

  45. Dr. Greger, was the Belgium study in Dutch or was it in French? I'd be happy to help translate it from French to English

  46. This is patently absurd. To all endurance athletes out there: you'll do better eating plants sitting on the couch. Your Olympic gold awaits you.

  47. If you insult people's lifestyle or mode of belief, you instantly turn off the rationality switch in their brains and they become defensive. This is especially true about food because people have a powerful emotional attachment to their food and for a good reason. That's why you have to be calm and rational when you talk about diet

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