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The Healthiest Diet on the Planet excerpt

I would happily eat a plate of cardboard to
spend another afternoon windsurfing, one more hour playing with any of my seven grandchildren,
or one more evening with my wife, Mary. About to enter my seventh decade of life,
I can hardly believe how young and healthy I feel. As long as I am functional, comfortable and
content I want to live to be a hundred. Fortunately I don’t have to eat cardboard
to achieve a long life. Nor do I have to sacrifice full satisfaction
of my appetite or the enjoyment of my meals in favour of health. And neither do you. By its natural composition the healthiest
diet on the planet controls the intake of calories, fat, protein, carbohydrate, vitamins
and minerals effortlessly without ever causing hunger. Now THAT is what I call a program you can
live with for years and years, well into your golden age. Dr. John McDougall, The Healthiest Diet on
the Planet.

2 thoughts on “The Healthiest Diet on the Planet excerpt

  1. A good endorsement Ultima
    Dr.Mcdougall saved my wife from a painful decline. In the last year on his diet plan/lifestyle, she has lost 70 lbs, dropped her blood pressure enough to no longer need prescriptions and her arthritis and gout have disappeared.

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